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    Toward the Environmental Design of Library Buildings

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    Phenomenological Model and Phase Behavior of Saturated and Unsaturated Lipids and Cholesterol

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    We present a phenomenological theory for the phase behavior of ternary mixtures of cholesterol and saturated and unsaturated lipids, one which describes both liquid and gel phases, and illuminates the mechanism of the behavior. In a binary system of the lipids, the two phase separate when the saturated chains are well ordered, as in the gel phase, simply due to packing effects. In the liquid phase the saturated ones are not sufficiently well ordered for separation to occur. The addition of cholesterol, however, increases the saturated lipid order to the point that phase separation is once again favorable. For the system above the main chain transition of the saturated lipid, we can obtain phase diagrams in which there is liquid-liquid phase separation in the ternary system but not in any of the binary ones, while below that temperature we obtain the more common phase diagram in which a gel phase, rich in saturated lipid, appears in addition to the two liquid phases.Comment: 16 pages, 2 figure

    Briefing Memo: Sex Trafficking

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    Structured spacial concepts

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    Winter wheat variety trials, 1949-1954

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    The Phase Behavior of Mixed Lipid Membranes in Presence of the Rippled Phase

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    We propose a model describing liquid-solid phase coexistence in mixed lipid membranes by including explicitly the occurrence of a rippled phase. For a single component membrane, we employ a previous model in which the membrane thickness is used as an order parameter. As function of temperature, this model properly accounts for the phase behavior of the three possible membrane phases: solid, liquid and the rippled phase. Our primary aim is to explore extensions of this model to binary lipid mixtures by considering the composition dependence of important model parameters. The obtained phase diagrams show various liquid, solid and rippled phase coexistence regions, and are in quantitative agreement with the experimental ones for some specific lipid mixtures.Comment: 8pages, 5figure

    Soybean variety trials in West Virginia, 1947-1953

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