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    Serving to secure "Global Korea": Gender, mobility, and flight attendant labor migrants

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    This dissertation is an ethnography of mobility and modernity in contemporary South Korea (the Republic of Korea) following neoliberal restructuring precipitated by the Asian Financial Crisis (1997). It focuses on how comparative “service,” “security,” and “safety” fashioned “Global Korea”: an ongoing state-sponsored project aimed at promoting the economic, political, and cultural maturation of South Korea from a once notoriously inhospitable, “backward” country (hujin’guk) to a now welcoming, “advanced country” (sƏnjin’guk). Through physical embodiments of the culturally-specific idiom of “superior” service (sƏbisƭ), I argue that aspiring, current, and former Korean flight attendants have driven the production and maintenance of this national project. More broadly, as a driver of this national project, this occupation has emerged out of the country’s own aspirational flights from an earlier history of authoritarian rule, labor violence, and xenophobia. Against the backdrop of the Korean state’s aggressive neoliberal restructuring, globalization efforts, and current “Hell Chosun” (HelchosƏn) economy, a group of largely academically and/or class disadvantaged young women have been able secure individualized modes of pleasure, self-fulfillment, and class advancement via what I deem “service mobilities.” Service mobilities refers to the participation of mostly women in a traditionally devalued but growing sector of the global labor market, the “pink collar” economy centered around “feminine” care labor. Korean female flight attendants share labor skills resembling those of other foreign labor migrants (chiefly from the “Global South”), who perform care work deemed less desirable. Yet, Korean female flight attendants elude the stigmatizing, classed, and racialized category of “labor migrant.” Moreover, within the context of South Korea’s unique history of rapid modernization, the flight attendant occupation also commands considerable social prestige. Based on ethnographic and archival research on aspiring, current, and former Korean flight attendants, this dissertation asks how these unique care laborers negotiate a metaphorical and literal series of sustained border crossings and inspections between Korean flight attendants’ contingent status as lowly care-laboring migrants, on the one hand, and ostensibly glamorous, globetrotting elites, on the other. This study contends the following: first, the flight attendant occupation in South Korea represents new politics of pleasure and pain in contemporary East Asia. Second, Korean female flight attendants’ enactments of soft, sanitized, and glamorous (hwaryƏhada) service help to purify South Korea’s less savory past. In so doing, Korean flight attendants reconstitute the historical role of female laborers as burden bearers and caretakers of the Korean state.U of I OnlyAuthor submitted a 2-year U of I restriction extension request


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    Children, as well as minors in general, represent one of the most sensitive social groups, and consequently, criminal acts hit children particularly hard. For this reason, the domestic legislator, like the majority of other legislators, incriminates when the crime is committed against a child as a serious or heaviest form of a specific criminal offense, that is, as a special qualifying circumstance. However, in addition to the fact that, within the framework of criminal material legislation, it prescribes qualified forms of criminal acts when children are the victims, legislator, within the framework of juvenile criminal legislation and other special regulations, also prescribes other measures aimed at improving and protecting the position of the child in criminal proceedings. This is because the protection of children as victims of crime is not only a legal issue, but also a social and moral imperative, which must be taken seriously to ensure that all children receive the protection and support they need to grow and develop. In terms of what has been stated, this paper points to the regulation of the position of the child as a victim of a criminal offense, primarily at a national level, starting from general protection standards, to individual solutions in some of the specific forms of criminality where children often appear as victims – family and sexual violence

    Corporate Social Responsibility: the institutionalization of ESG

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    Understanding the impact of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) on firm performance as it relates to industries reliant on technological innovation is a complex and perpetually evolving challenge. To thoroughly investigate this topic, this dissertation will adopt an economics-based structure to address three primary hypotheses. This structure allows for each hypothesis to essentially be a standalone empirical paper, unified by an overall analysis of the nature of impact that ESG has on firm performance. The first hypothesis explores the evolution of CSR to the modern quantified iteration of ESG has led to the institutionalization and standardization of the CSR concept. The second hypothesis fills gaps in existing literature testing the relationship between firm performance and ESG by finding that the relationship is significantly positive in long-term, strategic metrics (ROA and ROIC) and that there is no correlation in short-term metrics (ROE and ROS). Finally, the third hypothesis states that if a firm has a long-term strategic ESG plan, as proxied by the publication of CSR reports, then it is more resilience to damage from controversies. This is supported by the finding that pro-ESG firms consistently fared better than their counterparts in both financial and ESG performance, even in the event of a controversy. However, firms with consistent reporting are also held to a higher standard than their nonreporting peers, suggesting a higher risk and higher reward dynamic. These findings support the theory of good management, in that long-term strategic planning is both immediately economically beneficial and serves as a means of risk management and social impact mitigation. Overall, this contributes to the literature by fillings gaps in the nature of impact that ESG has on firm performance, particularly from a management perspective

