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    A study of manual control methodology with annotated bibliography

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    Manual control methodology - study with annotated bibliograph

    Method of calculating blade-to-blade plane flow in centrifugal pump

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    Steam filament solution determines velocity distribution due to potential flow in the blade-to-blade plane of the radial impeller. This is used to determine the mass-averaged relative fluid angle, which is in turn used in an axisymmetric program to obtain steam surfaces of the assumed axisymmetric flow

    Controlled release of free-falling test models

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    Releasing device, powered by a drill motor through an adjustable speed reducer, has a spinning release head with three retractable spring-loaded fingers. The fingers are retracted by manual triggering of a cable at the motor end of the unit

    Solid state variable time delay

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    Variable time delay line does not require use of a magnetic field to control a time delay, and can both amplify and delay a signal. Device is inexpensive and space saving, it does not require mecanically moving components, eliminating detrimental vibrations in a sensitive environment

    Adjustable drill bar replaces complex jigs

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    Adjustable drill bar incorporates a micrometer screw which, when used in conjunction with standard gage blocks, provides rapid method of drill hole location and reduces time and skill requirements for precision drilling on large surfaces. Device picks up oddly dimensioned tool hole points and acts as sine drill bar

    Electrical test wire attachment device

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    Test lead wire attachment quickly and securely engages screw head by expansion against the side walls of the screw head slot. Heat shrinkable tubing is used for the forward and shaft ends to insulate the device from accidental contact

    Studies of thermionic materials for space power applications informal monthly report, sep. 1 - sep. 30, 1963

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    Thermionic materials for space power application - uranium carbide-zirconium carbide fuels and tungsten claddin

    Stellar spectrum classifier

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    Stellar classification is accomplished by correlating holograms of classified spectra with the Fourier transform of the spectral images to be classified

    Recent instrumentation for the optical studies of solids in the vacuum ultra-violet

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    Optical studies of solids in vacuum ultraviolet - solid state physic

    New transverse piezoresistance and pinch effect electromechanical transducers - A concept

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    Device, under longitudinal bias, responds to pressure input with a transverse voltage proportional to the pressure signal. In the absence of a signal, the transverse voltage is zero even with bias, and, regardless of temperature, if the transverse contacts are appropriately positioned along a zero-pressure equipotential


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