CORE Recommender

A leading research papers recommendation solution

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  • Make your repository content more discoverable from across the global network of CORE data providers

  • Support users in finding articles relevant to their interests

  • Easy installation to all repositories, journals and web interfaces

The recommender is a plugin for repositories, journal systems and web interfaces that provides suggestions on relevant articles to the one currently displayed. Its purpose is to support users in discovering articles of interest from across the network of open access repositories. We have validated that all recommended articles are free to read and can be accessed without a paywall. Thus, the CORE Recommender increases the visibility of open access content. Being open should pay off!

Uniqueness of the CORE Recommender:

  • We ensure that the recommended articles are available open access, ensuring that what gets recommended can also be freely read.
  • Our state-of-the-art recommendation algorithm makes use of article full texts, not just metadata, in addition to a wide range of other features. Read more on how the algorithm works in our research section.
  • We provide our recommendation service for free and the installation is straightforward.

For those with access to the CORE Repository Dashboard - the Recommender installation guidelines and an installation key can be accessed via the Dashboard. Log into the Dashboard and then choose the tab Get the recommender.

Otherwise, visit our registration page to gain access to the Recommender.

Find out more about the CORE Recommender in our blog post and in our research section.

Arthur Smith

Arthur Smith

Deputy Manager of Scholarly Communication (Open Access), Cambridge University

CORE Recommender is an essential part of the evolving open infrastructure, which surfaces not just the content in our repository, but the entire open literature. Recommender greatly enhances the functionality of our repository and provides our users with topical open resources that are only a click away.

What’s included

Our free membership provides you with:

  • Recommendations of full text items in open access repositories, journals or webpages.
  • Recommendations based on metadata records or full text items or both.
  • A user feedback system that improves the recommendation accuracy.