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    Clarifying ethical intuitionism

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    In recent years there has been a resurgence of interest in Ethical Intuitionism, whose core claim is that normal ethical agents can and do have non-inferentially justified first-order ethical beliefs. Although this is the standard formulation, there are two senses in which it is importantly incomplete. Firstly, ethical intuitionism claims that there are non-inferentially justified ethical beliefs, but there is a worrying lack of consensus in the ethical literature as to what non-inferentially justified belief is. Secondly, it has been overlooked that there are plausibly different types of non-inferential justification, and that accounting for the existence of a specific sort of non-inferential justification is crucial for any adequate ethical intuitionist epistemology. In this context, it is the purpose of this paper to provide an account of non- inferentially justified belief which is superior to extant accounts, and, to give a refined statement of the core claim of ethical intuitionism which focuses on the type of non- inferential justification vital for a plausible intuitionist epistemology. Finally, it will be shown that the clarifications made in this paper make it far from obvious that two intuitionist accounts, which have received much recent attention, make good on intuitionism’s core claim

    Evaluated Experimental Isobaric Analogue States from T=1/2T = 1/2 to T=3T = 3 and associated IMME coefficients

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    Isobaric multiplets can be used to provide reliable mass predictions through the Isobaric Multiplet Mass Equation (IMME). Isobaric analogue states (IAS) for isospin multiplets from T=1/2T=1/2 to T=3T=3 have been studied within the 2012 Atomic Mass Evaluation (Ame2012). Each IAS established from published experimental reaction data has been expressed in the form of a primary reaction QQ-value, and if necessary, has been recalibrated. The evaluated IAS masses are provided here along with the associated IMME coefficients. Quadratic and higher order forms of the IMME have been considered, and global trends have been extracted. Particular nuclides, requiring experimental investigation, have been identified and discussed. This dataset is the most precise and extensive set of evaluated IAS to date.Comment: 44 pages, 7 figures, 11 tables. Accepted for publication in Nuclear Physics

    Observation of beta decay of In-115 to the first excited level of Sn-115

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    In the context of the LENS R&D solar neutrino project, the gamma spectrum of a sample of metallic indium was measured using a single experimental setup of 4 HP-Ge detectors located underground at the Gran Sasso National Laboratories (LNGS), Italy. A gamma line at the energy (497.48 +/- 0.21) keV was found that is not present in the background spectrum and that can be identified as a gamma quantum following the beta decay of In-115 to the first excited state of Sn-115 (9/2+ --> 3/2+). This decay channel of In-115, which is reported here for the first time, has an extremely low Q-value, Q = (2 +/- 4) keV, and has a much lower probability than the well-known ground state-ground state transition, being the branching ratio b = (1.18 +/- 0.31) 10^-6. This could be the beta decay with the lowest known Q-value. The limit on charge non-conserving beta decay of In-115 is set at 90% C.L. as tau > 4.1 10^20 y.Comment: 19 pages, 5 figures, 2 table

    Supply of pigeonpea genetic resources in local markets of Eastern Kenya:

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    "Smallholder producers in marginal and semiarid areas of eastern Kenya have not benefited greatly from research investments made in improvement of crops grown in such environments (sorghum, millet, and legumes, including pigeonpea) either by the international community or the national agricultural research system because of poorly developed seed systems. However, informal and local market purchases are the major sources of seed for non-maize cereals and legumes. In the absence of any formalized seed system for dryland crops, more and more farmers rely on local markets to supply seed during normal and disaster periods. We determined the factors affecting the quantities of pigeonpea traded by vendors during the 2006 short-rains season using simple OLS estimation. We found that the participation of traders and farmers was higher and traded larger quantities of pigeonpea in weekly markets located in areas where seed-based intervention programs in place than in non-intervention areas. Also agro-ecologically, markets located in slightly wetter regions offered more varieties and handled higher sales compared with marketsheds in dry regions. Among the traders, the grain traders dominated through their sheer volume of sales, higher investment, and storage capacity in these markets though the distinction between seeds and grains was poor. Of the vendor characteristics, young, educated vendors traded higher quantities of pigeonpea during the planting season. The amount of time spent selling by different vendors in the village fairs also had a significant influence on the pigeonpea quantity traded. Certain market infrastructure variables such as distance to the local markets and the access to information sources (mobile phones) also significantly influenced the amount of pigeonpea sold among vendors in these markets. The existing pigeonpea value chain in local markets could be improved further, provided proper synergies exist between different actors in the system. This would enhance local crop diversity levels as well as improve access to quality plant materials for farming communities in the marginal environments of eastern Kenya." from authors' abstractLocal markets, village markets, Seed systems, Drylands, legumes,

