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    Desarrollo de papeles biocativos por injerto de mol茅culas espec铆ficas en celulosa

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    Tesis (DCI)--FCEFN-UNC, 2019En la presente tesis se presenta el desarrollo de papeles bioactivos con potencial aplicaci贸n en el envasado activo de alimentos. Para tal fin, se propuso el injerto de eugenol, un compuesto de origen natural con propiedades antimicrobiana, antioxidante y repelente de insectos, en celulosa, utilizando 谩cido policarbox铆lico como agente ligante. Con el objetivo de evaluar la escalabilidad del proceso propuesto, se estudiaron distintas tecnolog铆as de curado, tales como calentamiento por convecci贸n, infrarrojo, microondas y conducci贸n. En todos los casos, se analizaron la influencia de las variables operativas sobre el avance de la reacci贸n y propiedades finales del papel preparado, utilizando un dise帽o de experimentos Doehlert para elegir las experiencias a realizar, y analizando los resultados mediante metodolog铆a de superficie de respuesta y an谩lisis estad铆stico ANOVA. Se pudo comprobar que la reacci贸n de injerto de eugenol en papel comercial se produjo con 茅xito en todas las tecnolog铆as estudiadas. Asimismo, se encontraron las condiciones 贸ptimas de reacci贸n para cada una de las tecnolog铆as, para lo cual se busc贸 un compromiso entre el avance de la reacci贸n y las propiedades finales del material (mec谩nicas y color). A partir de estas condiciones, se prepararon papeles y se realiz贸 una caracterizaci贸n m谩s espec铆fica para su aplicaci贸n como envase de alimentos comparando los papeles modificados con el papel virgen. Se analizaron las propiedades mec谩nicas por ensayo de tracci贸n, rasgado y punzonado y se midi贸 la absorci贸n de agua y la capacidad de degradaci贸n. Por otro lado, las propiedades bioactivas analizadas fueron la actividad antioxidante, antimicrobiana, repelente e insecticida de gorgojos (T. castaneum y R. dominica). Una vez probado que el papel modificado presenta buenas caracter铆sticas f铆sicas y bioactivas para su posible aplicaci贸n en el envasado de alimentos, se realizaron prototipos de envasado para harina, como alimento representativo de alimentos derivados de cereales, susceptibles al ataque de plagas. En este estudio se analiz贸 la migraci贸n de reactivos, propiedades organol茅pticas y conservaci贸n del alimento, arrojando resultados promisorios para la industria de envases de alimentos. Finalmente, se realiz贸 una comparaci贸n de las tecnolog铆as de curado ensayadas, analizando diferentes aspectos como avance de reacci贸n, propiedades finales, apariencia, tiempo de reacci贸n, consumo de energ铆a, entre otros, como as铆 tambi茅n disponibilidad y uso de estas tecnolog铆as a escala industrial, seleccionando la tecnolog铆a de conducci贸n como la m谩s adecuada para una propuesta de escalado industrial.Fil: Muratore, Florencia. Universidad Nacional de C贸rdoba. Facultad de Ciencias Exactas, F铆sicas y Naturales; Argentina.Fil: Muratore, Florencia. Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Cient铆ficas y T茅cnicas. Instituto de Investigaci贸n y Desarrollo en Ingenier铆a de Procesos y Qu铆mica Aplicada; Argentina

    Application of lactic acid bacteria for the biopreservation of meat products: A systematic review

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    .The increasing concern of consumers about food quality and safety and their rejection of chemical additives has promoted the breakthrough of the biopreservation field and the development of studies on the use of beneficial bacteria and their metabolites as potential natural antimicrobials for shelf life extension and enhanced food safety. Control of foodborne pathogens in meat and meat products represents a serious challenge for the food industry which can be addressed through the intelligent use of bio-compounds or biopreservatives. This article aims to systematically review the available knowledge about biological strategies based on the use of lactic acid bacteria to control the proliferation of undesirable microorganisms in different meat products. The outcome of the literature search evidenced the potential of several strains of lactic acid bacteria and their purified or semi-purified antimicrobial metabolites as biopreservatives in meat products for achieving longer shelf life or inhibiting spoilage and pathogenic bacteria, especially when combined with other technologies to achieve a synergistic effect.S

