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    Development threshold, capital flows, and financial turbulence

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    We study capital flows in a panel of 130 countries, and derive the implications for the observed patterns of capital flows and capital controls before and into the crisis of 2008–11. We find that the size of capital flows is positively correlated with country's income level. In addition, capital flight has a non-linear relationship with the income level. Using the Hansen threshold estimation, we identify a three-stage threshold effect: for low-income countries (GDP per capita below US3,000),capitalflightincreasesastheincomelevelrises;andonlyaftertheeconomypassesathresholdlevel(GDPpercapitaaboveUS 3,000), capital flight increases as the income level rises; and only after the economy passes a threshold level (GDP per capita above US 5,000), capital flight declines with income. We conclude with a case study of Brazil and Korea, observing that the decisions to implement capital control measures tend to be pushed around by the feedbacks among economic growth, currency appreciation, and the global financial conditions

    The Contemporary Tax Journal\u27s Interview with Mr. Jim Fuller

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