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    Penerapan E-Government dalam Pelayanan Perizinan Online melalui “SIMPONIE” di DPMPTSP Kabupaten Serang

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    The emergence of demands from the public for public services, encourages the existing central and local governments to use information technology in the implementation of public services known as e-government. One of the regional government that utilizes e-government in providing public services, especially licensing services, is the DPMPTSP Serang Regency which is currently carried out online through SIMPONIE. This study aims to analyze the implementation of e-government in online licensing services through SIMPONIE in DPMPTSP Serang Regency. The research method in this study uses qualitative with a descriptive approach. Data collection techniques in the form of interviews, observations, and documentation. The theory used in this research is a successful element of implementation e-government based on the results of studies and research of the Harvard JFK School of Government, including support, capacity, and value. The results of the study show that the implementation of SIMPONIE in the DPMPTSP Serang Regency can be said to be a success. This can be seen from the support in the form of vision and mission, regulations, and socialization. The implementation of SIMPONIE also provides benefits such as easier service and does not take a long time, it's just that in its implementation there are still network constraints that make SIMPONIE sometimes inaccessible

    Analisis Aspek Keberlanjutan Lingkungan Berbasis Konservasi Warisan Alam dan Pengelolaan Sumber Daya pada Objek Wisata Pantai Penyu Nagari Ampiang Parak Kabupaten Pesisir Selatan

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    This research purposes to analyze environmental sustainability aspects based on natural heritage conservation and resource management at turtle beach tourism objects in Nagari Ampiang Parak, South Coastal District, researchers conducted research using qualitative methods with purposive sampling techniques, the techniques for data collection through observation, interviews and documentation. The validity test of the data using analysis by source triangulation, namely reduction for data, data presentation, make conclusions. The turtle beach destination is said to be environmentally sustainable in terms of natural heritage conservation and resource management. The results showed that natural heritage conservation management was not optimal, information media such as sites did not exist, resource management was not optimal because destinations did not yet have renewable energy, did not have guidelines for monitoring reduced water use and did not have data and reports on water quality

    Pemanfaatan Aset Daerah dalam Menunjang Pelayanan Publik di Kantor Camat Batudaa Pantai Kabupaten Gorontalo

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    This study aims to determine the Utilization of Regional Assets in Supporting Public Services at the Batudaa Pantai Sub-District Office, Gorontalo Regency. With sub-focus research namely coordination, maintenance, and supervision. This research uses descriptive qualitative research. The data collection techniques used are: Observation techniques, interviews and recording secondary data. In accordance with the type of research used, the data analysis technique used is qualitative analysis technique. The results showed that, the results of research on the Utilization of Regional Assets in Supporting Public Services seen from the aspects of coordination, maintenance, and supervision are still lacking or not effectively carried out in supporting public services at the Batudaa Pantai Sub-District Office, Gorontalo Regency. The things suggested in this study are the need for the findings of the problems identified in this study such as lack of coordination, lack of asset maintenance, and ineffective supervision can be used as benchmarks or recommendations for improving asset utilization in improving public services

    Evaluasi Kebijakan tentang Penyelenggaraan Menara Telekomunikasi terhadap Penyedia Menara Telekomunikasi

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    Along with the growth of cellular phone subscribers in Indonesia, cellular network operators continue to strive to build infrastructure to establish broader service coverage areas, thus, increasing the quality of service. Regional Rules & Regulations in DKI Jakarta are intended to regulate the BTS towers within an area. However, they become a barrier for Telecommunications operators to meet the needs of good networks/signals. Changes in the zoning of telecommunication towers can meet the needs of operators and increase customer satisfaction. This study uses qualitative method analysis with an interview. The results show that policy evaluation regarding the implementation of telecommunication towers has yet to meet the needs of telecommunication tower providers (Tower Providers) and has been shown to cause areas that operator signal networks cannot cover. This situation impacts the satisfaction of particular customers and can threaten the business continuity of the operator. Conclusion of the Policy of the Governor of the Special Capital Region of Jakarta Number 14 of 2014, concerning the Implementation of Telecommunication Towers for Telecommunication Tower Providers, the annexse to the zoning of telecommunication towers needs to be reviewed because it has not been able to meet the needs of telecommunication tower providers and can pose a threat to business continuity

    Pengaruh Work Family Conflict dan Stres Kerja terhadap Komitmen Pegawai di Biro SDM Kementerian Pendidikan, Kebudayaan, Riset dan Teknologi Republik Indonesia

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    This research is about the phenomenon of employees who work in government institutions and also play a role in the household and family. These two different roles are considered to have an impact on work activities which cause stress in the implementation of work which in turn also affects the implementation of employee work commitments. The aim of the research is to determine the influence of work family conflict and work stress on employee work commitment at the HR Bureau of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology of the Republic of Indonesia. The research method uses a quantitative approach with survey methods. Data analysis using the classic assumption test and t test. The research results explain that there is a significant influence between work family conflict and work stress and employee commitment, but the relationship is negative. The simultaneous test between work-family conflict and work stress and employee commitment also explains a significant relationship

