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    Samuel Dodd\u27s Reports, 1678-1713 and Miscellaneous Exchequer Cases, 1671-1713

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    The cases in Samuel Dodd\u27s reports date from 1678 to 1713. Before 1685, almost half of the cases are from the court of king\u27s bench. Thereafter, the vast majority are from the court of exchequer; there are cases from the equity, common law, and revenue sides of this court. The remainder of the cases are unclear as to court or are notes about judges and serjeants. The miscellaneous exchequer reports in the second part of this book are taken from various sources; most are from the printed reports. The notes added by the later editors of the reports, which consist primarily of references to later cases, have not been included here; however, they may be of use to the reader, in which case, the older editions of these reports can be consulted. The purpose of this collection of cases is to put in one place the reports of exchequer cases for the period between the end of Thomas Hardres\u27 reports and the beginning of William Bunbury\u27s reports

    Virginia Practice Series: Family Law: Theory, Practice, and Form

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    The intent of this family law treatise is not merely to present the existing Virginia black letter law, but also to discuss the law\u27s underlying rationale and its practical application in court. In addition, when Virginia precedent is\u27 outdated or lacking, the family law trends in other jurisdictions will also be discussed; and on various occasions, your authors have not been shy in suggesting where Virginia family law ought to be in the future

    The Enduring Legacy of Rodriguez: Creating New Pathways to Equal Educational Opportunity

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    We undertook this volume to advance two primary goals: to encourage analysis of the enduring legacy of the Rodriguez decision and to promote the development of new ideas on how to realize the unfinished work of the Rodriguez plaintiffs. In pursuing these goals, we sought to move beyond the debates over whether the Rodriguez majority reached the right decision and whether money influences educational outcomes to generate innovative proposals for the legal and policy reforms needed to make equal access to an excellent education a reality for the nation\u27s schoolchildren

    Bankruptcy and Related Law in a Nutshell, 8th Edition

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    This comprehensive guide covers bankruptcy issues and laws. Written by experts in the field, the text discusses judicial debt collection, creditors with special rights, debtors\u27 state law remedies, commencement, conversion, and dismissal of a bankruptcy case, automatic stay of collection, creditors\u27 and debtors\u27 rights, exemptions, collection, and pre- and post-bankruptcy transfers. Also discusses the effect on secured and unsecured claims, leases and executory contracts, and allocation of judicial power over bankruptcy matters

    James River Brass

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    [Introduction to] Leadership and the Liberal Arts: Achieving the Promise of a Liberal Education

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    A collection of essays by presidents of prominent liberal arts colleges and leading intellectuals who reflect on the meaning of educating individuals for leadership and how it can be accomplished in ways consistent with the missions of liberal arts institutions. Edited by faculty from the Jepson School for Leadership Studies at the University of Richmond, the Jepson Studies in Leadership series will reflect the school\u27s broad-based, liberal arts approach to the study of leadership. The Jepson School has faculty representatives from the disciplines of English literature, history, philosophy, political science, psychology, public administration, religious studies, and organizational leadership. No other school or program is better situated to provide a multidisciplinary perspective on this important topic.

    A study of the state teachers\u27 scholarship program in Virginia

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    A State Teachers Scholarship Program was inaugurated in Virginia in 1947. The program, based on appropriations made by the General Assembly of Virginia for each biennium, has been in continuous operation for eleven years. It provides financial assistance in the form of scholarship grants for in-service teachers and for individuals who are preparing to enter the teaching profession. The State Teachers\u27 Scholarship Program, designed to foster the cause of education in Virginia,should be appraised in terms or its effectiveness. It is a recognized fact that any service which has been in operation for a period of time should be evaluated or checked in some way. It is also true that continuous records should be kept on all programs which evolve from need and develop through use. At the time of this study no record had been compiled or the complete development of the history of the State Teachers Scholarship Program, and no systematic study or evaluation had been made of its over-all contribution to education. The study was undertaken to remedy this situation. The study Was undertaken with two definite objectives: 1. To trace the history and development of the State Teachers Scholarship Program. 2. To determine the relationship of the program to the supply of qualified teachers in the public schools of Virginia

    An introduction to the poetry of T.S. Eliot : a selective handbook

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    T. S. Eliot, one of the most discussed poets of our time, has registered a deep and sincere concern for the plight of modern society. That concern is mirrored in his poetry where he has spoken his message to those who will hear it. He seems to have put a supersensitive finger on the pulse of the world\u27s ills, and has suggested what he believes to be the only solution

    The history and present status of the government of Hampton, Virginia

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    This thesis traces the governmental development of the City of Hampton, Virginia. Some historical data is given concerning the settlement of the area which is now Hampton and of its history as a part of Elizabeth City County before its incorporation as a town. From this point on the emphasis is placed upon the evolution of the government of the Town of Hampton and later the City of Hampton. Some critical comment on the structure and organization of the government is scattered throughout the paper but it is mainly concentrated in one Chap­ter which deals with Hampton \u27s present government

    A regional study of first year teachers as a means of interpreting certain elements of job preparation leading to continuation in the teaching profession

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    One of the problems facing modern education and particularly the school administrator is that of staffing the classrooms with good teachers. In the selection of and employment of teachers the question of the nature of appropriate preparation for a teacher\u27s responsibilities is of great significance. In fact a teacher\u27s preparation for his responsibilities determines to a large extent his success as a beginner and may affect his decision about remaining in the teaching profession


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