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    Contemporary Brutalism: A Study of the Concept of Materiality

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    An Architectural and interior design works are made by combining various aspects including materials. Over time, the concept of materiality continues to develop so that this topic becomes relevant for discussion. This paper is a discourse on the development of Contemporary Architecture. The case study of this paper is a comparison of the Brutalism styles of Tadao Ando (Japanese Architect) and Andra Matin (Indonesian Architect). Data is collected by literature studies, namely by collecting various relevant writings related to the topic and then analyzing it using a qualitative method using analyzing of text-data by way of sorting and comparing each result of the writing. The aim of this paper is to find the background characters and concepts of contemporary brutalism from both architects. The results of the study show that both have several aspects in common in the creation of the works but can still have a different brand identity. Keywords Materiality, Brutalism, Contemporary Architectur

    Method of Stimulation of Pharmacy Workers Involved in the Government Program “Available Medicines”

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    The aim is to study the current state of the organization of work in pharmacies under the government program “Available medicines” and to create proposals for the improvement of material incentives to increase the motivation of workers of such pharmacies.Materials and methods. The research used the general methods of scientific knowledge: analysis and synthesis, analogy and comparison; method of questioning to determine the actual state and opinions of specialists on the organization of work in the conditions of pharmacy participation in the program "Available medicines".Results and discussion. In the course of the study, the problem of lack of incentives and motivation for the work of pharmacy workers under the Government program "Available medicines" has been highlighted. According to the results of the survey of specialists of three different forms of pharmacy' ownership, participating in the program of reimbursement of the cost of drugs, it was found that the volume and intensity of work of workers has significantly increased, and wages have remained at the same level. The number of operations performed by employees in such pharmacies has considerably increased, which is related to the registration and maintenance of recipes under the program "Available medicines". The questionnaire survey has showed that the best option for optimizing the organization of remuneration in the prevailing conditions would be to pay extra for work (overpays). It was found that the number of recipes taken by one pharmacist per day varies considerably in different pharmacies, and there are also differences in the duration of the work of pharmacies under the reimbursement program during the month. To increase the motivation of pharmacists to work in the prevailing conditions, the method of calculating the additional payment for work in the conditions of the program "Available medicines" for each chemist's worker is offered individually in accordance with the post based on a formula that takes into account the intensity of labor using the intensity coefficient and the percentage of the additional payment.Conclusions. The conducted researches have shown that the increased intensity of labor, which takes place in pharmacies working under the program "Available medicines", is the basis for the calculation of additional payments. The application of the system of material stimulation of the work of pharmacists based on the proposed methodology will allow compensating additional labor of specialists, taking into account the intensity of their work

    Possibilities of Using Miniinvasive Catheter Technologies in the Treatment of Lung Bleeding

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    Aim – improve the results of the treatment of patients with pulmonary bleeding through widespread use of endovascular surgery methods for hemostasis.Materials and methods. Method of endovascular embolization of bronchial arteries is widely used in our clinic SI «Zaycev V. T. Institute of General and Emergency surgery of NAMS of Ukraine» not only as independent surgery in patients with LB, but also as way of preparation of patients with lung bleeding for planned thorax surgery. The most of the often spread nosological forms complicated by bleeding in our research were polycystic lung disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, bronchiectasis disease, community-acquired pneumonia. Indications to the сatheter embolization procedure of bronchial arteries are the following: conservative treatment failure, hemoptysis in patients with bilateral inflammatory processes who was not prescribed surgical treatment for a range of reasons, absence of gross structural changes, lung resection, mainly in patients with oncologic lung injury, at massive and life-threatening profuse bleedings as a mean of temporary or constant hemostasis. Discussed treatment method is applied only in bleeding or within a 6 – 12 hour after its treatment. Successful result in embolization can be obtained in 79–99 %.Results. As a result of complete physical examination of patients with LB, it has been established that lung hemorrhage was the result of obstructive bronchitis in 14 patients (42 %), there was chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in 7 (21 %) patients and bronchiectasis was diagnosed in 6 (18 %) patients. In 2 (6 %) patients pulmonary hemorrhage was caused by community-acquired pneumonia. Central lung cancer was detected in 4 (12 %) patients.Conclusion. Therefore bronchial artery angiography gives high efficiency in solving the problem of hemostasis in oncological and nonspecific lung diseases, for determination of localization and source of bleeding. Endovascular occlusion of bronchial arteries in pulmonary hemorrhage permits:– to elaborate diagnosis because of the presence of specific angiographic signs of Malignant tumour;– to perform effective endovascular hemostasis;– to gain time for stabilization the patient with the aim of planned surgical treatment

