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    Studi Penentuan Jenis Aliran Sungai Pute Kawasan Karst Rammang-Rammang Kabupaten Maros

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    Studi penentuan jenis aliran sungai Pute kawasan karst Rammang-Rammang kabupaten Maros telah dilakukan. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk menganalisis kecepatan aliran rata-rata dan pola aliran sungai Pute. Metode penelitian berupa pengukuran secara langsung di lapangan dengan menggunakan alat ukur arus (current meter) untuk pengukuran kecepatan aliran sungai. Titik pengukuran yaitu di dermaga 1 dan dermaga 2 sungai Pute. Pola aliran sungai Pute ditentukan berdasarkan analisis bilangan Reynold dan bilangan Froude. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa kecepatan aliran rata-rata sungai Pute di dermaga 1 berbentuk parabolik yaitu kecepatan aliran maksimum pada tengah sungai dan minimum pada tepi sungai. Sedangkan di dermaga 2 kecepatan aliran rata-rata maksimum pada bagian tepi luar sungai diakibatkan oleh bentuk sungai yang berbelok (meander). Pola aliran sungai Pute adalah aliran turbulen (Re > 12500) dan aliran subkritis (Fr < 1)

    Socio-Economic Degeneration of Rural Maguindanaons: Contributions of Colonialism and Political Instability

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    The long and complex history of interactions between the Muslims and the Spanish and American colonialists in the Philippines have resulted in marked changes in the political, economic and social life of the Maguindanaon Muslims which have persisted to the present time. The situation of the tribe became worsened when they were forcibly incorporated into the Philippine State controlled by politically and socioculturally culminated in the Mindanao civil war in phenomenon of violence has also helped structure of Maguindanaon society

    Bewertung eines thermisch behandelten Gemisches aus einheimischen Körnerleguminosen in der Geflügelernährung

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    Das Projekt hatte das Ziel, ein Gemisch aus getoasteten Süßlupinen, Ackerbohnen und Futtererbsen (1:1:1, LEGUMI-therm®) und vergleichsweise in unbehandelter Form (LE-GUMI-mix®) hinsichtlich der Eignung in der Geflügelernährung zu bewerten. Hersteller ist die BÖRDE-KRAFTKORN-SERVICE GmbH / Sachsen-Anhalt. Die thermische Aufbereitung erfolgt durch Toasten im Drehtrommelofen bei trockener Hitze im Hochtemperatur-Kurzzeitverfahren (HTS) bis zur Zieltemperatur von 145°C am Korn. Zur Einschätzung von Effekten des Toastens wurden bei LEGUMI-therm und LEGUMI-mix der Gehalt an Umsetzbarer Energie (ME) und die praecaecale (pc) Verdaulichkeit des Rohproteins und der Aminosäuren bei Broilern, Puten und Legehennen nach standardisierten Verfahren ermittelt. Bezüglich der Energie konnten keine signifikanten Unterschiede zwischen der getoasteten und der nicht getoasteten Leguminosenmischung fest-gestellt werden. Die Gehalte lagen mit 11,6 (Legehenne), 12,0 (Broiler) und 12,5 MJ/kg (Pute) im mittleren bis hohen Bereich. Die mittlere pc Verdaulichkeit der Aminosäuren aus dem LEGUMI-mix betrug 89 (Legehenne), 88 (Broiler) und 71 % (Pute), wobei die thermische Behandlung gleichfalls ohne signifikanten Effekt blieb (92, Legehenne; 87, Broiler; 79 %, Pute). Die Ergebnisse zeigen aber auch, dass mit dem angewendeten Toastverfahren keine Hitzeschädigung des Rohproteins und der Aminosäuren verursacht worden ist. Fütterungsversuche zur Klärung der maximalen Einsatzhöhe der Gemische zeigten, dass mehr als 20 %, unabhängig von der Behandlung, insbesondere beim Broiler und der Legehenne zu Leistungseinbußen führen. Dagegen toleriert die Pute einen Anteil von 30 % beider Gemische. Ein Anteil von 20 % der Leguminosengemische in getoasteter oder nativer Form ermöglicht eine Einsparung von ca. 50 % des bisherigen Sojaanteils in diesen Mischungen ohne signifikante Minderung der Tierleistung

    Magnetic state of plutonium ion in metallic Pu and its compounds

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    By LDA+U method with spin-orbit coupling (LDA+U+SO) the magnetic state and electronic structure have been investigated for plutonium in \delta and \alpha phases and for Pu compounds: PuN, PuCoGa5, PuRh2, PuSi2, PuTe, and PuSb. For metallic plutonium in both phases in agreement with experiment a nonmagnetic ground state was found with Pu ions in f^6 configuration with zero values of spin, orbital, and total moments. This result is determined by a strong spin-orbit coupling in 5f shell that gives in LDA calculation a pronounced splitting of 5f states on f^{5/2} and f^{7/2} subbands. A Fermi level is in a pseudogap between them, so that f^{5/2} subshell is already nearly completely filled with six electrons before Coulomb correlation effects were taken into account. The competition between spin-orbit coupling and exchange (Hund) interaction (favoring magnetic ground state) in 5f shell is so delicately balanced, that a small increase (less than 15%) of exchange interaction parameter value from J_H=0.48eV obtained in constrain LDA calculation would result in a magnetic ground state with nonzero spin and orbital moment values. For Pu compounds investigated in the present work, predominantly f^6 configuration with nonzero magnetic moments was found in PuCoGa5, PuSi2, and PuTe, while PuN, PuRh2, and PuSb have f^5 configuration with sizeable magnetic moment values. Whereas pure jj coupling scheme was found to be valid for metallic plutonium, intermediate coupling scheme is needed to describe 5f shell in Pu compounds. The results of our calculations show that both spin-orbit coupling and exchange interaction terms in the Hamiltonian must be treated in a general matrix form for Pu and its compounds.Comment: 20 pages, LaTeX; changed discussion on reference pape

