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    Existence and concentration of solutions for a class of biharmonic equations

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    Some superlinear fourth order elliptic equations are considered. Ground states are proved to exist and to concentrate at a point in the limit. The proof relies on variational methods, where the existence and concentration of nontrivial solutions are related to a suitable truncated equation.Comment: 18 page

    Affordances of Historic Urban Landscapes: an Ecological Understanding of Human Interaction with the Past

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    Heritage has been defined differently in European contexts. Despite differences, a common challenge for historic urban landscape management is the integration of tangible and intangible heritage. Integration demands an active view of perception and human-landscape interaction where intangible values are linked to specific places and meanings are attached to particular cultural practices and socio-spatial organisation. Tangible and intangible values can be examined as part of a system of affordances (potentialities) a place, artefact or cultural practice has to offer. This paper discusses how an ‚Äėaffordance analysis‚Äô may serve as a useful tool for the management of historic urban landscapes

    Dilaton Gravity with a Non-Minimally Coupled Scalar Field

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    We discuss the two-dimensional dilaton gravity with a scalar field as the source matter. The coupling between the gravity and the scalar, massless, field is presented in an unusual form. We work out two examples of these couplings, and solutions with black-hole behaviour are discussed and compared with those found in the literature.Comment: Latex, 11 page

    Quantum Corrections to the Two-dimensional Gravity with External Field

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    We introduce an external field to calculate the quantum corrections of the 2d gravity, via trace anomaly. We show that there are black hole type solution even in the absence of matter field and cosmological constant. We also see that these solutions are similar to the ones obtained from dilaton two-dimensional gravity.Comment: 12 pages, Latex, revised versio
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