    Fractions of the Hexane Extract of Young Carica Papaya Seeds Can Inhibit Spermatogenesis in Male Mice More Than Fraction of the Methanol Extract of Young Carica Papaya Seeds

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    Fraction of hexane extract contains glycosides and triterpenoids, which isassumed to have an anti fertility ingredient, so it can be used as a male contraceptive,although the mechanism of action is not yet clear.This study used the pre-test and post-test control group design, using 30 malemice of balb C strain, aged 12 weeks, weight 20-22 gram, subsequently grouped byrandom into 3 groups each consisting of 10 male mice. One control group (P0 = controlgroup) was given double distilled water, and two treatment groups (P1 = treatment group)was given fraction of the hexane extract of young Carica papaya seed 20 mg/20gram/day,P2 = treatment group) was given fraction of the methanol extract of young Carica papayaseed 20 mg/20 gram/day). After 36 days of treatment, evaluation of the testis and blood,of the male mice was conducted.Data were analysed by normality test of Kolmogorov Smirnov Goodness of Fit,homogeneity test, and Anova test. This study showed that cells of spermatogonia A,primary pakhiten spermatocyte, spermatid, and Sertoli cells, decreased significantly (p <0,05) but Leydig cells and testosterone were not decreased significantly (p > 0,05).It is concluded that fraction of hexane extract of carica papaya seeds can decreasethe mean number of cells spermatogonia A, spermatocyte of primary pakhiten, spermatid,Sertoli, and Leydig cells and the level of testosterone hormone better than fraction ofmethanol extract of young Carica papaya seeds

    The Role of Girls as Mothers in Harry Potter Series

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    This study focuses on the role of the female characters in Harry Potter series. It aims to find out the ways the female characters, Hermione Granger, Ginny Weasley, and Luna Lovegood take a mother role for Harry, whereas they are in their teenage years. Using Barthes' theory on myths, this study identifies that there are two myths that are in operation, the myth that girls are supposed to be mothers and the myth that mothers are supposed to protect, nurture, and educate. As the agents of the myths,the three teenage girls willingly take their role as mothers role that are assigned to them. These three female characters take their roles as mothers to Harry in how they protect, nurture, and educate Harry. In response to this, Harry also succumbs to the position of being protected, nurtured and educated by these three girls. Despite Rowling's claims on her being a feminist when she said that “I've always considered myself as a feminist” (Rowling, 2011), she cannot escape the myths on girls and women. Rowling sees that being a mother is the most powerful role for girls and wome

    Roles of Dietary Cobalt and Administration of Mixed Rumen Bacteria in Regulating Hematological Parameters of Pre-weaning Twin Lambs

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    Cobalt (Co) is required by rumen microorganism for vitamin B12 synthesis. Vitamin B12 is an important cofactor for methionine synthesis and gluconeogenesis. In young ruminants up to 6–8 wk old, the rumen has not been completely developed and rumen microorganisms are not ready to supply vitamin B12. The aim of this research was to determine the potency of mixed rumen bacteria and dietary supplementation of Co and its effect on plasma glucose, blood minerals (Co, Fe, and Zn) concentrations, and hematology of pre-weaning twin lambs. Twelve one month-old local twin lambs were assigned to 4 groups in a randomized complete block design. Lambs were fed cow milk at 10% body weight, adjusted weekly for 80 d. Mixed rumen bacteria were offered at 15 mL/d (8.295x1010 cfu). Dietary treatments were: 1) basal diet (Control), 2) basal diet + 1 mg/kg DM cyanocobalamin (VitB12) and 3) basal diet + 1 mg/kg DM of Co + administration of 15 mL mixed rumen bacteria (CoBac). There were no treatment effects on neither plasma glucose and blood mineral concentrations nor hematological profiles. This study demonstrated that pre-weaning twin lambs are not responsive to supplementation of Co and administration of mixed rumen bacteria

