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    Understanding the Legal Landscape of Discrimination Against Muslim Students in Public Elementary and Secondary Schools: A Guide for Lawyers

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    Intermediary organisations constructed as a link between public service providers and business entrepreneurs is a phenomena which we know very little of. Given the difficulty of relating concrete effects to investments made in business support ventures, we need to know more about the specific arguments behind this organisational construction. When deconstructing the arguments behind one particular venture, several lines of reasoning unfold, revealing motives founded on miscellaneous legitimating elements. The analysis reveals a situation where striving for legitimacy is sometimes more important than actual results and where the private entrepreneur is both the target and the role model

    From Quantified CTL to QBF

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    QCTL extends the temporal logic CTL with quantifications over atomic propositions. This extension is known to be very expressive: QCTL allows us to express complex properties over Kripke structures (it is as expressive as MSO). Several semantics exist for the quantifications: here, we work with the structure semantics, where the extra propositions label the Kripke structure (and not its execution tree), and the model-checking problem is known to be PSPACE-complete in this framework. We propose a model-checking algorithm for QCTL based on a reduction to QBF. We consider several reduction strategies, and we compare them with a prototype (based on the SMT-solver Z3) on several examples

    Primordial Density Perturbation in Effective Loop Quantum Cosmology

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    It is widely believed that quantum field fluctuation in an inflating background creates the primeval seed perturbation which through subsequent evolution leads to the observed large scale structure of the universe. The standard inflationary scenario produces scale invariant power spectrum quite generically but it produces, unless fine tuned, too large amplitude for the primordial density perturbation than observed. Using similar techniques it is shown that loop quantum cosmology induced inflationary scenario can produce scale invariant power spectrum as well as small amplitude for the primordial density perturbation without fine tuning. Further its power spectrum has a qualitatively distinct feature which is in principle falsifiable by observation and can distinguish it from the standard inflationary scenario.Comment: 33 pages, revtex4, few typos and a confusing notation changed; several clarifications, references added, to appear in CQ