    Penerapan Good Corporate Governnace dalam Optimalisasi Tata Kelola Pelayanan Perum Damri Cabang Surabaya

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    The purpose of this study is to describe the application of good corporate governance in optimizing service governance in the perum damri branch of the City of Surabaya. This research method uses a descriptive type of qualitative research with data collection techniques carried out through observation techniques, interviews, documentation, and previous research. The results showed that the Perum damri Branch of Surabaya City has not fully applied the principles of good corporate governance as a whole from the 5 principles of achieving goals, there is still 1 principle that is well implemented, namely the principle of independency. Transparency has not been carried out due to the absence of operational information services, accountability has not been fully implemented, there is still no guarantee of employee competence and the company governance system has not run optimally, responsibility has not been fully relaxed due to the absence of social impact programs for the community in the company environment,  fairness has not been fully implemented because the community complaint box facility is still not available and there are still many fleets for rejuvenation and fleets are carried out for people with disabilities

    Analisis Pengembangan Komponen Smart Village di Desa Limpung

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    Smart village is the development of a concept where village people are in a community that solves regional problems by utilizing their potential resources intelligently, wisely and efficiently and elevating local customs and culture, as well as applicable norms. Based on this explanation, of course the concept of a smart village cannot be separated from the five main components, namely smart governance, smart environment, smart economy, smart mobility, and smart tourism. As one of the villages implementing the smart village program, Limpug Village as one of the pilot villages for the implementation of the smart village program in Batang Regency has several problems that occur in implementing the smart village program which can be reviewed based on the five main components of the smart village concept. This research aims to determine the implementation of the smart village component in the implementation of the smart village program in Limpung Village. The method used in this study is a descriptive qualitative research method with data collection

    Efektivitas Pelaksanaan Layanan Publik dengan Aplikasi E-Court di Pengadilan Negeri Lubuk Sikaping

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    This research purposes to reveal the Implementation of Public Services Effectiveness with the E-Court Application at the Lubuk Attitudeing District Court, to find out the obstacles in the Implementation of Public Services Effectiveness with the E-Court Application, and to find out the steps taken in overcoming the obstacles to the Implementation of Public Services Effectiveness with the E-Court Application. This research used method of descriptive qualitative. Based on the research result on the Implementation of Public Services with the E-Court Application at the Lubuk Attitudeing District Court it has not been effective, this is because there are several indicators of the eight indicators that have not been achieved properly. In the case of implementing public services  Effectiveness with the E-Court application at the Lubuk Attitudeing District Court, there are still obstacles both internal and external, such as limited resources of human, inadequate facilities and infrastructure, and a public knowledge was lack. Steps taken in overcoming obstacles to the Implementation of Public Services with the E-Court Application are carried out by participating in training such as training, or technical guidance, and conducting outreach

    Efektivitas Kebijakan Penanggulangan Pra Bencana Banjir Badan Penanggulangan Bencana Daerah (BPBD) di Kecamatan Batang Lubu Sutam Kabupaten Padang Lawas

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    Policy effectiveness is a measure of whether or not the achievement of the goals of an organization achieves its goals. If an organization achieves its goals, it has run effectively. The research method used is descriptive research with a qualitative approach. Data collection is carried out by interview, observation, and documentation techniques. The data obtained were analyzed qualitatively with the approach to the theory of effectiveness proposed by Richard Steers, including goal achievement, integration and adaptation. This study aims to determine the effectiveness of policies and work programs that have been made by the government and BPBD itself, as well as to find out what actions are needed by the government in efforts to overcome flood disasters in Batang Lubu Sutam District, Padang Lawas Regency. The results of the study show that there is still a low understanding of the community and government officials in responding to natural climate conditions that are prone to disasters and lack of awareness of community disasters in watersheds, indiscriminate tree felling/narrowing of watersheds carried out by communities in the upper reaches of the river

    Transformasi Organisasi pada Budaya Organisasi Polri Menuju Polri Presisi

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    The Indonesian National Police (INP) should become a professional, credible, accountable, transparent based on the principles of Democratic Policing. This research uses qualitative approach with case study as a research method which uses sources such as documents, books, and other related literatures. From several evaluation research show that there are lots of efforts for organisational transformation which experience failures although the INP have chosen many strategies, planning and resources as well as strong administrative commitments. Threats to the success of transformation within the organisation may emerge whether from the inside or outside. The political will in a bureaucratical field and willingness of the public which is the initiative and capability to support the INP's transformation becomes the primary key in actualising the INP that is Presisi. It is a utopia if the transformation of the INP in becoming an ideal national police comes solely from internal INP efforts. This research's recommendations are: the public must be involved actively in all processes of transformation, the need to strengthen organisational culture, moral and ethics of police, the empowerment of human resources which are based on science, and the process of transformation must be followed through continuous monitoring and evaluation


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