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    The place of the New Testament in the neo-conservative movement

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    A theology of the New Testament

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    Reviewed Book: Ladd, George Eldon. A theology of the New Testament. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1993

    Till Jesus comes: origins of Christian apocalyptic expectation

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    Holman, Charles. Till Jesus comes: origins of Christian apocalyptic expectation. Peabody, Mass: Hendrickson, 1996

    Messianic Ethics: Jesus\u27 Proclamation of the Kingdom of God and the Church in Response

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    Reviewed Book: Wiebe, Ben. Messianic Ethics: Jesus\u27 Proclamation of the Kingdom of God and the Church in Response. Scottdale, Pa: Herald Press, 1992

    New Testament Perspectives on Nomenclature for Church Leaders

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    In the search for appropriate nomenclature for church leaders, the title of bishop demands special attention. Not only does it have early attestation but the role which it has played in the history of the church has been prominent. The primary purpose of this essay is to examine the usage of the term bishop (episkopos) from a New Testament perspective. Only secondarily will attention be focused on the subsequent history of the term before assessing the suitability of the title as nomenclature for church leaders today


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    If Only You Will Not Fall Prey...

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    John 17:6-19: exegesis case study

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    John 13-21. The article explores the place of the unity motif in Jn 17:6-19. After a brief survey of the scholarly consensus regarding the levels of composition and the cultural and religious milieu of the Fourth Gospel, the study analyses the structure of this uniquely Johannine prayer of Jesus. Interpreting Jn 17:6-19 as an exposition of 17:1-5 (recapitulated in 17:22-26), the author concludes: according to John, the unity of the church belongs to the category of divine glory (17:22f.). That unity is not conceived in organizational terms but as an eschatological reality. Irrespective of outward appearances, the church is one, because the Father and the Son are one

    Galactic Spiral Arms: Structure and Dynamics Given by an Equation of Motion

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    Using an equation of motion for a self-gravitating filament, we show how galactic spiral arms might be created and sustained. We find that the combination of differential rotation of the galactic disk and the self-gravity of the arm (as given by the equation) leads to a rotating spiral structure. Moreover, using this analysis, we then find a second differential equation that explicitly relates this spiral structure to the rotation curve of the galaxy -- it connects several factors, including spiral shape and pattern speed. We also describe a simple many-body numerical experiment that supports our approach. The findings are with consistent with observational evidence concerning arm structure and rotation curves, including leading arm structures
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