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    The Life of Aleksandr Men\u27: Hagiography in the Making

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    Hagiography is not an extinct genre in Russian literature, even though many believe that it was important in the history of early Russian literature but became irrelevant as Russian literature entered its modem period. The autobiography of priest A vvakum, written in the second half of the seventeenth century, is often considered to be the final work in the development of Russian hagiography. Russian spirituality has not died out, however, and holy men and women continue to display the same devotion to Christ that was admired in medieval saints. The biographies and memoirs of these modem saints retain some of the hallmarks of traditional hagiography. In this paper I propose to show that the memoirs written about one of these contemporary Christian heroes, Aleksandr Men\u27, draw upon traditional hagiographic elements in order to portray him as a saint. Furthermore, the literature written about Men\u27 contains the seeds for a full-length saint\u27s Life, one that could possibly be included among the works of a modem neo-hagiographic genre

    On-the-fly ab initio semiclassical dynamics: Identifying degrees of freedom essential for emission spectra of oligothiophenes

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    Vibrationally resolved spectra provide a stringent test of the accuracy of theoretical calculations. We combine the thawed Gaussian approximation (TGA) with an on-the-fly ab initio (OTF-AI) scheme to calculate the vibrationally resolved emission spectra of oligothiophenes with up to five rings. The efficiency of the OTF-AI-TGA permits treating all vibrational degrees of freedom on an equal footing even in pentathiophene with 105 vibrational degrees of freedom, thus obviating the need for the global harmonic approximation, popular for large systems. Besides reproducing almost perfectly the experimental emission spectra, in order to provide a deeper insight into the associated physical and chemical processes, we also develop a novel systematic approach to assess the importance and coupling between individual vibrational degrees of freedom during the dynamics. This allows us to explain how the vibrational line shapes of the oligothiophenes change with increasing number of rings. Furthermore, we observe the dynamical interplay between the quinoid and aromatic characters of individual rings in the oligothiophene chain during the dynamics and confirm that the quinoid character prevails in the center of the chain

    Enabling Distributed Simulation of OMNeT++ INET Models

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    Parallel and distributed simulation have been extensively researched for a long time. Nevertheless, many simulation models are still executed sequentially. We attribute this to the fact that many of those models are simply not capable of being executed in parallel since they violate particular constraints. In this paper, we analyze the INET model suite, which enables network simulation in OMNeT++, with regard to parallelizability. We uncovered several issues preventing parallel execution of INET models. We analyzed those issues and developed solutions allowing INET models to be run in parallel. A case study shows the feasibility of our approach. Though there are parts of the model suite that we didn't investigate yet and the performance can still be improved, the results show parallelization speedup for most configurations. The source code of our implementation is available through our web site at code.comsys.rwth-aachen.de.Comment: Published in: A. F\"orster, C. Sommer, T. Steinbach, M. W\"ahlisch (Eds.), Proc. of 1st OMNeT++ Community Summit, Hamburg, Germany, September 2, 2014, arXiv:1409.0093, 201

    Bridging today\u27s Internet Heterogeneity with a Content-oriented Approach

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    Despite the success of Internet technology and protocols, their deficiencies become apparent with growing and emerging applications like 3G mobile devices or pervasive environments. In these fields, there is a growing demand for additional support of mobility, multi- or anycast communication, or service composition. ..

    Time Will Reverse. Theaterhistoriografische Ăśberlegungen zu Ontroerend Goeds A History of Everything

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    Performance, Theater, Geschichte, Historiografie, Ontroerend GoedPerformance, Theatre, History, Historiography, Ontroerend Goe

    POSTER: Privacy-preserving Indoor Localization

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    Upcoming WiFi-based localization systems for indoor environments face a conflict of privacy interests: Server-side localization violates location privacy of the users, while localization on the user's device forces the localization provider to disclose the details of the system, e.g., sophisticated classification models. We show how Secure Two-Party Computation can be used to reconcile privacy interests in a state-of-the-art localization system. Our approach provides strong privacy guarantees for all involved parties, while achieving room-level localization accuracy at reasonable overheads.Comment: Poster Session of the 7th ACM Conference on Security & Privacy in Wireless and Mobile Networks (WiSec'14

    Performative ErMittlung von Meinungen und Positionen auf den Spielwiesen des Globalen. Ăśberlegungen zu Fight Night von Ontroerend Goed und The Border Project

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    "It has often been said that you can’t have a show without an audience and tonight that is more true than ever. Because tonight we will not only need your eyes and ears but at the center of everything will be your voice." Diese Aufforderung, das szenische Geschehen durch Stimmabgabe mitzulenken, läutet das performative Wortgefecht Fight Night (2013) ein, eine global tourende Koproduktion von Ontroerend Goed und The Border Project. Fünf Kandidat_innen steigen in den Ring und werden vom Publikum nach und nach herausgewählt. Dieses wird aber nicht dazu aufgefordert, die Stimme hörbar zu erheben. Vielmehr erfolgt eine elektronische Erfassung über Abstimmgeräte, die vor der Vorstellung ausgegeben werden. Anstatt Wahlprogramme zu formulieren, bauen die Kandidierenden auf Präsenz, intuitive Sympathie und Glaubwürdigkeit, wodurch eine statistische Erfassung situativer Stimmungsbilder erfolgt, die dann in ein gemitteltes Wahlergebnis überführt werden. In dem sich dabei entfaltenden Spiel um Meinungs- und Mehrheitsbildung, Abstimmen und Umstimmen, Manipulation und Wahlfreiheit stellt sich  zunehmend die Frage nach dem Gewicht der eigenen Stimme
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