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    Single Inclusive Distribution and Two-Particle Correlations Inside One Jet at "Modified Leading Logarithmic Approximation" of Quantum Chromodynamics II : Steepest Descent Evaluation at Small X

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    The MLLA single inclusive distribution inside one high energy (gluon) jet at small x is estimated by the steepest descent method. Its analytical expression is obtained outside the "limiting spectrum". It is then used to evaluate 2-particle correlations at the same level of generality. The dependence of both observables on the ratio between the infrared cutoff Q\_0 and Lambda\_QCD is studied. Fong & Webber's results for correlations are recovered at the limits when this ratio goes to 1 and when one stays close to the peak of the single inclusive distribution.Comment: LaTeX, 22 pages, 18 .eps figure

    The internal structure of jets at colliders: light and heavy quark inclusive hadronic distributions

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    In this paper, we report our results on charged hadron multiplicities of heavy quark initiated jets produced in high energy collisions. After implementing the so-called dead cone effect in QCD evolution equations, we find that the average multiplicity decreases significantly as compared to the massless case. Finally, we discuss on the transverse momentum distribution of light quark initiated jets and emphasize on the comparison between our predictions and CDF data.Comment: 6 pages, 3 figures-Talk presented by Redamy Perez-Ramos at Jets in Proton-Proton and Heavy-Ion Collisions, August 12-14, 2010, Prague, Czech Republi
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