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    The impact of privatization in Japanese public libraries

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    The management of public libraries in Japan faced a big change in 2003. Public institutions had been privatized in the world from the 1970s, but privatization of public institutions was late in Japan. Public institutions came to be privatized in Japan in the 1980s, and the public library finally became a target of the privatization in the 2000s. The numbers of libraries which introduced the privatization increases year by year. Research in the arena of library information science had been accomplished about arguments of privatization in Japanese public libraries. However, most of studies were sets of opinions to object to privatization. Therefore, the purpose of this research was to examine opinions of various stakeholders about privatization of public libraries by content analysis. The authors succeeded in collecting opinions of stakeholders from newspapers. They clarified characteristics of privatization and present arguments in Japan

    Mechanism of delayed leaching of heavy metals from naturally contaminated soils

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    Naturally contaminated soils that contain contaminants deep within the particles may show delayed leaching. To incorporate this, a novel approach for predicting the distribution of contaminants, both in the soil particle and surrounding liquid, is achieved using the finite difference method. The approach is named the 'intraparticle pore-diffusion model' and is applied to simulate the batch leaching test of heavy metal contaminated soils. Intraparticle diffusion and sorption equilibrium are considered. The desorption phenomena of heavy metal from soil particles are considered as a one-dimensional, polar-symmetric problem in the spherical coordinate system by supposing soil particles to be porous, perfect spheres. The results indicate that soil constituted of larger particles leach more contaminants at a certain time and faster for a certain leaching amount


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    A product of mouse thymus induces cells found in the spleen and bone marrow of nu/nu mice (which lack a thymus), and in 14-day embryonic mouse liver, to differentiate in vitro into T lymphocytes (defined as cells bearing TL and Thy-1 antigens). Thus the in vitro T lymphocyte induction mechanism acts on a cell that is antecedent to any thymus-mediated process

    A History of Flips in Combinatorial Triangulations

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    Given two combinatorial triangulations, how many edge flips are necessary and sufficient to convert one into the other? This question has occupied researchers for over 75 years. We provide a comprehensive survey, including full proofs, of the various attempts to answer it.Comment: Added a paragraph referencing earlier work in the vertex-labelled setting that has implications for the unlabeled settin

    Genesis of kuroko ores

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    Thesis--University of Tsukuba, D.Sc.(A), no. 342, 1986. 3. 2