    The company she keeps : The social and interpersonal construction of girls same sex friendships

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    This thesis begins a critical analysis of girls' 'private' interpersonal and social relations as they are enacted within two school settings. It is the study of these marginal subordinated worlds productivity of forms of femininity which provides the main narrative of this project. I seek to understand these processes of (best) friendship construction through a feminist multi-disciplinary frame, drawing upon cultural studies, psychoanalysis and accounts of gender politics. I argue that the investments girls bring to their homosocial alliances and boundary drawing narry a psychological compulsion which is complexly connected to their own experiences within the mother/daughter bond as well as reflecting positively an immense social debt to the permissions girls have to be nurturant and ; negatively their own reproduction of oppressive exclusionary practices. Best friendship in particular gives girls therefore, the experience of 'monogamy' continuous of maternal/daughter identification, reminiscent of their positioning inside monopolistic forms of heterosexuality. But these subcultures also represent a subversive discontinuity to the public dominance of boys/teachers/adults in schools and to the ideologies and practices of heterosociality and heterosexuality. By taking seriously their transmission of the values of friendship in their chosen form of notes and diaries for example, I was able to access the means whereby they were able to resist their surveillance and control by those in power over them. I conclude by arguing that it is through a recognition of the valency of these indivisiblly positive and negative aspects to girls cultures that Equal Opportunities practitioners must begin if they are serious about their ambitions. Methods have to be made which enable girls to transfer their 'private' solidarities into the 'public' realm, which unquestionably demands contesting with them the causes and consequences of their implication in the divisions which also contaminate their lives and weaken them

    Metabolic phenotyping of opioid and psychostimulant addiction: A novel approach for biomarker discovery and biochemical understanding of the disorder.

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    Despite the progress in characterising the pharmacological profile of drugs of abuse, their precise biochemical impact remains unclear. The metabolome reflects the multifaceted biochemical processes occurring within a biological system. This includes those encoded in the genome but also those arising from environmental/exogenous exposures and interactions between the two. Using metabolomics, the biochemical derangements associated with substance abuse can be determined as the individual transitions from recreational drug to chronic use (dependence). By understanding the biomolecular perturbations along this time course and how they vary across individuals, metabolomics can elucidate biochemical mechanisms of the addiction cycle (dependence/withdrawal/relapse) and predict prognosis (recovery/relapse). In this review, we summarise human and animal metabolomic studies in the field of opioid and psychostimulant addiction. We highlight the importance of metabolomics as a powerful approach for biomarker discovery and its potential to guide personalised pharmacotherapeutic strategies for addiction targeted towards the individual's metabolome

    Differentiation of 16-O and 18-O by LIBS measurement of Aluminum-Monoxide molecular emissions