    Comedians without a Cause: The Politics and Aesthetics of Humour in Dutch Cabaret (1966-2020)

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    Comedians play an important role in society and public debate. While comedians have been considered important cultural critics for quite some time, comedy has acquired a new social and political significance in recent years, with humour taking centre stage in political and social debates around issues of identity, social justice, and freedom of speech. To understand the shifting meanings and political implications of humour within a Dutch context, this PhD thesis examines the political and aesthetic workings of humour in the highly popular Dutch cabaret genre, focusing on cabaret performances from the 1960s to the present. The central questions of the thesis are: how do comedians use humour to deliver social critique, and how does their humour resonate with political ideologies? These questions are answered by adopting a cultural studies approach to humour, which is used to analyse Dutch cabaret performances, and by studying related materials such as reviews and media interviews with comedians. This thesis shows that, from the 1960s onwards, Dutch comedians have been considered ‘progressive rebels’ – politically engaged, subversive, and carrying a left-wing political agenda – but that this image is in need of correction. While we tend to look for progressive political messages in the work of comedians who present themselves as being anti-establishment rebels – such as Youp van ‘t Hek, Hans Teeuwen, and Theo Maassen – this thesis demonstrates that their transgressive and provocative humour tends to protect social hierarchies and relationships of power. Moreover, it shows that, paradoxically, both the deliberately moderate and nuanced humour of Wim Kan and Claudia de Breij, and the seemingly past-oriented nostalgia of Alex Klaasen, are more radical and progressive than the transgressive humour of van ‘t Hek, Teeuwen and Maassen. Finally, comedians who present absurdist or deconstructionist forms of humour, such as the early student cabarets, Freek de Jonge, and Micha Wertheim, tend to disassociate themselves from an explicit political engagement. By challenging the dominant image of the Dutch comedian as a ‘progressive rebel,’ this thesis contributes to a better understanding of humour in the present cultural moment, in which humour is often either not taken seriously, or one-sidedly celebrated as being merely pleasurable, innocent, or progressively liberating. In so doing, this thesis concludes, the ‘dark’ and more conservative sides of humour tend to get obscured

    Climate change on rural women in East Africa: analysis of consequences and recommendations from a gendered approach

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    Climate change affects people and regions differently. The East Africa region is one of the most affected by the changes in the climate. There, women, especially the most marginalised and disadvantaged, are the most impacted, in many ways. Despite being the most heavily burdened, rural women are underrepresented and overlooked in tackling weather change. This can be changed by adopting a gender perspective that empowers women. This would allow them to improve their lives exponentially and to become key actors in mitigating and adapting to climate change effectively


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    Police forces, as a social institution, are not free of various types of socially disadvantageous behavior and phenomena. Such occurrences entail dysfunctional and socio-pathological phenomena; that is, phenomena that violate universally accepted norms, values, principles, and rules. Such instances must be intentional; that is, conscious and purposeful, not accidental or non-culpable. They must also be repetitive; that is, occurring more than once. The subject of this study is selected dysfunctional behaviors and occurrences of social pathology among individuals in the police environment; their essence involves individual “suffering” that exhibits specific phases and leads directly to the destruction of personality. The study discusses such issues as suicide, alcohol problems, drug addiction, and domestic violence

    Lire la « matéria vertente » : lutte, homoérotisme et homoaffectivité dans Grande Sertão: Veredas, de Guimarães Rosa

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    Une grande partie des dĂ©bats critiques autour de Grande SertĂŁo: Veredas (1956) ont Ă©tĂ© marquĂ©s par un dĂ©tachement symptomatique des questions liĂ©es Ă  l’homosexualitĂ© et Ă  l’homoĂ©rotisme. Dans le sillage d’autres Ă©tudes produites au BrĂ©sil et Ă  l’étranger qui cherchent Ă  remplir ce vide analytique, cet article propose d’étudier l’homoĂ©rotisme et l’homoaffectivitĂ© omniprĂ©sents dans le monologue de Riobaldo. Pour ce faire, aprĂšs un bref aperçu des Ă©tudes critiques sur le roman de Rosa, nous analyserons l’Ɠuvre Ă  partir d’auteurs et autrices tel.le.s que Judith Butler, Eve Sedgwick et Jacques Lacan.Much of the criticism of Grande SertĂŁo: Veredas (1956) has been characterized by a symptomatic distance from issues related to homosexuality and homoeroticism. In the wake of other studies produced in Brazil and abroad that aim to fill this analytical void, this article proposes to study the omnipresence of homoeroticism and homoaffectivity in Riobaldo’s monologue. To do this, we will first conduct a brief review of the literature on this novel; and then, analyze it from authors such as Judith Butler, Eve Sedgwick and Jacques Lacan.Grande parte da crĂ­tica relativa a Grande SertĂŁo: Veredas (1956) tem sido marcada por um sintomĂĄtico distanciamento das questĂ”es relacionadas Ă  homossexualidade e ao homoerotismo. Na esteira de outros estudos produzidos no Brasil e no exterior que visam preencher esse vazio analĂ­tico, este artigo se propĂ”e a estudar o homoerotismo e a homoafetividade omnipresentes no monĂłlogo de Riobaldo. Para isso, primeiramente serĂĄ feita uma breve revisĂŁo da literatura sobre o romance de Rosa; e, em seguida, serĂĄ proposta uma anĂĄlise a partir de autores como Judith Butler, Eve Sedgwick e Jacques Lacan