    Morphometric and Phylogenic Analysis of Six Population Indonesian Local Goats

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    The research objectives were to characterize morphometric and genetic distance between populations of Indonesian local goats. The morphological discriminant and canonical analysis were carried out to estimate the phylogenic relationship and determine the discriminant variable between Benggala goats (n= 96), Marica (n= 60), Jawarandu (n= 94), (Kacang (n= 217), Muara (n= 30) and Samosir (n= 42). Discriminant analysis used to clasify body weight and body measurements. In the analysis of variance showed that body weight and body measurement (body length, height at withers, thorax width, thorax height, hert girth, skull width and height, tail length and width, ear length and width) of Muara goats was higher (P<0.05) compared to the other groups, and the lowest was in Marica goats. The smallest genetic distance was between Marica and Samosir (11.207) and the highest were between Muara and Benggala (255.110). The highest similarity between individual within population was found in Kacang (99.28%) and the lowest in Samosir (82.50%). The canonical analysis showed high correlation on canon circumference, body weight, skull width, skull height, and tail width variables so these six variables can be used as distinguishing variables among population. The result from Mahalonobis distance for phenogram tree and canonical analysis showed that six populations of Indonesian local goats were divided into six breed of goats: the first was Muara, the second was Jawarandu, the third was Kacang, the fourth was Benggala, the fifth was Samosir and the sixth was Marica goats. The diversity of body size and body weight of goats was observed quite large, so the chances of increasing productivity could be made through selection and mating programs

    The Role of Center for Broadcasting Development Studies in Improving Professional Education in Indonesia

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    A change of power in Indonesia marked a change of paradigm concerning almost every aspect of social political life in the country. Among those changes are the reinterpretation of the government role concerning the information control and freedom of press. As consequences of the strengthening of people power and their awareness to apply social control, press paradigm – including broadcasting- also changed. After 1998 reform, people became aware that broadcasting should be used for the people, by the people, and for the benefit of the people. In accordance with this situation, which is provoked by the elimination of the Ministry of Information, there is a need to establish the Center for Broadcasting Development Studies

    Perception, Preference and Attitude of Nahdlatul Ulama and Muhammadiyah Committee Toward Islamic Bank in Indonesia

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    This research is conducted among Islamic non-governmental organizations;those are Nahdlatul Ulama and Muhammadiyah. This research aims todetermine the perception (X1), preference (X2), and attitude (X3) of Islamicmass organizations or non-governmental organizations in Indonesia towardIslamic Banking and their decision (Y) of using the products of IslamicBanking or Islamic Financial Institutions. We took Branch Board of NahdlatulUlama (PCNU) and the Regional Committee of Muhammadiyyah (PDM)Salatiga as population. The sample in this research is 33 respondents. Thetechniques used are multiple regression analysis and independent sample ttest.Regression result shows that the preference variables have positive and significant effect on customer's decision variables. While the perceptionand preference variables do not have a positive and significant effect on thedecision in becoming customer. And the adjusted R square or determinationcoefficient valued 0.690, which means that 69.0% of dependent variable(Y) is affected by the independent variable (X), while 31% dependent variable(Y) is influenced by other variables outside the equation. And the last, independent sample t-test shows that there is no significant differencebetween PCNU and PDM Salatiga in their perception, preference, attitudeand decision toward Islamic Bankin

    Physical Quality of Air and Sick Building Syndrome in Office Employees of “X” Company in Jakarta

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    Physical symptoms had led to the suggestion that a disease called Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) occured to the office of “X” Company in the city of Jakarta. This research that used a random sampling technique examined the physical air quality of the “X” Company, such as indoor temperature and humidity aspects, the SBS cases of 90 workers. Research results on the Company “X” office workers showed that, (1) 47.8% workers had cases of SBS; and, (2) a value of 0.714 was acquired from the result of bivariate analysis using Chi square statistics program with p value of 0.325 and RP of 95 percent. This signifies that there were no relations between indoor temperature and humidity with the SBS cases of the Company “X” workers in Jakarta City. Possibilities of other factors were found to trigger the SBS symptoms such as chemical and microbiological factors (from work tools and facilities), and psychosocial factor (from the workers themselves)


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