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    Identification of Factors Influencing Third Birth Transition in Manipur

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    The third birth transition has a negative impact on the national goal of fertility replacement level (2.1) which is to be achieved by 2010. To identify the factors influencing the demographic phenomenon, a cross sectional as well as community based study consisting of 1397 eligible women was conducted in the four valley districts of Manipur under cluster sampling scheme. Analysing the empirical information through SPSS, 42% of the study subjects transit their 3rd birth and its major determinants could be detected to be sex preference, age at marriage, and educational level each at 0.01 probability level of significance

    Variation of quantum well infrared photodetectors parameter with an applied electric field

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    A model is presented for the performance of quantum well infrared photodetectors (QWIPs) utilizing intersubband electron transitions and tunneling injection electrons. The dark current and the responsivity are derived as functions of the QWIP parameters, including the number of the QWs and electric field dependent capture probability in an analytical form. When you are citing the document, use the following link http://essuir.sumdu.edu.ua/handle/123456789/2789

    Statistical Mechanics of thermal denaturation of DNA oligomers

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    Double stranded DNA chain is known to have nontrivial elasticity. We study the effect of this elasticity on the denaturation profile of DNA oligomer by constraining one base pair at one end of the oligomer to remain in unstretched (or intact) state. The effect of this constraint on the denaturation profile of the oligomer has been calculated using the Peyrard-Bishop Hamiltonian. The denaturation profile is found to be very different from the free (i.e. without the constraint) oligomer. We have also examined how this constraint affects the denaturation profile of the oligomer having a segment of defect sites located at different parts of the chain.Comment: Appeared in Proceeding of Conference on "Liquid Crystals and other Soft materials", held at RRI, Bangalore Indi