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    The history of insanity as a defence for criminal activity in Massachusetts

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    Thesis (M.A.)--Boston University, 1946. This item was digitized by the Internet Archive

    Studies on the changes in protein fluorescence and enzymic activity of aspartate aminotransferase on binding of pyridoxal 5'-Phosphate

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    1. The a and ,B subforms of aspartate aminotransferase were purified from pig heart. 2. The a subform contained 2mol of pyridoxal 5'-phosphate. The apo-(a subform) could be fully reactived by combination with 2mol of cofactor. 3. The protein fluorescence of the apo- (a subform) decreased non-linearly with increase in enzyme activity and concentration of bound cofactor. 4. It is concluded that the enzyme activity/mol ofbound cofactor is largely independent of the number ofcofactors bound to the dimer. 5. The /Jsubformhad approximately half the specific enzyme activity of the a subform, and contained an average of one active pyridoxal 5'-phosphate molecule per molecule, which could be removed by glutamate, and another inactive cofactor which could only be removed with NaOH. 6. On recombination with pyridoxal 5'-phosphate the protein fluorescence of the apo-(fl subform) decreased linearly, showing that each dimeric enzyme molecule contained one active and one inactive bound cofactor. 7. The results are not consistent with a flip-flop mechanism for this enzyme

    Basic research in wake vortex alleviation using a variable twist wing

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    The variable twist wing concept was used to investigate the relative effects of lift and turbulence distribution on the rolled up vortex wake. Several methods of reducing the vortex strength behind an aircraft were identified. These involve the redistribution of lift spanwise on the wing and drag distribution along the wing. Initial attempts to use the variable twist wing velocity data to validate the WAKE computer code have shown a strong correlation, although the vorticity levels were not exactly matched