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Clagett, Marjorie Elizabeth, 1900-2000 (MSS 513)

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Finding aid only for Manuscripts Collection 513. Correspondence and papers of Marjorie E. Clagett, a WKU faculty member who taught French from 1928-1964. Includes field notes and slides relating to her studies of flora in south central Kentucky, Great Britain and other habitats in the United States, and research materials relating to the history of the French in Kentucky. Also includes correspondence, photographs and genealogical data of the Clagett, Northcott, Strange and associated families

Topics: Abbey of Our Lady of Gethsemani, Trappist, Kentucky, Ackerman family, Alice Emma Clagett Dinwiddie Adams, Alice Adams, Frances Taft Stockwell Adams, Frances Adams, Adams family, Thomas Adams, Anna Allen Alexander, Anna Alexander, Alexander family, James Reuben Alexander, James Alexander, Reuben Renfru Alexander, Reuben Alexander, Ruth Alexander, Sue French Allis, Sue Allis, Amis famly, Mildred Ballinger Anderson, Mildred Anderson, Sophia Lee Anderson, Sophia Anderson, Artists, Autograph albums, Autographs, Hugh Ayers, Badin family, Balee family, Bardmaker family, Barlow family, Naomi Lancaster Barry, Naomi Barry, St. Joseph Proto-Cathedral, Bardstown, Kentucky, Basilica of St. Joseph Proto-Cathedral, Luther Baxter, Beauchamp family, Becker family, Philip Bembower, Bernard family, Bertier family, Bettison family, Birth announcements, Birthday cards, Boats and boating, Bondurant family, Botanists, Bouchard family, Alice Meyer Bowdon, Alice Bowdon, Bowling Green High School, Faculty, Students, Bozarth family, Brashear family, Brevard family, Brodet family, Teddy Lou Bryant, Betty Lou Bryant, Bryant family, Jo Allen Bryant, Martha Caroline Alexander Bryant, Martha Bryant, Carrie Bryant, Bullitt family, Burty St. Edmunds, England, Sallie Caldwell, Calmes family, Georgeanna Capito, Carr family, Anna Lou Northcott Carson, Anna Lou Carson, Loulie Carson, Cerode family, Certificates, Copyright, Marriage certificates, Warren County, Kentucky, Charette family, Chastain family, Chenault family, Chevier family, Chicago, Illinois, Children clubs, Christmas cards, Diaries, Ciphering books, French language, Civil War, Lost River Cave, Argo Ballard Clagett, Argo Clagett, Brice McAdoo Clagett, Brice Clagett, Charles Sargent Clagett, Charles Clagett, Charles William Clagett, Clagett family, Heraldry, Harry Northcott Clagett, Harry Clagett, Harry Paul Clagett, Harry Clagett, Hattie Caruth Strange Cooke Clagett, Hattie Clagett, Hubert L. Clagett, Hubert Clagett, Ida Mae Clagett, Ida Clagett, J. Hal Clagett, John Gay Clagett, John Clagett, John Henry Clagett, Maggie Northcott Clagett, Maggie Clagett, Margaret E. Clagett, Margaret Clagett, Mary Ann Clagett, Mary Clagett, Marjorie Elizabeth Clagett, Marjorie Clagett, Mary Jane Harrell Barnes Clagett, Mary Clagett, Mary Jane Clagett, Moses Harrell Clagett, Moses Clagett, Rebecca Jane Clagett, Rebecca Clagett, Sarah Palestine Layman Clagett, Sarah Clagett, Pallie Clagett, Sena Lone Ballard Clagett, Sena Clagett, Clans, Scotland, Clubs, XX Club, Bowling Green Garden Club, Colette family, Colmesnil family, Comets, Cookbooks, Courtship, Cruz family, Dabney family, D\u27Autry family, DeHaven family, DeJarnette family, DeLoche family, Delvaux family, Demunbrun family, Depp family, Deterstle family, Deupree