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    Examining the Danish flexicurity labour market concept

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    Objective of this paper is to analyse the most recent changes of the interplay between the flexibility of the employment relationship on the one hand, and labour market and social policy, on the other. This article examines the new policy concept of "flexicurity" in view of the emerging flexibility-security approach that the European Union, national governments, sector of industry, individual companies and workers are currently facing. The flexicurity approach provides important answers to the question of how to meet modern labour market challenges and at the same time improve security. The special interest is concentrated on the so-called "golden triangle" of the Danish labour market successful flexicurity model.labour market, flexibility, security, flexicurity, "Danish" model

    Product cycles, innovation and exports: A study of Indian pharmaceuticals

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    This paper sheds light on the product cycle and neotechnology theories of trade in the context of generic pharmaceuticals. The paper studies the export performance of 177 Indian pharmaceutical firms for the post- liberalization period 1991-2004. The results indicate that technology proxied by foreign patent rights has a positive impact on exports. This suggests that developing countries with innovation skills for process innovations are capable of penetrating international markets in the later stages of the product cycle by using patents, which were the barriers to trade in the early stages of the product cycle. Thus, Indian pharmaceutical firms adept at reverse-engineering of brandname drugs have an opportunity to enter the global generic market for off-patent drugs.Product cycle, Exports, Foreign patents, Pharmaceuticals

    Strong Decay widths and Coupling Constant of Recent Charm Meson States

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    Using an effective Lagrangian approach based on heavy quark symmetry and chiral dynamics, we explore the strong decay widths and branching ratios of various resonances and suggest their JP find the coupling constants involved in the strong decays through pseudoscalar mesons. The present work also discusses about the possible spin-parity assignments of recently observed states by LHCb collaboration.Comment: 13 pages, 3 tables and 6 plots, 2015(EPJC: Communicated

    Study of 1D stranged-charm meson family using HQET

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    Recently LHCb predicted spin 1 and spin 3 states D* s1(2860) and D* s3(2860) which are studied through their strong decays, and are assigned to fit the 13D1and 13D3 states in the charm spectroscopy. In this paper,using the heavy quark effective theory, we state that assigning D*s1(2860) as the mixing of 13D1 - 23S1 states, is rather a better justification to its observed experimental values than a pure state. We study its decay modes variation with hadronic coupling constant gxh and the mixing angle . We appoint spin 3 state D* s3(2860) as the missing 1D 3- JP state, and also study its decay channel behavior with coupling constant gyh. To appreciate the above results, we check the variation of decay modes for their spin partners states i.e. 1D2 and 1D'2 with their masses and strong coupling constant i.e. gxh and gyh. Our calculation using HQET approach give mixing angle between the 13D1 - 23S1 state for D* s1(2860) to lie in the range (-1.6 radians < theta < -1.2 radians). Our calculation for coupling constant values gives gxh to lie between value 0:17 < gxh < 0:20 and gyh to be 0.40. We expect from experiments to observe this mixing angle to verify our results.Comment: 11 pages, 9 figure and 5 Tables, EPJC 2015 communicate

    On the transconductance of polysilicon thin film transistors

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    In order to achieve both driver and display capability for a number of display devices, TFT has attracted attention, model calculations are therefore presented for the grain boundary barrier height, in a polysilicon TFT considering the charge neutrality between the intrinsic free carriers and the grain boundary trap states. The formation of the potential barrier at a grain boundary is considered due to the trapping of carriers at the localized grain boundary trap states. The trapped charges, influenced by the gate bias voltage and the trapping states density, in turn, have been taken to deplete free carriers near the grain boundary in a device such as polysilicon TFT. The present predictions reveal that the barrier height diversely depends on the gate source voltage (VGS) of a TFT along with other crystal parameter. Finally to obtain the transconductance, the contributions of transverse and longitudinal grain boundary resistances are incorporated in the I-V characteristics of a TFT. For all values of grain size, the transconductance of the device is seen to increase initially with the gate voltage (VGS) which finally appears to be saturated. The dependence of the transconductance on grain size and drain voltage has been thoroughly explored. Good agreement with experimental results is achieved. When you are citing the document, use the following link http://essuir.sumdu.edu.ua/handle/123456789/2299

    Hitherto unreported Agaricus species of Central India

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    Karwa A, Rai MK. 2010. Spesies Agaricus dari India Tengah yang belum dilaporkan sampai sekarang. Nusantara Bioscience 2: 141-145. Kawasan hutan Melghat di India Tengah disurvei untuk mengetahui keberadaan jamur yang berkhasiat obat dan kuliner selama tahun 2005-2008. Dari total 153 spesies jamur, sepuluh spesies Agaricus ditemukan di berbagai lokasi yang berbeda. Dari jumlah tersebut, tujuh spesies yaitu Agaricus bitorquis, A. subrufescens, A. augustus, A. placomyces, A. essettei, A. basioanolosus dan Agaricus sp. nov. (spesies baru) baru pertama kali dilaporkan keberadaannya di kawasan ini. Jamur komersial Agaricus bisporus tidak memiliki karakter perkembangbiakan yang baik karena secara alamiah bersifat bispora. Kerabat liar dari jamur ini dapat digunakan sebagai sumber manipulasi genetik pada strain yang ada dan juga untuk mengembangkan strain baru dengan karakter yang lebih baik. Kata kunci: Agaricus, India Tengah, komersial, dimakan, Melghat