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    My Journey with Faith

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    A memoir of my life and my faith. I was able to recollect moments when my faith was tested, doubted, and its growth. It\u27s a story of truth, understanding, and wonder of my life was molded not just by my surroundings but by my growing relationship with my faith

    Unmasking the Resistance: A Comprehensive Study of Anti-Ku Klux Klan Endeavors in Upcountry South Carolina during the Reconstruction Era

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    To many in 1865, the American Civil War ended in McLean’s Parlor when Robert E Lee surrendered the Army of Northern Virginia to Ulysses S Grant. In reality, however, the American Civil War continued to rage on in the American South, especially in South Carolina, till 1876 when Federal Troops were withdrawn from the South. The South, like most defeated nations, accepted that it had lost the conventional war with the North and with it independence but refused to accept the results of this fighting; primarily the introduction of free-labor principles, equal rights, and voting rights for freedmen. The South resisted through the legal system and physically which came in the shape of the Ku Klux Klan and various other similar organizations. From 1865 to 1876 the Federal Government had maintained a successful but flawed nation-building effort in the American South and was incredibly successful in South Carolina in waging a counterinsurgency operation led by Major Lewis Merrill of the Seventh Cavalry from 1871 to 1873. Merrill’s operations highlight that counterinsurgency can be successful contrary to recent American experiences in Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq but can be undermined by Federal policy making and apathy from Northerners

    Parameters of Need for Loved Ones of Addicts Following Overdose Bereavement

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    This research pairs past evaluation of aid for friends and families throughout the life of a loved one suffering opioid addiction and seeks to elicit the potential for further considerations for after-math care in the wake of overdose bereavement. Traumatic grief and secondary trauma in relation to individuals having suffered the loss of a loved one to opioid-related circumstances will be the framework focus to prove the need to engage a forgotten population of people. Considering the vast review of literature engaging the discussion of addiction as well as traumatic grief, this qualitative analysis takes on a newly woven perspective seeking to intentionally engage the parameters of need not currently sought in current research study. The author uses foundational discussion on both addiction and traumatic grief to develop applicable assessment exploration to bridge the gap for those suffering overdose bereavement. Lastly, this proposal illuminates current research articles that strongly suggest further education and immediacy of resources intervention development for survivors of opioid addiction. This research study collects, reviews, and unpacks the direction of grief trauma care for a specific population of bereaved laying foundation between gaps in literature and driving the continual pursuit of therapeutic practice with the momentum of this new qualitative research analysis

    The Modern-day Widow: Wrongly Shamed and Shunned in Evangelical Communities

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    Evangelical women suffering in destructive, abusive marriages suffer doubly when their faith communities do not understand the nature of intimate partner violence and the trauma of sexual betrayal. Too often these women are sent back into dangerous relationships without resource and with the additional burden of shame (Matthew 23:4). If they choose to divorce in order to escape abuse and find peace and healing, they are most often rejected and shunned as sinners. This work identifies who these women are according to scripture, defines abuse and betrayal trauma, and calls the evangelical community to an awareness of the suffering made greater by their ignorance or negligence. While seminary and bible school training for prospective pastors is ideal, the scope of this thesis focuses on educating the local church and providing a website resource template through which the faith community can learn to practice true religion (James 1: 27), do justice (Isaiah 1:17), and minister effectively to abused and divorced women

    The Signs of Cinema: Exploring the Effects of Signifying God in Shadowlands, Bad Times at the El Royale, and The Tree of Life

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    The purpose of this qualitative study was to describe the cinematic semiosis of God, to understand how God is signified through the film medium, and to explore possible effects of this signification on the American Christian mythos. This qualitative study was conducted as an artifactual analysis study. The selected artifacts were three films and two works of literature. The film artifacts were Shadowlands, Bad Times at the El Royale, and The Tree of Life. The literature artifacts were A Grief Observed by C. S. Lewis and The Book of Job. The practice of close reading was given to each artifact for data collection. Each artifact likewise underwent two stages of analysis: semiotic, based on the logics of C. S. Peirce, and the tetradic laws of media, based on the media ecology of Marshall McLuhan. The analysis found that semiotics is a viable research philosophy for cinematic signification and that McLuhan’s tetrad works in tandem with semiotics to explore the effects of signifying God through the medium. Also, the findings suggest that the potency of a sign is found in the semiosis, or semiotic process, of a sign and not in the classification of the sign. The implications of this study offer alternative perspectives on the purposes and practice of Christian cinema as well as the usability of media ecology theory in cinema studies

    Somali Students in the American Elementary General Music Classroom

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    Education must be cognizant of the Somali culture’s inclination to classify music as a morally charged entity. It must also be careful not to forget American cultural values that have defined the music classroom. The purpose of this research was to identify Somali cultural expressions that occur in the American elementary general music classroom and to identify underlying concepts that contribute to these cultural expressions. Additionally, the research sought to bring light to the relationship between the two, so that future music educators might be inspired to create assessments and activities that better suit the needs of all learners

    Forward Pointing Introductory Formulas in the Gospel of Matthew: A Solution to One of Matthew’s Most Problematic Scripture Citations

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    This paper will seek to interpret one of the most problematic passages in intertextual studies. Matthew 2:23 does not have a clear Old Testament referent, and this presents a problem. How can an unknown prophecy be fulfilled; where is the text cited to be found? However, by keeping the original in mind during interpretation, it seems that Matthew was intentionally creating a hermeneutic of suspicion creating a deliberate rhetorical effect. This paper will seek to determine how Matthew artistically arranged and derived the significance of the Old Testament for his contemporary readership in light of the Christ event. It will be argued that the unknown citation of Matthew 2:19-23 can be found in the next identical citation formula resolving the suspense created by the allusion citation of Matthew 2:23 highlighting the narrative material between the two passages as a sort of inclusio

    Servant Leadership: The Change Needed in Law Enforcement

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    Servant leadership is a moral-based form of leadership in which leaders place the well-being of followers before their own (Canavesi & Minelli, 2022). It is a theory that has gained increased notoriety over the past several decades. Despite this, there remains a limited amount of empirical research on it and its potential benefits. However, several professions have adopted it, and their results have been positive. Leadership change is needed in many professions, and law enforcement is no exception. The policing profession faces many challenges, such as recruiting quality candidates and retaining existing personnel. Furthermore, the challenges plaguing policing also exert a tremendous influence on the level of job satisfaction experienced by existing employees. This study addresses servant leadership, including its origin, characteristics, and potential benefits to law enforcement. It also examines how servant leadership is currently employed in police agencies by utilizing a self-report survey administered to graduates of a nationally recognized police training program. Adopting servant leadership in law enforcement organizations offers an avenue by which identified challenges may be addressed positively

    Kierkegaard, the Lost Evangelical

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    In this article, we will argue that the thinker, Søren Kierkegaard, should be associated with Evangelicalism. We will first define Evangelicalism through its distinctives, arguing that it has four distinctives: (1) Its emphasis on a Christian’s “rebirth” being the central moment in their spiritual life, (2) an epistemological emphasis on the Bible, (3) an outspoken presence in the public square, and (4) evangelism. After doing so, we will demonstrate that Kierkegaard exhibits all four of these distinctives. We will do so by utilizing a biographical reading of his works. Central to which is an understanding of Easter 1848 as a key moment in Kierkegaard’s life, where he has a spiritual awakening or conversion


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