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    Self consistent proteomic field theory of stochastic gene switches

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    We present a self-consistent field approximation to the problem of the genetic switch composed of two mutually repressing/activating genes. The protein and DNA state dynamics are treated stochastically and on equal footing. In this approach the mean influence of the proteomic cloud created by one gene on the action of another is self-consistently computed. Within this approximation a broad range of stochastic genetic switches may be solved exactly in terms of finding the probability distribution and its moments. A much larger class of problems, such as genetic networks and cascades also remain exactly solvable with this approximation. We discuss in depth certain specific types of basic switches, which are used by biological systems and compare their behavior to the expectation for a deterministic switch.Comment: 29 pages, 40 figure

    Apolipoprotein E and Atherosclerosis: From Lipoprotein Metabolism to MicroRNA Control of Inflammation.

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    Apolipoprotein (apo) E stands out among plasma apolipoproteins through its unprecedented ability to protect against atherosclerosis. Although best recognized for its ability to mediate plasma lipoprotein clearance in the liver and protect against macrophage foam cell formation, our recent understanding of the influence that apoE can exert to control atherosclerosis has significantly widened. Among apoE's newfound athero-protective properties include an ability to control exaggerated hematopoiesis, blood monocyte activation and aortic stiffening in mice with hyperlipidemia. Mechanisms responsible for these exciting new properties extend beyond apoE's ability to prevent cellular lipid excess. Rather, new findings have revealed a role for apoE in regulating microRNA-controlled cellular signaling in cells of the immune system and vascular wall. Remarkably, infusions of apoE-responsive microRNA mimics were shown to substitute for apoE in protecting against systemic and vascular inflammation to suppress atherosclerosis in mice with hyperlipidemia. Finally, more recent evidence suggests that apoE may control the release of microvesicles that could modulate cellular signaling, inflammation and atherosclerosis at a distance. These exciting new findings position apoE within the emerging field of intercellular communication that could introduce new approaches to control atherosclerosis cardiovascular disease

    Manajemen Pengawasan dalam Meningkatkan Kinerja Sekolah Menengah Atas Negeri 2 Kulisusu Kabupaten Buton Utara

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    Supervision management is an effort to manage supervisory activities in order to improve organizational performance. Thus efforts to improve school performance can be pursued by improving the quality of supervisory management. This study was conducted to analyze supervisory management in improving school performance at SMAN 2 Kulisusu, North Buton Regency using qualitative methods. Informants in this study amounted to 9 people consisting of 8 school elements, 1 supervisor element selected by using purposive sampling technique. The data collected was then analyzed descriptively to obtain an overview of Supervisory Management and School Performance through Teacher Performance and Principal Performance. The results showed that the supervisory management carried out by SMAN 2 Kulisusu supervisors in improving school performance at SMAN 2 Kulisusu had not run optimally due to limited facilities and infrastructure that were not in accordance with needs, as well as limited operational budget supervision which led to revision activities to improve program actualization results. control cannot be carried out. In addition, the supervision stage also does not run optimally, especially at the implementation stage of supervision due to the low understanding of teachers on textual supervisor instructions and the low intensity of supervisory meetings with school principals

    From Teacher to Curator: The Power of Intrinsic Motivation in Students

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    Research suggests that we become more successful when we are happier and more positive and studies show positive [emotions] broaden the amount of possibilities we process, making us more thoughtful, creative, and open to new ideas†(Achor, 2010.) Yet, traditional college classrooms (intentionally or unintentionally) often use stress and fear of failure as motivation techniques for students. In this course I tried tapping into students\u27 intrinsic motivations by exhibiting their work to the public to increase their excitement I and allowed them autonomy in the classroom by having them decide what their final project would be to give them more positive emotions toward the course and the assignment

    Painting Supervision: Thought from Visual Composition in Plein Air Landscape Painting

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    Utilizing visual composition in landscape painting as part of supervisio

    Data Exploration via Mind Maps in the space of Supply Chain Networks

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    Corporations associated with the supply chain industry depend heavily upon business intelligence to transform raw data into core metrics and key performance indicators. Because these types of measurements are critical in supporting strategic, day-to-day business decisions, both visibility and accessibility are of equal importance in order to facilitate effective management of transportation activity within the supply chain. Often times, analysts engaged in this industry have a need to regularly review these metrics not only individually but also simultaneously - and at various different hierarchical levels. It is through this type of analysis that analysts can begin to identify potential cause and effect relationships between metrics and take action in order to correct the issues that these relationships reveal. The purpose of this project is to create an application that transforms typical sets of transportation supply chain key performance indicators into an interactive mind map and explore the potential benefits of this result. The goal is to be able to use this output as a vehicle to quickly identify transportation related issues within the supply chain and expose relationships that are occasionally lost or difficult to identify within large analytical spreadsheets or amongst a group of individualized, detached reports

    Third Place Essay - ENGL 1000 Literacy Autobiography Contest 2020: Little Composition Notebook

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