family, DeWeese family, Diaries, Dille family, Diplomas, Bowling Green High School, Western Kentucky State Normal School, Distilling industries, Dogs, Dozier family, Drawings, Wildflowers, Druien family, Dubois family, Duiguid family, Dupuy family, Durrett family, Duvall family, England, Travel and description, Enscore family, Europe, Evangelists, Farms and farming, Warren County, Kentucky, Kittlestick Farm, Fashion, Flaget family, Flora, Alaska, Allen County, Kentucky, Australia, California, Edmonson County, Kentucky, Florida, Great Britain, Texas, Washington State, Flournoy family, Fontaine family, Fore family, France, French (Language), Gano family, Garrard family, Gay family, Gerard family, Gerhardstein family, Griffith family, Guerrant family, Hardin family, Harrell family, Hays family, Heavenhill family, Herrin family, Hillenmeyer family, Historic houses, Maryland, Weston, Mississippi, Honore family, Houx family, Hudnall family, Immigration and emigration, January family, Japan, Postcards, Jouett family, Kackley family, Kister family, La Barette family, La Beau family, La Cassagne family, La Heist family, La Mauze family, Language and languages, La Prade family, La Rue family, Le Forgee family, Lehman family, Letterhead, Center College, Danville, Kittlesitck Hollow, Lewis family, Lillard family, Mammoth Cave, Manire family, Mannsell family, Maps, Kentucky, Maupin family, Mauzy family, Meslier family, Methodism, Micou family, Middle East, Miller family, Missionaries, Monastic and religious life, Monin family, Morton family, Mortuary cards, Nants family, Noel family, Northcott family, Church of Our Lady Notre Dame Du Port, Louisville, Kentucky, Nunn family, Ocean travel, Ogden College, Ornithology, Pedigo family, Pentecost family, Persian Gulf War, Pharmacology, Place names, Poetry, Portland, Postage stamps, Winston Churchill, Pottenger family, Presbyterian Church, Delafield, Recipes, Religion, Richter family, Ringo family, Rivers, Barren River, Gasper River, Robert family, Rochette family, Ruby family, St. Mark\u27s Priory, South Union, Kentucky, Salmon family, Schneider family, Schools, Louisville College of Pharmacy, Metclafe County, Kentucky, Semonin family, Shippingport, Kentucky, Social life and customs, Stahl family, Strange family, Sublett family, Tanner family, Tarascon family, Tardiveau family, Teachers and teaching, Tichenor family, Titanic, Trabue family, Trees, Pawpaw, Troye family, Valentine family, Vegetarianism, Veluzat family, Vimont family, Vize family, Western Kentucky State Normal School, Cedar House, Classes, Students, Le Cercle Francais, Whitlatch family, Wills, New York, Loudon County, Virgina, Witt family, Women, Clubs and societies, Wright family, Young family, Bonduran family, Bondurand family, Brashears family, Faure family, Ford family, Foree family, Hayes family, Le Forge family, Le Forgy family, Rector family, Sudie Clagett, Thomas John Clagett, Thomas Clagett, William Argo Clagett, William Clagett, Ben Cooke, James Percival Cornette, James Cornette, Mary Elizabeth Cornette, Mary Cornette, Alfred Leland Crabb, Alfred Crabb, Laurence Ellington DeCamp, Laurence DeCamp, William H. DeCamp, William DeCamp, Dorothy Kachley Digges, Dorothy Digges, Alice Emma Clagett Dinwiddie, Alice Dinwiddie, William Dinwiddie, Carroll Allen Duncan, Carroll Duncan, Kate Northcott Clagett Duncan, Kate Duncan, Thomas Duncan, Grace Elizabeth Ellis, Grace Ellis, Pattie B. McDaniel