    The History of Nuclidic Masses and of their Evaluation

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    This paper is centered on some historical aspects of nuclear masses, and their relations to major discoveries. Besides nuclear reactions and decays, the heart of mass measurements lies in mass spectrometry, the early history of which will be reviewed first. I shall then give a short history of the mass unit which has not always been defined as one twelfth of the carbon-12 mass. When combining inertial masses from mass spectrometry with energy differences obtained in reactions and decays, the conversion factor between the two is essential. The history of the evaluation of the nuclear masses (actually atomic masses) is only slightly younger than that of the mass measurements themselves. In their modern form, mass evaluations can be traced back to 1955. Prior to 1955, several tables were established, the oldest one in 1935.Comment: 17 pages, Contribution to the special issue of the International Journal of Mass Spectrometry (IJMS) in the honor of the 65th anniversary of Jurgen Kluge's birthda

    Determinan Nilai Perusahaan dengan Struktur Modal sebagai variabel Intervening

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    Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk menguji pengaruh risiko bisnis, growth opportunity, dan keputusan investasi terhadap nilai perusahaan dengan struktur modal sebagai variabel intervening. Jenis penelitian ini adalah penelitian kuantitatif dengan SPSS Versi 23 dengan metode path analysis. Sampel penelitian 42 perusahan property dan real estate yang terdaftar di Bursa Efek Indonesia dalam periode 2014-2018 dengan metode purposive sampling. Hasil penelitian ini risiko bisnis dan growth opportunity tidak berpengaruh terhadap struktur modal, keputusan investasi positif signifikan terhadap struktur modal, strutkur modal dan growth opportunity tidak berpengaruh terhadap nilai perusahaan, risiko bisnis negatif signifikan terhadap nilai perusahaan, keputusan investasi positif signifikan terhadap nilai perusahaan, struktur modal tidak dapat menjadi variabel intervening

    Reply to Comment on Extension of the Bethe-Weizsacker mass formula to light nuclei and some new shell closures

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    Some properties of the modified Bethe-Weizsacker mass formula (BWM) are discussed. As BWM has no shell effect included, the extra-stability or, magicity in nuclei clearly stands out when experimental mass data are compared with BWM predictions. If the shell effect quenches, the BWM predictions come closer to the experimental data.Comment: 2 pages, no figur

    A Lecture on the evaluation of atomic masses (L'Ă©valuation des masses atomiques)

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    First edition: September 2000, updated December 2, 2004The ensemble of experimental data on the 2830 nuclides which have been observed since the beginning of Nuclear Physics are being evaluated, according to their nature, by different methods and by different groups. The two "horizontal" evaluations in which I am involved: the Atomic Mass Evaluation AME and the NUBASE evaluation belong to the class of "static" nuclear data. In this lecture I will explain and discuss in detail the philosophy, the strategies and the procedures used in the evaluation of atomic masses


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    Dari pembahasan yang telah penulis jelaskan pada bab sebelumnya, maka kesimpulan yang dapat penulis ambil adalah sebagai berikut :Tanggung jawab PT. Jasa Raharja (Persero) Cabang Banda Aceh sudah dilaksanakan sesuai dengan ketentuan Undang-Undang No. 33 Tahun 1964 tentang Dana Pertanggungan Wajib Kecelakaan Penumpang dan Undang-Undang No. 34 Tahun 1964 Tentang Dana Kecelakaan Lalu Lintas .Didalam pelaksanaan penyaluran santunan jasa raharja kepada korban/ahli waris korban kecelakaan lalu lintas jalan, PT. Jasa Raharja (Persero) bekerjasama dengan pihak Kepolisian Republik Indonesia. Tanggung jawab PT. Jasa Raharja (Persero) apabila korban mempunyai hubungan hukum dengan perusahaan asuransi lain dalam kasus yang sama. Tanggung jawab PT. Jasa Raharja (Persero) terhadap korban yang mempunyai hubungan hukum dengan pihak asuransi lain tidak ada ketentuan yang memprioritaskan, karena setiap perusahaan asuransi telah mempunyai AD/ART serta ketentuan masing-masing
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