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    Charmonium photoproduction in ultra-peripheral p-Pb and Pb-Pb collisions at the LHC with the ALICE experiment

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    Vector mesons are copiously produced in ultra-peripheral collisions. In these collisions, the impact parameter is larger than the sum of the radii of two projectiles, implying that electromagnetic processes become dominant. The cross section for this process is sensitive to the gluon distribution and can therefore probe nuclear gluon shadowing (Pb-Pb) and the gluon structure function in the nucleon (p-Pb). The ALICE Collaboration has performed the first measurement of the coherent J/ψ\psi and ψ\psi(2S) photoproduction cross section in Pb-Pb collisions and that for exclusive J/ψ\psi photoproduction off protons in ultra-peripheral proton-lead collisions at the LHC. The results are compared to STARLIGHT and to QCD based models.Comment: Presented At The Second Annual Conference on Large Hadron Collider Physics, Columbia University, New York, U.S.A, June 2-7, 201

    Identification and Dynamical Properties of Asteroid Families

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    Asteroids formed in a dynamically quiescent disk but their orbits became gravitationally stirred enough by Jupiter to lead to high-speed collisions. As a result, many dozen large asteroids have been disrupted by impacts over the age of the Solar System, producing groups of fragments known as asteroid families. Here we explain how the asteroid families are identified, review their current inventory, and discuss how they can be used to get insights into long-term dynamics of main belt asteroids. Electronic tables of the membership for 122 notable families are reported on the Planetary Data System node.Comment: Asteroids IV chapte

    Inflammasomes in Host Defense and Autoimmunity

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    Inflammasomes are large multi-protein complexes that control host defense and inflammation during infections with pathogens. Their clinical importance however reaches beyond infectious disease, since dysregulated inflammasome activity has also been linked to many auto-inflammatory disorders. This article gives a short overview on the basics of inflammasome signaling, their activation mechanisms and their role in autoimmunity

    The interaction between voice and appearance in the embodiment of a robot tutor

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    Robot embodiment is, by its very nature, holistic and understanding how various aspects contribute to the user perception of the robot is non-trivial. A study is presented here that investigates whether there is an interaction effect between voice and other aspects of embodiment, such as movement and appearance, in a pedagogical setting. An on-line study was distributed to children aged 11–17 that uses a modified Godspeed questionnaire. We show an interaction effect between the robot embodiment and voice in terms of perceived lifelikeness of the robot. Politeness is a key strategy used in learning and teaching, and here an effect is also observed for perceived politeness. Interestingly, participants’ overall preference was for embodiment combinations that are deemed polite and more like a teacher, but are not necessarily the most lifelike. From these findings, we are able to inform the design of robotic tutors going forward

    Carnivorous plants

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    U ovom radu izložen je pregled rodova mesojednih biljaka, s podjelom na pasivne i aktivne klopke. Karnivorne biljke su vrlo specijalizirane. Ima ih oko 630 vrsta, iz 6 redova: Asterales, Caryophyllales, Ericales, Lamiales, Oxalidales i Poales, a nalazimo ih diljem svijeta na vrlo raznolikim staništima. Da bi pojedine biljne vrste bile svrstane u skupinu karnivornih biljaka moraju zadovoljiti sljedeće kriterije: 1. Moraju biti sposobne privući plijen (npr. mirisom, bojom, nektarom) 2. Moraju razviti posebne prilagodbe za hvatanje životinja ( npr. zamka u obliku vrča s glatkim i skliskim stjenkama, zamka u obliku školjke koja se može zatvoriti, zamka u obliku ljepljive trake) 3. Moraju posjedovati posebne prilagodbe kako bi razgradili uhvaćene životinje (npr. probavne enzime, simbiotske gljive, bakterije). U flori Hrvatske možemo naći 8 karnivornih biljaka svrstanih u četiri roda: 1. Aldrovanda vesiculosa L. 2. Drosera anglica Huds., Drosera intermedia Hayne, Drosera rotundifolia L. 3. Pinguicula vulgaris L. 4. Utricularia minor L., Utricularia vulgaris L., Utricularia neglecta L.In this work, a short review of carnivorous plants has been presented, divided into “passive” and “active” trapper. Carnivorous plants are very specialized. There are about 630 species, from 6 orders: Asterales, Caryophyllales, Ericales, Lamiales, Oxalidales and Poales. We can find them all over the World in very diverse habitats. To be classified into carnivorous plants group, plants must meet the following criteria: 1. They must be able to attract prey (eg, scent, color, nectar) 2. They must develop special adaptations for catching animals (eg, a pitfall traps with smooth and slippery walls, shell-shaped traps that close rapidly, sticky traps) 3. They must have special adaptations to decompose captured animal (eg, digestive enzymes, symbiotic fungi, bacteria). In the Croatian flora, we can find 8 carnivorous plants, belonging to four genera: 5. Aldrovanda vesiculosa L. 6. Drosera anglica Huds., Drosera intermedia Hayne, Drosera rotundifolia L. 7. Pinguicula vulgaris L. 8. Utricularia minor L., Utricularia vulgaris L., Utricularia neglecta L

    Federal laws protecting groundwater and surface water [wq 0022] (2017)

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    Several key laws protect the quality of groundwater and surface water. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is responsible for seeing that these laws are followed. The EPA assigns different responsibilities to other state agencies and distributes federal funds to carry them out. The main laws listed here are the responsibility of the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (DNR)