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    Writing Facts: Interdisciplinary Discussions of a Key Concept in Modernity

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    "Fact" is one of the most crucial inventions of modern times. Susanne Knaller discusses the functions of this powerful notion in the arts and the sciences, its impact on aesthetic models and systems of knowledge. The practice of writing provides an effective procedure to realize and to understand facts. This concerns preparatory procedures, formal choices, models of argumentation, and narrative patterns. By considering "writing facts" and "writing facts", the volume shows why and how "facts" are a result of knowledge, rules, and norms as well as of description, argumentation, and narration. This approach allows new perspectives on »fact« and its impact on modernity

    Historicizing postmodernism through the prism of cultural transfers : the case of Greece (1974-2010)

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    Defence date: 25 January 2019Examining Board: Prof. Ann Thomson, European University institute; Prof. Pavel Kolår, European University institute; Prof. Dimitris Tziovas, University of Birmingham; Prof. Matthias Middel, UniversitÀt LeipzigHistoricizing Postmodernism through the prism of cultural transfers: The case of Greece (1974-2010), examines the various transformations of the concept of postmodernism in the Greek intellectual framework, between 1970 and 2010, and situates them in a wider transnational context. It is focused mainly on the academic fields of history, literary criticism/Philology, and social theory and it is deployed around three interrelated questions; two preliminary questions concerning the postmodern debates in the Greek context, and the central research question, which seeks to bring the debates into a transnational context: Firstly, a) what were the Greek perceptions of postmodernism? More particularly, what did the concept of postmodernism mean for the intellectuals who entered the debates around its definition and features, depending on their field of expertise, and on the particular moments they attempted to define it in the period under examination? Secondly, b) how has the debate on postmodernism affected the aforementioned subject areas, in such a way that it radically changed the terms of discussion on their regulatory epistemological foundations; and how have the changes in the social, economic and political context of the past 40 years shaped and reshaped the various different arguments regarding postmodernism in the level of ideas. Finally, c) How did the debate around postmodernism in the Greek intellectual circles relate with intellectuals of other national frameworks

    A qualitative study exploring whether emotion work conducted by health visitors has an influence on their assessment and identification of children in need of care and protection?

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    There is an increased understanding that experiencing adversity in childhood can have a significantly negative impact on the long-term developmental wellbeing of children and young people, as well as their families and communities. Political and societal ambition is that such adverse experiences and their consequences are eradicated through preventative and early intervention measures taken by health, education, and social care practitioners on the identification of a child(ren) who requires support. Professionals working with children have become increasingly proficient in this type of work however no professional is infallible. As a result, many children and young people living with adverse circumstances can go unnoticed. For some this includes experiencing harm which often only comes to light when they have been significantly or fatally injured. Every child living in the United Kingdom is aligned with the universal health visiting service following birth to school entry. Health visitors play an essential role in “searching for health needs” through the “surveillance and assessment of the population’s health and wellbeing” (Nursing & Midwifery Council [NMC] 2004, page 11) . Such universal contact based on these core principles mean that health visitors are ideally positioned to identify children living in challenging situations but, like others, they can find this difficult on occasions. The purpose of this study is to explore whether health visitors view the emotion work they carry out as part of their role has an influence on their ability to assess, identify, and respond to children in need of care and protection. STUDY – METHOD: The study has been progressed qualitatively, using a reflexive ethnographic approach to interviews as the main data collection and analytic method with short periods of office-based observation. 16 health visitors who managed caseloads of between 100-450 pre-school children were observed and interviewed to understand their experiences, values, and beliefs. Gee’s (2014) toolkit was used to critically analyse the discourse shared during the interviews. FINDINGS: The emergent findings demonstrate that health visitors can be conceptualised as ‘applied clinical anthropologists’ in the way they develop relationships with families to gain access to their home environments. The approach taken is to gather information to the depth required for a social, bioecological assessment (Bronfenbrenner 2005) of a child in the context of their family and community system. Health visitors are welcomed by most families and are often successful in assessing and responding to child need. However, at times, the level of engagement necessary can be overwhelming for both the health visitor and parent/carer. This influences the level of child centred assessment obtained. The study has demonstrated that the influences on the work of the health visitor can be interpreted through a complex interplay of theoretical concepts. Firstly, Bourdieu’s “theory of practice” (Bourdieu & Wacquant 1992, page 4) provides the basis on which to understand why challenges and barriers arise during the relational work of the health visitor with the child and family. Secondly, Gross’ (2014) Emotion Regulation Framework and Hochschild’s (1983) theory of Emotional Labour, are utilised to consider how health visitors and families respond emotionally to these challenges. The study then goes on to demonstrate what impact these responses can have on the assessment of children. RECOMMENDATIONS: Implications for practice are that health visitors require increased rates of supervision. This should include an observational element. Educational programmes for health visitors, require a focus on promoting professional wellbeing with learning sessions on unconscious bias. Research and learning developments are suggested to influence assessment and decision-making practice. Research with other professional groups and children & families is recommended to build on the findings of this study in order to influence future safeguarding policy and practice to protect children

    From therapeutic landscape to therapeutic ‘sensescape’ experiences with nature? A scoping review

