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    An introduction to ethical consideration in international environmental law

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    The purpose of this chapter is to give the reader an overview of where some of the ethical debates in international environmental law are currently found. This chapter builds upon my earlier work in this area, which is contained in “International Environmental Law, Policy and Ethics”

    Model Structures on Exact Categories

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    We define model structures on exact categories which we call exact model structures. We look at the relationship between these model structures and cotorsion pairs on the exact category. In particular, when the underlying category is weakly idempotent complete we get Hovey's one-to-one correspondence between model structures and complete cotorsion pairs. We classify the right and left homotopy relation in terms of the cotorsion pairs and look at examples of exact model structures. In particular, we see that given any hereditary abelian model category, the full subcategories of cofibrant, fibrant and cofibrant-fibrant subobjects each have natural exact model structures equivalent to the original model structure. These model structures each have interesting characteristics. For example, the cofibrant-fibrant subobjects form a Frobenius category whose stable category is the same thing as the homotopy category of its model structure.Comment: 17 page

    Model structures on modules over Ding-Chen rings

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    An nn-FC ring is a left and right coherent ring whose left and right self FP-injective dimension is nn. The work of Ding and Chen in \cite{ding and chen 93} and \cite{ding and chen 96} shows that these rings possess properties which generalize those of nn-Gorenstein rings. In this paper we call a (left and right) coherent ring with finite (left and right) self FP-injective dimension a Ding-Chen ring. In case the ring is Noetherian these are exactly the Gorenstein rings. We look at classes of modules we call Ding projective, Ding injective and Ding flat which are meant as analogs to Enochs' Gorenstein projective, Gorenstein injective and Gorenstein flat modules. We develop basic properties of these modules. We then show that each of the standard model structures on Mod-RR, when RR is a Gorenstein ring, generalizes to the Ding-Chen case. We show that when RR is a commutative Ding-Chen ring and GG is a finite group, the group ring R[G]R[G] is a Ding-Chen ring.Comment: 12 page

    Two seventeenth-century translations of two dark Roman satires: John Knyvett’s <i>Juvenal 1</i> and J.H.’s <i>In Eutropium 1</i>

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    This article consists of a transcription of the texts of two previously unprinted seventeenth-century verse translations, with accompanying editorial matter. John Knyvett's dates to 1639, at which time Knyvett, whose Juvenal was known to Sir Thomas Browne but has since disappeared from view, was an undergraduate at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge. J.H.’s of 1664 is also a very early English version of his chosen author, and remains the only English attempt on In Eutropium in verse to this day. The two translations are not otherwise connected