Terms & Conditions

This page sets the Terms & Conditions under which CORE data*
can be used by others.

ODC-By licenced datasets

  • You can use these datasets for any commercial or non-commercial purposes in line with the ODC-By licence.
  • You need to acknowledge the use of CORE as described.

Other datasets and the API

While you need to obtain a licence to use other CORE datasets as well as the CORE API, many of our users are eligible for a free licence.

However, you should contact us, irrespective of any potential free licence eligibility as described below, if you are developing or intending to develop a product, service or software using CORE data which:

  • might be monetised now or in the future OR
  • is expected to serve only a restricted group of beneficiaries (e.g. only your own organisation) OR
  • is intended for the benefit of everyone but related to the functionality provided by one of CORE’s existing services, such as but not limited to an API, a recommender system, search, discovery system or analytical dashboard.

Free licence eligibility

If your use of CORE data does not fall under any of the categories mentioned in the above points 1-3 AND you are either an individual or a public research organisation, then you might be eligible for a free licence.


If you are an individual, you can use CORE data freely if:

  • You are conducting work in your own personal capacity AND
  • You will acknowledge the use of CORE as described.

Public research organisations

If you are working for a public research organisation (e.g. a university):

You can use CORE data freely if:

  • You are pursuing research on CORE data with the objective of producing a research paper or a publicly available report AND
  • You will acknowledge the use of CORE as described.

If you are intending to use CORE as part of a research project(s) then you should contact us to obtain a licence. Depending on the circumstances, we will assess if you are eligible for a free licence.

Authorisation for use of your data

You authorise us to use the logo of your organisation and/or project on our website and to mention our support to you in public communication.

We reserve the right to withdraw our approval for use of CORE data at any time by giving you a 30-day notice.


The term (*)CORE data refers to a database created by harvesting and processing information publicly available on the Internet. Every effort has been made to ensure this dataset contains open access content only. We have included content only from repositories and journals that are listed in registries where the condition for inclusion is the provision of content under an open access compatible license. However, as metadata are often inconsistent, license information is often not machine readable and, from time to time, repositories leak information that is not open access, we cannot take any responsibility for the licences of the individual content in the dataset. It is therefore up to the user of this dataset to ensure that the way in which they use the dataset does not breach copyright of any third party. The dataset is in no way intended for the purposes of reading the original publications, but for machine processing only.

Additionally, while CORE retains no copyright in any of the works in the database, we reserve the sui generis database rights. This is due to the substantial investment in obtaining, processing and serving the aggregated data to the relevant communities of interest.