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    This is the final version. Available on open access from Elsevier via the DOI in this recordThe therapeutic landscapes literature has evolved considerably since the concept was first proposed to understand how experiences of health and wellbeing unfold and develop through physical, social and symbolic dimensions of landscape encounter. Informed by a critical scoping review, this paper charts how the senses have been attended to across the therapeutic landscapes literature published since 2007 (the publication date of the previous edited volume on Therapeutic Landscapes). We focus specifically on literature pertaining to ‘nature-based’ therapeutic encounters, responding to calls to re-situate the body in wider interdisciplinary scholarship around nature, health and wellbeing. We attend to imagined and embodied visual, sonic, olfactory, haptic and gustatory sensations, and the varied ways in which these are interpreted and made sense of individually and collectively. In line with prominent visual landscape preoccupations, this body of literature largely privileges and focuses on the visual sense. While there is increasing interest in auditory, haptic and olfactory qualities of encounter, taste remains largely overlooked. This uneven focus neglects the potential richness and diversity of therapeutic sensescape encounters, as well as the cultural and social sensory histories that shape how contemporary encounters may be experienced and interpreted. Suggestions for future research are outlined, including methodological and empirical directions across the social sciences, arts and humanities.Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC

    Constitutions of Value

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    Gathering an interdisciplinary range of cutting-edge scholars, this book addresses legal constitutions of value. Global value production and transnational value practices that rely on exploitation and extraction have left us with toxic commons and a damaged planet. Against this situation, the book examines law’s fundamental role in institutions of value production and valuation. Utilising pathbreaking theoretical approaches, it problematizes mainstream efforts to redeem institutions of value production by recoupling them with progressive values. Aiming beyond radical critique, the book opens up the possibility of imagining and enacting new and different value practices. This wide-ranging and accessible book will appeal to international lawyers, socio-legal scholars, those working at the intersections of law and economy and others, in politics, economics, environmental studies and elsewhere, who are concerned with rethinking our current ideas of what has value, what does not, and whether and how value may be revalued

    Vitalism and Its Legacy in Twentieth Century Life Sciences and Philosophy

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    This Open Access book combines philosophical and historical analysis of various forms of alternatives to mechanism and mechanistic explanation, focusing on the 19th century to the present. It addresses vitalism, organicism and responses to materialism and its relevance to current biological science. In doing so, it promotes dialogue and discussion about the historical and philosophical importance of vitalism and other non-mechanistic conceptions of life. It points towards the integration of genomic science into the broader history of biology. It details a broad engagement with a variety of nineteenth, twentieth and twenty-first century vitalisms and conceptions of life. In addition, it discusses important threads in the history of concepts in the United States and Europe, including charting new reception histories in eastern and south-eastern Europe. While vitalism, organicism and similar epistemologies are often the concern of specialists in the history and philosophy of biology and of historians of ideas, the range of the contributions as well as the geographical and temporal scope of the volume allows for it to appeal to the historian of science and the historian of biology generally


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    Penelitian ini mengeksplorasi tentang representasi pejuangan simbolik yang dialami oleh seorang sejarawan menjadi seorang pemimpin yang baru bagi Negara United Kingdom dalam novel The Children of Men karya P.D. James. Penelitian ini menggunakan Teori Strukturalisme Genetik Pierre Bourdieu. Teori ini berangkat dari konsep dasar tentang habitus, arena, modal yang menghasilkan sebuah refleksi sosial yang dialami oleh masyarakat Brtiania Raya pasca perang dunia kedua. Metode yang digunakan yaitu metode dialektik. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa perjuangan simbolik terjadi pada tiga unsur utama penelitian ini, pertama pemimpin United Kingdom berjuang dan mengahadapi kontestasi dalam memperebutkan posisi sebagai perdana menteri, masyarakat United Kingdom berjuang untuk bangun dan bangkit kembali untuk mengembalikan masa kejayaan mereka yang sempat hilang dikarenakan peristiwa perang dunia kedua, kedua, P.D. James selaku penulis dari novel ini mengalami perjuangan simbolik agar mendapatkan posisi yang legitimate di arena kesusateraannya sebagai penulis, dan yang terakhir Theo Faron sebagai sejarawan berjuang untuk mendapatkan posisi yang dominan di ruang sosialnya yaitu United Kingdom, perjuangan yang dialami Theo merupakan refleksi dari kehidupan nyata yang dialami oleh pemimpin United Kingdom dan P.D. James selaku penulis dari novel ini

    Socio-Sufistic Trends of Marriage in Creating Harmony in the Postmodern Society of Kampung Arab, Madura: A Perspective on the Theory of Utilitarianism

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    Divorce in families is caused by conflict, while conflict is caused by the fallacy of the postmodern society's perspective that believes that the logic of science by ignoring God's function as a supernatural force. This study aims to reaffirm that Sufism is a value as well as a discipline that can create harmony in postmodern society. The research method used is qualitative-phenomenological, analyzed using the theory of utilitarianism. Data collection techniques through interviews, observations and documentation. The findings of this study are that 1) sufism is internalized to society as a basis of value. Marriage is a sacred and accountable covenant with the Lord. Marriage is seen as a means of achieving God's pleasure, not merely a relationship between man and man; 2) the rule of law is the process of achieving a goal, not a final rule that cannot be contextualized in a postmodern context. The rights and obligations of husbands and wives can be adjusted to the sufistic attitudes of postmodern society that has a high work ethic, is optimistic and pro-active in making a family living. As a process, the rule of law is subjective and the existence of other processes with the same purpose becomes common. 3) the law aims at creating happiness whose ultimate goal is harmony. Then the process on any basis, culture, character, customary law, if it can bring happiness is socially valid.Keywords: Sufism, marriage law, postmodern, utilitarianism theor

    2023-2024 academic bulletin & course catalog

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    University of South Carolina Aiken publishes a catalog with information about the university, student life, undergraduate and graduate academic programs, and faculty and staff listings