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    Positive solutions of a boundary value problem with integral boundary conditions

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    We consider boundary-value problems studied in a recent paper. We show that some existing theory developed by Webb and Infante applies to this problem and we use the known theory to show how to find improved estimates on parameters μ*, λ so that some nonlinear differential equations, with nonlocal boundary conditions of integral type, have two positive solutions for all λ with μ*< λ < λ

    Who is willing to deliberate, and how? Dissatisfied democrats, stealth democrats and populists in the UK: SEI Working Paper 131

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    This article draws on a new survey of British citizens to test the hypothesis that there are two quite distinctive types of attitude prevalent among those who are ‘disaffected’ with politics, the ‘dissatisfied democratic’ and ‘stealth democratic’ orientations, the former being more widespread in the UK. While neither manifests a high level of trust for the political elite, the dissatisfied democratic citizen is politically interested, efficacious and desires greater political participation, while the contrary is generally true of the stealth democrat. However, although stealth democrats are unwilling to engage in most forms of participation or deliberation, they are ambiguous about direct democracy, which can be attributed to the populist nature of stealth democratic attitudes