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    Arbeit an der Bibliothek noch nicht eingelangt - Daten nicht gepr眉ftAbweichender Titel nach 脺bersetzung der Verfasserin/des VerfassersA possible approach to analyze water absorption in thin-film polymers is to measure the content of oxygen introduced in the form of water. For this purpose, a differentiation between initial oxygen content (e.g. from functional groups in polymers) and oxygen resulting from water absorption by isotopic labeling is necessary. Conventional techniques to analyze water contents require bulk samples or do not allow spatially resolved analysis on thin-films.Laser-Induced-Breakdown-Spectroscopy (LIBS) is a well-suited technique to perform spatially resolved analysis and measurements on molecular emission bands. A pronounced isotopic shift for AlO molecular emission bands in LIBS spectra is reported. So far, AlO bands have only been measured on samples, where aluminum and oxygen already are present in the form of a chemical compound, such as in Al2O3. This work focused on the proof of concept regarding the generation of a laser-induced aluminum plasma (LIP) and external insertion of H218O into the LIP. H218O works as a source of oxygen and allows to introduce oxygen directly into the aluminum plasma. This way, both separated components are brought together and a reaction between aluminum and oxygen is forced, resulting in AlO molecular emission.Thus differentiation of generated Al18O and Al16O bands, resulting from natural abundant 16O, can be realized. Conducted experiments included the generation of an isotopic shift in AlO emission bands and investigation of a possible correlation between introduced amounts of oxygen and signal intensities, thus investigating the possibilities for quantification. Within this work, the adjustment of necessary experiment parameters is shown. The experiments demonstrate the possibility of external H218O introduction direct into the LIP and thus differentiation of Al16O and Al18O emission bands via the isotopic shift. Varying amounts of introduced H218O produces different signal intensities in recorded Al18Obands, allowing the application of a simple calibration method. The discussed method requires optimization and further studies to achieve application for thin-film polymer analysis.9

    The Caribbean Syzygy: a study of the novels of Edgar Mittelholzer and Wilson Harris

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    The problem of racial inheritance - the "search for identity" - is a recurring theme in the criticism of Caribbean literature. It is a pre-occupation with Caribbean writers, affecting both subject matter and literary quality, as FM. Birbalsingh, for example, has shown with reference to the novels of John Hearne and E,R. Braithwaite (Caribbean quarterly Vols. 14, December 1968 and 16, March 1970). This study of the work of Edgar Mittelholzer and Wilson Harris will attempt to show that there are important areas still to be explored relating Caribbean literature to its complex racial and cultural background. Both Mittelholzer and Harris deserve close, critical study in their own right; but a parallel examination reveals similarities and differences which bring into sharper focus wider concerns of Caribbean literature. The two important directions of West Indian writing are more clearly seen: the one, pioneered by Mittelholzer, in which the writer looks outward towards a "parent" culture, and the other looking inward, seeking in its own, complex inheritance the raw material for new and original growth. Mittelholzer and Harris are both Guyanese of mixed racial stock, both deeply concerned with the psychological effects of this mixture, and both writers have a profound awareness of the Guyanese historical and cultural heritage. They also share a deep feeling for the Guyenese landscape which appears in their work as a brooding presence affecting radically -the lives of those who live within i-t. Mittelholzer's attitude to his mixed racial and cultural origins, however, produces in his work a schizophrenic Imbalance while Harris, by accepting racial and cultural complexity as a starting-point, initiates a uniquely creative and experimental art. Mittelholzer, in his approach to history, human character eM landscape, remains a vi "coastal" writer never really concerned (as Harris is) with. the deeper significance of the "Interior" and all that this implies, both in a geographical and psychological sense. The fact that Mittelbolzer's work reflects a psychological imbalance induced by a pre-occupation with racial identity has been demonstrated by Denis Williams in the 1968 Mittelholzer Lectures, and by Joyce Sparer in a series of articles in the Guyana Graphic. Mittelholzer's awareness of this imbalance, however, and his attempt to come to terms with it in his art remain to be examined and documented, as does Harris's attempt to create am "associative" art aimed at healing the breach in the individual consciousness of Caribbean Man. The aim of this study is to demonstrate that Mitteholzer and. Harris, although antithetical in impact and style (each representing an approach to fiction directly opposed to the other) are, in fact, the opposite elements of a dichotomy. Their work illustrates the negative and positive aspects of the racial and cultural schizophrenia of the Caribbean, for both writers in their different ways are preoccupied with (and therefore have embodied in their work) the juxtaposition and, contrasting of apparently irreconcilable emotional and intellectual qualities - the Caribbean Syzygy

    Quantification of single use plastics waste generated in clinical dental practice and hospital settings

