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    Semiautomatic inspection of microfilm records

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    Semiautomatic machine inspects microfilm for deficiencies. Advantages of microfilm inspector are uniformity of inspection method, increased speed of inspection, and improved quality through elimination of scratches and finger marks

    Apparatus for inspecting microfilm Patent

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    Apparatus for semiautomatic inspection of microfilmed documents for density, resolution, size, and positio

    Hybrid LQG-Neural Controller for Inverted Pendulum System

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    The paper presents a hybrid system controller, incorporating a neural and an LQG controller. The neural controller has been optimized by genetic algorithms directly on the inverted pendulum system. The failure free optimization process stipulated a relatively small region of the asymptotic stability of the neural controller, which is concentrated around the regulation point. The presented hybrid controller combines benefits of a genetically optimized neural controller and an LQG controller in a single system controller. High quality of the regulation process is achieved through utilization of the neural controller, while stability of the system during transient processes and a wide range of operation are assured through application of the LQG controller. The hybrid controller has been validated by applying it to a simulation model of an inherently unstable system of inverted pendulum

    Measuring collaborative emergent behavior in multi-agent reinforcement learning

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    Multi-agent reinforcement learning (RL) has important implications for the future of human-agent teaming. We show that improved performance with multi-agent RL is not a guarantee of the collaborative behavior thought to be important for solving multi-agent tasks. To address this, we present a novel approach for quantitatively assessing collaboration in continuous spatial tasks with multi-agent RL. Such a metric is useful for measuring collaboration between computational agents and may serve as a training signal for collaboration in future RL paradigms involving humans.Comment: 1st International Conference on Human Systems Engineering and Design, 6 pages, 2 figures, 1 tabl

    Shell-models of RMHD turbulence and the heating of solar coronal loops

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    A simplified non-linear numerical model for the development of incompressible magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) in the presence of a strong magnetic field B0 and stratification, nicknamed Shell-Atm, is presented. In planes orthogonal to the mean field, the non-linear incompressible dynamics is replaced by 2D shell-models for the complex variables u and b, allowing one to reach large Reynolds numbers while at the same time carrying out sufficiently long time integrations to obtain a good statistics at moderate computational cost. The shell-models of different planes are coupled by Alfven waves propagating along B0. The model may be applied to open or closed magnetic field configurations where the axial field dominates and the plasma pressure is low; here we apply it to the specific case of a magnetic loop of the solar corona heated via turbulence driven by photospheric motions, and we use statistics for its analysis. The Alfven waves interact non-linearly and form turbulent spectra in the directions perpendicular and, via propagation, also parallel to the mean field. A heating function is obtained, and is shown to be intermittent; the average heating is consistent with values required for sustaining a hot corona, and is proportional to the aspect ratio of the loop to the power -1.5; characteristic properties of heating events are distributed as power-laws. Cross-correlations show a delay of dissipation compared to energy content.Comment: 12 pages, 16 figures, accepted for publication in Ap

    Minimal Universal Extra Dimensions

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    Highly degenerate spectra associated with universal extra dimensions (UED) provide an interesting phenomenology not only from the point of view of cosmology and astrophysics, but also for colliders. We study these exotic signals for the simplest case, called minimal UED, where it is natural to find slow charged particles, displaced vertices, tracks with non-vanishing impact parameters, track kinks, and even vanishing charged tracks.Comment: 6 pages, 3 figures. Contributed to XXIII International Symposium on Lepton and Photon Interactions at High Energy, Aug 13-18, 2007, Daegu, Kore

    25 kHz narrow spectral bandwidth of a wavelength tunable diode laser with a short waveguide-based external cavity

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    We report on the spectral properties of a diode laser with a tunable external cavity in integrated optics. Even though the external cavity is short compared to other small-bandwidth external cavity lasers, the spectral bandwidth of this tunable laser is as small as 25 kHz (FWHM), at a side-mode suppression ratio (SMSR) of 50 dB. Our laser is also able to access preset wavelengths in as little as 200 us and able to tune over the full telecom C-band (1530 nm - 1565 nm).Comment: 8 pages, 7 figure
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