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    Enhanced reality live role playing

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    Live role-playing is a form of improvisational theatre played for the experience of the performers and without an audience. These games form a challenging application domain for ubiquitous technology. We discuss the design options for enhanced reality live role-playing and the role of technology in live role-playing games

    Mathematical Representation: Playing a Role

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    The primary justification for mathematical structuralism is its capacity to explain two observations about mathematical objects, typically natural numbers. Non-eliminative structuralism attributes these features to the particular ontology of mathematics. I argue that attributing the features to an ontology of structural objects conflicts with claims often made by structuralists to the effect that their structuralist theses are versions of Quine's ontological relativity or Putnam's internal realism. I describe and argue for an alternative explanation for these features which instead explains the attributes them to the mathematical practice of representing numbers using more concrete tokens, such as sets, strokes and so on

    Role-playing in the elementary school

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    Thesis (Ed. M.)--Boston University, 1963. Includes bibliographical references (leaves 73-74

    The Panalba Role Playing Case

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    The Panalba Role Playing Case was designed to get participants to examine their behavior in a situation where their role can lead them to act in a socially irresponsible manner. A description of the case is provided along with instructions to the administrator. Much research has been done on this case, allowing subjects to compare their behavior with that of previous subjects.panalba, role playing, socially responsible behavior

    Predicting The Outcome of Marketing Negotiations: Role-Playing versus Unaided Opinions

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    Role -playing and unaided opinions were used to forecast the outcome of three negotiations. Consistent with prior re search, role-playing yielded more accurate predictions. In two studies on marketing negotiations, the predictions based on role-playing were correct for 53% of the predictions while unaided opinions were correct for only 7% (ppredicting, negotiations, marketing, role-playing, unaided opinion

    Pengaruh Model Role Playing Terhadap Kemampuan Berbalas Pantun Siswa Kelas X SMA Parulian 2 Medan Tahun Pembelajaran 2013/2014

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    Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui pengaruh model pembelajaran role playing terhadap kemampuan siswa berbalas pantun siswa kelas X SMA Parulian 2 Medan tahun pembelajaran 2013/2014. Populasi penelitian ini adalah seluruh siswa kelas X SMA Parulian 2 Medan sebanyak 159 orang. Sampel diambil sebanyak 80 orang, 40 orang untuk kelas eksperimen dan 40 orang untuk kelas kontrol. Penelitian ini adalah penelitian eksperimen. Instrumen yang digunakan adalah unjuk kerja berbalas pantun secara lisan. Hasil pengolahan data diperoleh nilai rata-rata kelas eksperimen adalah 85,63 kategori sangat baik. Identifikasi hasil post test dengan pembelajaran konvensional tersebut dalam kategori cukup. Sedangkan untuk kelas kontrol adalah 63,62. Setelah uji homogenitas kedua sampel hasilnya adalah homogen. Pengujian hipotesis dilakukan dengan menggunakan uji “t”. Dari perhitungan uji hipotesis diperoleh thitung = 4,92, selanjutnya dikonsultasikan dengan ttabel pada taraf signifikansi 5% dengan df = (N1 +N2) - 2 = 78. Pada tabel t dengan df = 78 diperoleh ttabel pada taraf signifikansi 5% = 1,99. Kriteria pengujian menyatakan bahwa Ha diterima karena thitung> ttabel (4,92>1,99), maka model role playing memiliki pengruh terhadap kemampuan siswa berbalas pantun kelas X SMA Parulian 2 Medan tahun pembelajaran 2013/2014