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    The role played by mechanical stresses in superconductivity has aroused much interest recently because of the appearance of atomic theories of superconductivity which attempt to explain how the effects of pressure come about. Prior to the recent war the only experiments on the pressure effect were those of Sizoo and Onnesl which gave qualitative evidepce that the superconducting transition could be shifted by the application of tensile or compressive stresses. Recent studies have taken up a diversity of problems such as the effects of very large pressures produced by mechanical clamping,2 the effects of inhomogeneous tensile and compressive forces,3 shear stresses,4 and the effect of age or precipitation hardening.5 In this study, the basic question of the effect of a uniform, hydrostatic compression, which is the simplest stress system, is re-investigated for tin.U of I Onlydissertatio

    Bedrock geology of Harrisburg Quadrangle, Saline County, Illinois

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    Relief shown by contours and spot heights"Geology based on field work by B. Denny and R. Jacobsen, 2005-2006 and W. J. Nelson, 1984-1985.""Digital cartography by J. Domier, M. Widener, and M. Turino, Illinois State Geological Survey.""Base map compiled by Illinois State Geological Survey ... ."Sheet 2 includes 1 stratigraphic column and 9 sectionsIncludes location map and index to adjoining quadranglesIncludes bibliographical references (p. 9-10 of text

    Surficial Geology of Putnam Quadrangle, Bureau, Putnam and Marshall Counties, Illinois

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    Relief shown by contours and spot heights"Geology based on field work by E.D. McKay, R.C. Berg, A.J. Stumpf, and C.P. Weibel, 2001-2003.""This mapping was funded in part by the Illinois Dept. of Transportation to support planning for upgrade of Illinois Route 29.""Digital cartography by J. Carrell, J. Domier and Z. Golshani, Illinois State Geological Survey. GIS support by P. Johnstone, L. Smith, and B. Stiff, Illinois State Geological Survey.

    Geologic map of the Rudement Quadrangle, Saline County, Illinois

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    Geologic mapping funded in part by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Map preparation supported in part by the U.S. Geological Survey, Cooperative Geologic Mapping Program (COGEOMAP)Relief shown by contours and spot heightsIncludes text, marginal stratigraphic column, and profilePrepared by Illinois Department of Energy and Natural Resources, Illinois State Geological Survey. Cartography by N.I.U., Department of Geography, Laboratory for Cartography and Spatial Analysis: K. Doherty, R. Vaupel, L. Walther. Supplemental drafting by: L. Toalson, I.S.G.

    Bedrock geology of Crab Orchard Quadrangle, Williamson County, Illinois

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    Relief shown by contours and spot heights"Geology based on field work and data analysis by W.J. Nelson, 2001-2003.""Digital cartography and graphics by J. Domier, S. Geegan, M. Widener, T. Goeppinger, M. Jones, and L. Verhelst, Illinois State Geological Survey."Includes location map and quadrangle index diagramData sheet includes text and 1 colored stratigraphic columnIncludes bibliographical references (data sheet

    Midwest Soundlab and Network for Sound Studies

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    The Midwest Soundlab and Network for Sound Studies aims to create an institutional structure and social network of autonomous but integrated partners to foster interdisciplinary research and public scholarship on the changing Midwestern soundscape, broadly defined: natural and technological, rural and urban, present and past.Ope

    Diversity in Young Adult Services

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    Diversity and inclusion of all are becoming increasingly important in the book world. This is evident in the creation of campaigns like ???We Need Diverse Books??? and in the success of authors like Jacqueline Woodson. Librarians, as guides of information, knowledge, and books, are primarily responsible for promoting inclusion and equal access within their institutions in order to successfully cater to and educate all types of patrons. This research paper analyzes the problems inherent in libraries in regards to diversity and accessibility, as well as solutions based on the examples of successful libraries. It focuses primarily on the San Mateo Public Library district, although it contains statistics and examples from libraries nationwide. With the proposed program evaluation, this paper promises to successfully encourage racial diversity in all libraries.Ope

    The Pathways to Linguistic Success

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    This project strives to identify the most successful combination of learning support systems that ensures the quickest and most effective means of acquiring and maintaining language proficiency.Ope

    Scholars connecting with American Indian communities and tribes

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    The project aims to create bridges between universities, Native communities, non-profit workers, and activists who will bring perspectives based on non-academic projects to collaborate on projects by shared concerns about the complex environments created by settler societies and native subjects, about moving toward human solutions, and about sharing the knowledge that comes from our work.Ope

    Illinois Waterfowl Surveys and Investigations W-43-R-47 1 July 1998 through 30 June 1999 Annual Federal Aid Performance Report

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    Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Act W-43-R-47unpublishednot peer reviewedOpe
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