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    Fluid model for a network operating under a fair bandwidth-sharing policy

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    We consider a model of Internet congestion control that represents the randomly varying number of flows present in a network where bandwidth is shared fairly between document transfers. We study critical fluid models obtained as formal limits under law of large numbers scalings when the average load on at least one resource is equal to its capacity. We establish convergence to equilibria for fluid models and identify the invariant manifold. The form of the invariant manifold gives insight into the phenomenon of entrainment whereby congestion at some resources may prevent other resources from working at their full capacity

    Narrow bandwidth video Patent

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    Improvements in receiver of narrow bandwidth television syste

    An efficient bandwidth demand estimation for delay reduction in IEEE 802.16j MMR WiMAX network

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    IEEE 802.16j MMR WiMAX networks allow the number of hops between the user and the MMR-BS to be more than two hops. The standard bandwidth request procedure in WiMAX network introduces much delay to the user data and acknowledgement of the TCP packet that affects the performance and throughput of the network. In this paper, we propose a new scheduling scheme to reduce the bandwidth request delay in MMR networks. In this scheme, the MMR-BS allocates bandwidth to its direct subordinate RSs without bandwidth request using Grey prediction algorithm to estimate the required bandwidth of each of its subordinate RS. Using this architecture, the access RS can allocate its subordinate MSs the required bandwidth without notification to the MMR-BS. Our scheduling architecture with efficient bandwidth demand estimation able to reduce delay significantly