    Capital, the State and the Emergence of Class Relations: The Case of a Rural Community in Southern Philippines

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    The incorporation of Third World countries into the world capitalist system brought about far-reaching repercussions on the social, political and economic structures of less-developed societies. A study of the changes associated with capitalist penetration is therefore necessary to understand the contemporary situation of these societies. The present study was an attempt in this direction to understand the trans formative impact of the phenomenon at the village level. Primarily, it aimed at examining the dominating influence of capitalist penetration in the form of plantation agriculture on the nature and dynamics of class formation in the study area. Specifically,it investigated the following:(i) class structure and class relationships of Maguindanaons during the pre-plantation period; (ii) the process of penetration of plantations in Mindanao - Sulu and in the village in particular; and (iii)the relations of production that emerged as a result of the entry of the plantation

    Kajian Makna Simbolik Ragam Hias Batik pada UKM Riandah Silk di Desa Tana Pute Kecamatan Tempe Kabupaten Wajo.

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    ABSTRAK Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui: 1) Eksistensi/keberadaan UKM Riandah Silk di desa Tana Pute kecamatan Tempe Kabupaten Wajo. 2) Jenis-jenis ragam hias yang terdapat pada UKM Riandah Silk di Desa Tana Pute Kecamatan Tempe Kabupaten Wajo. 3) Makna simbolik ragam hias batik pada UKM Rindah Silk Di Desa Tana Pute Kecamatan Tempe Kabupaten Wajo. Penelitian ini termasuk jenis penelitian deskriptif-kualitatif. Dari hasil penelitian, disimpulkan bahwa: 1) UKM Riandah Silk adalah industri rumah tangga yang dikelola sendiri dengan bantuan permodalan dari badan perindustrian. UKM Riandah Silk bekerja sama dengan beberapa toko. 2) Pola ragam hias yang digunakan adalah pola ragam hias gabungan. jenis-jenis ragam hias yang terdapat pada batik UKM Riandah Silk seperti: Motif Cobo’, Wala Soji, Paqulu Gayang, Kalong, Kapal Pinisi, Balo Renni, Motif Barelle, Motif Pilin, Motif Paqpolloq Gayang, dan Motif Bombang. 3) Makna simboliknya antara lain: Motif cobo’ bermakna kesuburan dan keharmonisan. Motif lawa soji merupakan simbol kesempurnaan dalam falsafah Bugis-Makassar. Kapal pinisi merupakan simbol alat transportasi yang bermakna bahwa nenek moyang jaman dulu adalah pelaut ulung. Motif bombang sebagai simbol jiwa pelaut masyarakat Sulawesi Selatan. Motif balo renni penggunaanya sebagai simbol gadis yang masih lajang. Motif kalong sebagai simbol keamanan masyarakat Soppeng. Motif barelle sebagai lambang pangan yang menyimbolkan kesuburan. Motif paqulu gayang bermakna, dengan kepala yang dingin kita berupaya berjuang untuk mengumpulkan harta sebanyak-banyaknya dengan cara yang halal. Motif pappolloq gayang melambangkan kebesaran, kedamaian, dan kemudahan rejeki

    Dampak Alih Fungsi Lahan Terhadap Kehidupan Sosial Ekonomi Masyarakat Kecamatan Bungku Timur Kabupaten Morowali

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    This research aims to find out the impact of land conversion on social and economic life, in relation to land ownership, type of work, social relationship, and society's income levels at One Pute Jaya and Bahomoahi villages Bungku Timur district, Morowali regency. This was a qualitative descriptive research. The results showed that (1) Land conversion gives impact on the society's land ownership. (2) Land conversion does not give impact on the society's work types. (3) Land conversion gives significant impact on the social relationship among the society. (4) Land conversion gives impact on the income levels of the society, particularly at Bahomoahi and One Pute jaya villages. In other words, the income of the farmers and fishermen's decline after the land conversion

    Magnetic and nematic orderings in spin-1 antiferromagnets with single-ion anisotropy

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    We study a spin-one Heisenberg model with exchange interaction, J, uniaxial single-ion exchange anisotropy, D, and Zeeman coupling to a magnetic field, B, parallel to the symmetry axis. We com- pute the (D/J,B/J) quantum phase diagram for square and simple cubic lattices by combining an- alytical and Quantum Monte Carlo approaches, and find a transition between XY-antiferromagnetic and ferronematic phases that spontaneously break the U(1) symmetry of the model. In the language of bosonic gases, this is a transition between a Bose-Einstein condensate (BEC) of single bosons and a BEC of pairs. Our work opens up new avenues for measuring this transition in real magnets
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