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    Objectives To quantify (by number and mass) single use plastic waste generated from the provision of oral healthcare in primary and secondary care clinical dental settings in the UK. Methods An observational study of four dental practices and the clinics of a UK undergraduate dental teaching hospital was conducted. A range of routine common procedures were observed by trained and calibrated observers; these were: Examinations, endodontics, periodontics, direct placement restorations, fixed and removable prosthodontics and oral surgery. The PPE items used before and during the COVID-19 pandemic were also included. Results Routine 鈥榮urgery set up鈥 generic items present a significant proportion of SUP plastic waste as these are used in every instance of patient treatment. An average of twenty-one (n=21) SUP plastic waste items are used for every procedure with a mean mass of 354g per procedure (including set up and clean up). The use of PPE increased from 14 items (pre-COVID -19) to 19 items during the pandemic. SUP items are constructed from a single plastic or from multiple plastics forming compound structures (heteropolymers); with an approximate 50:50 distribution. Conclusions The dental profession, at the point of care, uses a high volume of single use plastic that becomes clinical waste. The use of personal protective equipment (PPE) significantly increased during the COVID 19 pandemic and this accounts for the single greatest contribution of single use plastic, as this is used for every clinical procedure. Clinical Significance Manufacturers, distributors and oral healthcare providers have an opportunity to consider and implement approaches that include effective waste management with reduction, recovery and recycling at its core, towards transforming oral healthcare to a circular plastics economy

    Genome-wide identification of the genetic basis of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

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    Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a complex disease that leads to motor neuron death. Despite heritability estimates of 52%, genome-wide association studies (GWASs) have discovered relatively few loci. We developed a machine learning approach called RefMap, which integrates functional genomics with GWAS summary statistics for gene discovery. With transcriptomic and epigenetic profiling of motor neurons derived from induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs), RefMap identified 690 ALS-associated genes that represent a 5-fold increase in recovered heritability. Extensive conservation, transcriptome, network, and rare variant analyses demonstrated the functional significance of candidate genes in healthy and diseased motor neurons and brain tissues. Genetic convergence between common and rare variation highlighted KANK1 as a new ALS gene. Reproducing KANK1 patient mutations in human neurons led to neurotoxicity and demonstrated that TDP-43 mislocalization, a hallmark pathology of ALS, is downstream of axonal dysfunction. RefMap can be readily applied to other complex diseases

    Gendered spaces in contemporary Irish poetry

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    The thrust of this thesis is summarized by the following questions: How does contemporary Irish poetry migrate from traditional conceptions of identity drawn on by the cultural nationalism of the Irish Literary Revival, and what effects does this have on understanding gendered and national identity formation? Chapters are on the following: Seamus Heaney, Tom Paulin, Paul Muldoon, MedbhMcGuckian, Eavan Boland and Sara Berkeley. These poets are chosen for discussion since their work most effectively engages with the relationship between woman and nation, the representation of gendered national identity, and the importance of feminist and post-colonial theorization. Focusing on poetry worth and South of the border from the last fifteen years, the thesis asks how a younger generation of poets provide a response to nationality which is significantly different from their predecessors. The thesis is composed of three parts: the first understand how the male poets depart from conventional conceptions of the nation with reference to post-colonial theorization; the second explores how feminist theorization informs readings of how the female poets respond to the nation; the final part investigates migration in the poetry and problematizes this in terms of post-nationalism. Discussing the issue of deterritorialization in Irish poetry, the thesis notice how as the poets attempt to take flight from the mythologies of nationhood, they undermine the monoliths of gendered and national identity inscribed within Irish political discourse, which is typified at a representative level by the figure of Mother Ireland or Cathleen Ni Houlihan. Investigating the ways in which gender and nation, and the body and space are reinscribed by the poets, the thesis argues that their poetry challenges authentic conceptions of Irish identity and the nation-state, so as to loosen the legacy of a colonial and nationalist inheritance