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    Korematsu and Beyond: Japanese Americans and the Origins of Strict Scrutiny

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    The authors examine the role that the Japanese American Citizens League played in the development of the strict scrutiny doctrine partly responsible for the ruling in Brown v. Board of Education. The plight of Japanese Americans during their WWII internment gave them experience in implementing this doctrine, which they passed on to the NAACP

    Methodological considerations of integrating portable digital technologies in the analysis and management of complex superimposed Californian pictographs: From spectroscopy and spectral imaging to 3-D scanning

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    How can the utilization of newly developed advanced portable technologies give us greater understandings of the most complex of prehistoric rock art? This is the questions driving The Gordian Knot project analysing the polychrome Californian site known as Pleito. New small transportable devices allow detailed on-site analyses of rock art. These non-destructive portable technologies can use X-ray and Raman technology to determine the chemical elements used to make the pigment that makes the painting; they can use imaging techniques such as Highlight Reflective Transformation Imaging and dStretch© to enhance their visibility; they can use digital imagery to disentangle complex superimposed paintings; and they can use portable laser instruments to analyse the micro-topography of the rock surface and integrate these technologies into a 3-D environment. This paper outlines a robust methodology and preliminary results to show how an integration of different portable technologies can serve rock art research and management

    The philosophy of perceptions a Wittgensteinian perspective

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    The aim of this thesis is to balance a positive account of the family of concepts included in and logically involved with the concept of perception, with critical considerations of accounts that are philosophically problematic. The problematic accounts in question will range from those of Wittgenstein’s contemporaries, or near contemporaries, such as Russell, Janes and Kohler, to those of psychologists and philosophers of our own time, some, but not all, of whom profess to embrace Wittgenstein’s position; these will include the authors of a standard textbook on visual perception (Bruce and Green), Quine, Peacocke, Vesey, Anscombe, Martin, McDowell, Mulhall and Candlish, Additionally, the general nature of the problems in question will be reflected in a positive account of the concepts of acceleration (chapter 1), identity and personal identity (chapter 5), in relation to problematic accounts given by Leibniz and Parfit respectively. Crucial to this aim will be an interpretation of Wittgenstein’s position that is distinct from all those positions that profess to be Wittgensteinian, but that in fact remain in the grip of the very Cartesian / empiricist preconceptions that Wittgenstein diagnoses as the source of the problems. This will be the key to the positive account, and will depend on showing that Wittgenstein's diagnosis is essentially the same for all problems of a philosophical nature, despite its highly specific application to problems concerning various concepts in different parts of the Investigations, whose subtle differences it is equally important to discern clearly

    Genocide, War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity

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    This article examines such violations of international human rights as genocide, war crimes, and crimes against humanity. In Part I, the author explores the nature and uniqueness of these crimes. In Part II, the author suggests possible courses of action the international community can take and improvements that can be made in response. Finally, Part III analyzes methods of preventing such crimes from occurring

    Jacob Lawrence, Birth, 1948

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    Patients\u27 Involvement in Reducing Medical Errors

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