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    A combined experimental and computational fluid dynamics analysis of the dynamics of drop formation

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    This article presents a complementary experimental and computational investigation of the effect of viscosity and flowrate on the dynamics of drop formation in the dripping mode. In contrast to previous studies, numerical simulations are performed with two popular commercial computational fluid dynamics (CFD) packages, CFX and FLOW-3D, both of which employ the volume of fluid (VOF) method. Comparison with previously published experimental and computational data and new experimental results reported here highlight the capabilities and limitations of the aforementioned packages

    The measurement of health-related quality of life (QOL) in paediatric clinical trials: a systematic review

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    Background The goal of much care in chronic childhood illness is to improve quality of life (QOL). However, surveys suggest QOL measures are not routinely included. In addition, there is little consensus about the quality of many QOL measures. Objectives To determine the extent to which quality of life (QOL) measures are used in paediatric clinical trials and evaluate the quality of measures used. Design Systematic literature review. Review Methods Included paediatric trials published in English between 1994 and 2003 involving children and adolescents up to the age of 20 years, and use of a standardised QOL measure. Data Sources included MEDLINE, CINAHL, EMB Reviews, AMED, BNI, PSYCHINFO, the Cochrane library, Internet, and reference lists from review articles. Results We identified 18 trials including assessment of QOL (4 Asthma, 4 Rhinitis, 2 Dermatitis, and single studies of Eczema, Cystic fibrosis, Otis media, Amblyopia, Diabetes, Obesity associated with a brain tumour, Idiopathic short stature, and Congenital agranulocytosis). In three trials, parents rated their own QOL but not their child's. Fourteen different QOL measures were used but only two fulfilled our minimal defined criteria for quality. Conclusions This review confirms previous reports of limited use of QOL measures in paediatric clinical trials. Our review provides information about availability and quality of measures which will be of especial value to trial developers

    Relativism and persistence

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    [FIRST PARAGRAPHS] Philosophers often talk as if what it takes for a person to persist through time were up to us, as individuals or as a linguistic community, to decide. In most ordinary situations it might be fully determinate whether someone has survived or perished: barring some unforeseen catastrophe, it is clear enough that you will still exist ten minutes from now, for example. But there is no shortage of actual and imaginary situations where it is not so clear whether one survives. Here reasonable people may disagree. There are "fission" cases where each of one's cerebral hemispheres is transplanted into a different head; Star-Trek-style "teletransportation" stories; actual cases of brain damage so severe that one can never again regain consciousness, even though one's circulation, breathing, digestion, and other "animal" functions continue; and stories where one's brain cells are gradually removed and replaced by cells from someone else, to name only a few favorites. In many such cases we say, correctly, that the person in question has perished; that is the right answer to the question, Has she survived? But in some of those very situations, we are told that it might have been correct to give the opposite answer, and say that the person perished--even if nothing different happened to her. Some philosophers say that we are free to choose at random between saying that the person has survived and saying that she has ceased to exist; both are equally correct descriptions of the same event. Others say that a different answer to the question, Has the person survived? is in fact false, but would be true if we had a different concept of personal identity, or if our conventions for individuating people were different--in short, if we thought and spoke differently

    A pilot Internet "Value of Health" Panel: recruitment, participation and compliance

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    Objectives To pilot using a panel of members of the public to provide preference data via the Internet Methods A stratified random sample of members of the general public was recruited and familiarised with the standard gamble procedure using an Internet based tool. Health states were perdiodically presented in "sets" corresponding to different conditions, during the study. The following were described: Recruitment (proportion of people approached who were trained); Participation (a) the proportion of people trained who provided any preferences and (b) the proportion of panel members who contributed to each "set" of values; and Compliance (the proportion, per participant, of preference tasks which were completed). The influence of covariates on these outcomes was investigated using univariate and multivariate analyses. Results A panel of 112 people was recruited. 23% of those approached (n = 5,320) responded to the invitation, and 24% of respondents (n = 1,215) were willing to participate (net = 5.5%). However, eventual recruitment rates, following training, were low (2.1% of those approached). Recruitment from areas of high socioeconomic deprivation and among ethnic minority communities was low. Eighteen sets of health state descriptions were considered over 14 months. 74% of panel members carried out at least one valuation task. People from areas of higher socioeconomic deprivation and unmarried people were less likely to participate. An average of 41% of panel members expressed preferences on each set of descriptions. Compliance ranged from 3% to 100%. Conclusion It is feasible to establish a panel of members of the general public to express preferences on a wide range of health state descriptions using the Internet, although differential recruitment and attrition are important challenges. Particular attention to recruitment and retention in areas of high socioeconomic deprivation and among ethnic minority communities is necessary. Nevertheless, the panel approach to preference measurement using the Internet offers the potential to provide specific utility data in a responsive manner for use in economic evaluations and to address some of the outstanding methodological uncertainties in this field

