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    Written information about individual medicines for consumers.

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    Medicines are the most common intervention in most health services. As with all treatments, those taking medicines need sufficient information: to enable them to take and use the medicines effectively, to understand the potential harms and benefits, and to allow them to make an informed decision about taking them. Written medicines information, such as a leaflet or provided via the Internet, is an intervention that may meet these purposes

    The Dispatch Labor System in China Questioned

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    This document is part of a digital collection provided by the Martin P. Catherwood Library, ILR School, Cornell University, pertaining to the effects of globalization on the workplace worldwide. Special emphasis is placed on labor rights, working conditions, labor market changes, and union organizing.CLW_2012_Report_China_dispatch_labor.pdf: 96 downloads, before Oct. 1, 2020

    Advancing the Global Campaign Against Child Labor: Progress Made and Future Actions

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    A report of the conference hosted by the Department of Labor, in collaboration with the International Labour Organization, on May 17, 2000. The document “contains an edited collection of the speeches and papers prepared and presented for this meeting, as well as news feature stories and photos documenting many of the efforts discussed. It seeks to highlight some of the innovative and effective strategies being used in various countries around the world to address the problem of exploitative child labor” [excerpt]

    Advancing the Campaign Against Child Labor – Volume II: Addressing the Worst Forms of Child Labor

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    “This report examines some action strategies related to efforts to eliminate the worst forms of child labor, some issues in developing these strategies, and some examples of how strategies have been implemented in actual projects” [excerpt]

    Cooperation in the Western Hemisphere Factsheet

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    Information about the Bureau of International Labor Affairs’ international cooperation and programs in the Western Hemisphere

    Office of International Relations (OIR) Factsheet

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    Information about the Office of International Relations\u27 role in providing technical and policy advice on international labor matters, in collaboration with the International Labor Organization (ILO) and other international organizations

    Bureau of International Labor Affairs Factsheet

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    An overview of ILAB\u27s responsibilities working with other U.S. government agencies and organizations worldwide

    USDOL Globally Addresses HIV/AIDS in the Workplace and for Orphans and Vulnerable Children Factsheet

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    Information about how the Bureau of International Labor Affairs is responding to the HIV/AIDS crisis with other U.S. government agencies and relief organizations

    Progress in Implementing Capacity-Building Provisions under the Labor Chapter of the Dominican Republic-Central America-United States Free Trade Agreement

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    The report provides relevant background on the CAFTA-DR. It describes the efforts of the CAFTA-DR countries to identify areas for improvement of labor standards, make additional reforms to their labor laws, and develop strategies for continued capacity-building and improvement

    Summary of Findings from the Child Labor Surveys in the Cocoa Sector of West Africa: Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, and Nigeria

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    The report provides a summary of key findings from a collaborative survey on cocoa farms in West Africa
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