Ewing, Pattie Ewing, James Faulkner, Catherine Furbish, Kate Furbish, Virginia Ryland Ellis Garrett, Virginia Garrett, Helen Brink Glover, Helen Glover, Aletha Graves, Dorothy Grider, Elsie Griffith, Harriet Griffith, Jack Griffith, Finley Christopher Grise, Finley Grise, Lowell Hayes Harrison, Lowell Harrison, Betty Hemming, Jane Covington Henry, Jane Henry, Judith Page Hoffman, Judith Hoffman, Zona Hamilton Hogan, Zona Hogan, Peggy E. Carpenter Hogben, Peggy Hogben, Sue Howard, Linda Tufts Humphrey, Linda Humphrey, Eleanor Pearce Smith Hunter, Eleanor Hunter, Beatrice Hutzler, Gwyneth Pierce Jones, Gwyneth Jones, Martha Ellen Clagett Jones, Martha Jones, Mattie Jones, Mary Lucy McDaniel Jones, Mary Jones, Lois Claire Reid Kasson, Lois Kasson, Elizabeth Keeler, Marie Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Montier, Marquis de Lafayette, Elizabeth Angle Larmon, Elizabeth Larmon, Catherine Ringo Lewis, Catherine Lewis, Melville B. Lewis, Melville Lewis, Louis Phillippe, Hope MacDougall, Anna C. Martin, Anna Martin, Hallie McDaniel, Sara Belle Royalty McDaniel, Sara McDaniel, Tubal Early McDaniel, Tubal McDaniel, Evelyn McDermott, Francois Andre Michaux, Jim Wayne Miller, Jim MIller, Charles Morehead, John Hunt Morgan, John Morgan, Benjamin Northcott, Hannah Amanda Lewis Northcott, Hannah Northcott, Henry Bascom Northcott, Henry Northcott, Henry Clay Northcott, Martha Odell Northcott, Martha Northcott, Lida Calvert Obenchain, Lida Obenchain, Margery C. Obenchain, Margery Obenchain, John Joseph O\u27Connor, John O\u27Connor, Jo Tilden Orendorf, Nancy Baugh Palmer, Nancy Palmer, Hovey Duncan Palmore, Hovey Palmore, Sarah Ruby Alexander Palmore, Sarah Palmore, Elizabeth Parker, Roger Mills Parrish Jr., Roger Parrish Jr., Walter H. Pearce Jr., Wlater Pearce Jr., Dee Carl Perguson Jr., Dee Perguson Jr., Mathilde Perry, Ford R. Philpot, Ford Philpot, Virginia Robinson Philpot, Virginia Philpot, Eugenie Remy Pingon, Eugenie Pingon, Belle Potter, Reed Potter, Dean Pratt, Sarah Frances Price, Sarah Price, Sadie Price, Sarah Brizendine Richardson, Sarah Richardson, Jessie Roberts, Olive Sewell, Anne Sheffer, James D. Skean Jr., James Skean Jr., Dan Skean, Catharine Sneed, Cora Jane Morningstar Spiller, Cora Jane Spiller, Cora Spiller, Harry J. Stevens, Harry Stevens, Mary Strange Stockwell, Mary Stockwell, William Hamilton Stockwell, William Stockwell, Bert D. Strang, Bert Strange, Nathaniel Strange Jr., Nathaniel Smith Strange, Nathaniel Strange, Robert Strange, Sarah Elizabeth Bryant Strange, Sarah Strange, Sallie Strange, Ruth Hines Temple, Ruth Temple, S. Charles Thacher, Bruce F. Thomas, Bruce Thomas, Elva William Thomas, Elva Thomas, George Morgan Thomas, George Thomas, Katherine Helen Thomas, Katherine Thomas, Loulie Northcott Thomas, Loulie Thomas, Martha Catherine Northcott Thomas, Martha Thomas, Kate Thomas, Edwin Kelly Thompson, Edwin Thompson, Daphne Tiller, Cornelius Travelsted, James Travelsted, Louise Travelsted, Sara Tyler, Arthur Rutledge Underwood, Arthur Underwood, Lila C. Watson, Lila Watson, Alonzo Webb, Marion Lane Webb, Marion Webb, Sara Yarbrough Whitaker, Sara Whitaker, Alexander Gordon Wilson, Alexander Wilson, Emma Meador Allbritten Wilson, Emma Wilson, Ivan Wilson, T. H. Wilson, Elizabeth Moseley Woods, Elizabeth Woods, United States History
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Year: 2014
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