    A Mesolithic settlement site at Howick, Northumberland: a preliminary report

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    Excavations at a coastal site at Howick during 2000 and 2002 have revealed evidence for a substantial Mesolithic settlement and a Bronze Age cist cemetery. Twenty one radiocarbon determinations of the earlier eighth millennium BP (Cal.) indicate that the Mesolithic site is one of the earliest known in northern Britain. An 8m core of sediment was recovered from stream deposits adjacent to the archaeological site which provides information on local environmental conditions. Howick offers a unique opportunity to understand aspects of hunter-gatherer colonisation and settlement during a period of rapid palaeogeographical change around the margins of the North Sea basin, at a time when it was being progressively inundated by the final stages of the postglacial marine transgression. The cist cemetery will add to the picture of Bronze Age occupation of the coastal strip and again reveals a correlation between the location of Bronze Age and Mesolithic sites which has been observed elsewhere in the region

    Ferromagnetic/III-V semiconductor heterostructures and magneto-electronic devices

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    The interface magnetic and electronic properties of two Fe/III-V semiconductor systems, namely Fe/GaAs and Fe/InAs, grown at room temperature have been studied. A "magnetic interface", which is essential for the fabrication of magneto-electronic (ME) devices, was realized in both Fe/GaAs and Fe/InAs systems with suitable substrate processing and growth conditions. Furthermore, Fe/InAs was shown to have favorable interface electronic properties as Fe forms a low resistance ohmic contact on InAs. Two prototypes of ME device based on Fe/InAs are also discussed

    Effect of damping on the time variation of fields produced by a small pole tip with a soft under layer

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    The time variation of magnetostatic fields generated by space and time varying magnetization configurations in small perpendicular pole tips is studied. The magnetization configurations are a response to external fields driving the pole tip and soft under layer (SUL). When the system damping is sufficiently small the magnetization excitations persist for a long time after reversal. The effects of damping parameter, position in the media, and discretization cell size on the magnitude of the time varying magnetostatic fields will be given. Decreasing the damping parameter increases the magnitude of the magnetostatic field variation

    Applying the Wells-Riley equation to the risk of airborne infection in hospital environments: The importance of stochastic and proximity effects

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    Although the Wells-Riley equation for airborne infection is used to estimate infection risk in a range of environments, researchers generally assume complete air mixing and don’t consider either the stochastic effects in a small population or the proximity of susceptible people to an infectious source. This study presents stochastic simulations using the Wells-Riley model to evaluate the infection risk and variability among small populations such as hospital patients. This is linked with a simple multi-zone ventilation model to demonstrate the influence of airflow patterns and proximity to an infectious source on the risk of infection for an individual. The results also highlight that risk assessments made using data derived using complete mixing assumptions may significantly underestimate the real risk for those close to the infectious source

    A critique of avian CHD-based molecular sexing protocols illustrated by a Z-chromosome polymorphism detected in auklets

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    The sexes of non-ratite birds can be determined routinely by PCR amplification of the CHD-Z and CHD-W genes. CHD -based molecular sexing of four species of auklets revealed the presence of a polymorphism in the Z chromosome. No deviation from a 1:1 sex ratio was observed among the chicks, though the analyses were of limited power. Polymorphism in the CHD-Z gene has not been reported previously in any bird, but if undetected it could lead to the incorrect assignment of sex. We discuss the potential difficulties caused by a polymorphism such as that identified in auklets and the merits of alternative CHD -based sexing protocols and primers

    Cellular and humoral immune responses and protection against schistosomes induced by a radiation-attenuated vaccine in chimpanzees

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    The radiation-attenuated Schistosoma mansoni vaccine is highly effective in rodents and primates but has never been tested in humans, primarily for safety reasons. To strengthen its status as a paradigm for a human recombinant antigen vaccine, we have undertaken a small-scale vaccination and challenge experiment in chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes). Immunological, clinical, and parasitological parameters were measured in three animals after multiple vaccinations, together with three controls, during the acute and chronic stages of challenge infection up to chemotherapeutic cure. Vaccination induced a strong in vitro proliferative response and early gamma interferon production, but type 2 cytokines were dominant by the time of challenge. The controls showed little response to challenge infection before the acute stage of the disease, initiated by egg deposition. In contrast, the responses of vaccinated animals were muted throughout the challenge period. Vaccination also induced parasite-specific immunoglobulin M (IgM) and IgG, which reached high levels at the time of challenge, while in control animals levels did not rise markedly before egg deposition. The protective effects of vaccination were manifested as an amelioration of acute disease and overall morbidity, revealed by differences in gamma-glutamyl transferase level, leukocytosis, eosinophilia, and hematocrit. Moreover, vaccinated chimpanzees had a 46% lower level of circulating cathodic antigen and a 38% reduction in fecal egg output, compared to controls, during the chronic phase of infection
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