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    Gustiar Aryawinata. Pengaturan Prostitusi Sebagai Delik Adat. Skripsi. Tegal: Program Studi Ilmu Hukum Fakultas Hukum, Universitas Pancasakti Tegal 2023. Prostitusi modern sudah ada sejak zaman kerjaan-kerjaan di jawa, hull mengklaim pada masa itu perdagangan perempuan merupakan suatu komponen lain dari sistem pemerintahan feodal. anggapan bahwa prostitusi adalah profesi tertua dalam sejarah bahkan lebih menarik lagi sejarah prostitusi sangatlah panjang.istilah hukum adat berasal dari bahasa arab hukum dari kata “hukm” yang artinya perintah adat dari kata “adah” yang menunjukan kebiasaan atau sesuatu yang diulang-ulang.hukum adat merupakan aturan yang berasal dari perilaku manusia dan menjadi peraturan tidak tertulis yang harus di ikuti. Penelitian ini bertujuan: (1) Untuk mengetahui dan menganalisa bagaimana pengaturan prostitusi dalam delik adat. (2) Untuk mengetahui bagaimana penerapan sanksi protitusi dalam delik adat Jenis penelitian ini adalah penelitian kepustakaan, pendekatan yang digunakan adalah pendekatan normatif, dianalisa dengan menggunakan dengan metode kualitatif, yakni suatu metode Penelitian yang tidak menggunakan model-model matematika, statistik/komputer. Proses penelitian dimulai dengan menyusun asumsi dasar dan aturan berfikir yang akan digunakan dalam penelitian. Hasil penelitian ini menunjukan bahwa Hukum adat pada dasarnya melarang prostitusi, pelanggaran terhadap aturan adat akan mengakibatkan delik adat atau sanksi adatnya. prostitusi merupakan suatu perbuatan yang melanggar delik adat karena perbuatannya menganggu ketentraman dan ketenangan masyarakat. Berdasarkan hasil penelitian ini diharapkan akan menjadi bahan informasi dan masukan bagi mahasiswa, akademisi, praktisi, dan semua pihak yang membutuhkan dilingkungan Fakultas Hukum Universitas Pancasakti Tegal. Kata Kunci: Hukum Adat, Delik Adat, Prostitus

    Prostitues and their rescuers: Sociological Dynamics and Public Controversies in French Prostitution

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    International audienceFew sociological subjects excite so much passion – and fantasies – as prostitution. Relying on a thirty year-long study of the French case, Lilian Mathieu offers an objective and comprehensive account of pros- titution realities, first by analyzing the sex market as a social world with its own rules, hierarchies, and vulnerabilities, but also by stressing how prostitutes’ practice and living conditions are framed and shaped by moral campaigns, public controversies, and state policies. By doing so, the book offers a new understanding of how the “deviant” and “normal” worlds interact and transform sexual norms

    Methods of Inquiry: Police Corruption, Historical Anti-Corruption Experiences and Implications for Contemporary Practices

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    Historically, establishing a judicial commission in response to allegations of police corruption has been a regular method used by Australian governments. In Queensland alone, no less than five major inquiries with a remit to examine police corruption took place during the 27 years between 1963 and 1989. By using historical criminology, it is possible to unpack the cyclical need for such commissions as well as the reasons that most were unable to realise their goal to stamp out corruption in the public service and, more specifically, the police. This research reveals several key areas of weakness in the temporary inquiry system, including narrow terms of reference and the potential for obstruction in the investigatory process. Based on this, this article identifies several viable policy proposals centred on a renewed commitment to standing anti‑corruption bodies, separate from politics and with a broad remit to investigate police misconduct