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    Angiogenic and antiangiogenic factors in diseases due to helminths

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    [ES]El conocimiento sobre el control de la angiogénesis ha sido un gran avance en la comprensión de la patogénesis de muchas enfermedades en las últimas décadas. Los estudios sobre el papel de los factores angiogénicos y antiangiogénicos en la biología del crecimiento neoplásico, crecimiento del tumor y el desarrollo de las metástasis, son los más abundantes en la literatura. Sin embargo, tanto la generación como la inhibición de nuevos vasos desempeñan un papel importante en otros procesos fisiopatológicos, por ejemplo isquemia, infección e inflamación. La revisión bibliográfica de esta Tesis Doctoral está estructurada en tres secciones: en primer lugar analizamos los conceptos básicos de la angiogénesis y vasculogenesis, así como su papel en las enfermedades neoplásicas y no neoplásicas. En un segundo apartado estudiamos las características de los dos principales factores angiogénicos: VEGF (factor de crecimiento del endotelio vascular) y FGF-2 (factor de crecimiento de fibroblastos). Específicamente se indican las características estructurales de los factores y el mecanismo biológico de acción. Además, describimos factores antiangiogénicos como por ejemplo la endostatina, un potente inhibidor de la proliferación y migración. Por último, analizamos el papel de los factores angiogénicos y antiangiogénicos en la patogénesis de las helmintosis. Al respecto, hemos encontrado escasa información y limitada al estudio de la esquistosomosis, filariosis e infecciones por Taenia solium y Trichinella spp.[EN]Knowledge about the control of angiogenesis has been a breakthrough in understanding the pathogenesis of many diseases in recent decades. Studies on the role of angiogenic and antiangiogenic factors in the biology of neoplastic growth, tumor growth and development of metastases, are most abundant in the literature. However, both the generation and inhibition of new blood vessels play an important role in other pathophysiological processes, such as ischemia, infection and inflammation. The literature review of this thesis is divided into three sections: first we analyze the basic concepts of angiogenesis and vasculogenesis, as well as its role in non-neoplastic and neoplastic diseases. In the second section we study the characteristics of the two major angiogenic factors: VEGF (vascular endothelial growth factor vascular) and FGF-2 (fibroblast growth factor). Specifically identifies the structural characteristics of the factors and the biological mechanism of action. We also describe anti-angiogenic factors such as endostatin, a potent inhibitor of proliferation and migration. Finally, we discuss the role of angiogenic and antiangiogenic factors in the pathogenesis of helminthiasis. In this regard, we found little information and limited to the study of schistosomiasis, filariasis and infection by Taenia solium and Trichinella spp

    Cienfuegos and the poetic projection of «Nicasio»

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    This article proposes a reading of Cienfuegos’ lyric poetry based on the existence of two levels of discourse, public and private, similar to the ones that can be differentiated in his plays and that the author cultivates with different purposes in mind. it is observed that cienfuegos wrote his poetry from a personal distance which nonetheless reflects his own life experience.El artículo propone la lectura de la poesía lírica de Cienfuegos a partir de la existencia de dos niveles en su discurso, público y privado, similares a los que es posible diferenciar en su obra dramática y que el autor cultiva con diferentes propósitos. Se trata de observar cómo cienfuegos escribe su poesía con un distanciamiento personal que, no obstante, refleja su propia experiencia vital

    Visual analytics of paleoceanographic conditions

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    Se presenta un análisis visual interactivo de datos paleoclimáticos que permite la reconstrucción de las condiciones climáticas del pasado.Decade scale oceanic phenomena like El Ni no are correlated with weather anomalies all over the globe. Only by understanding the events that produced the climatic conditions in the past it will be possible to forecast abrupt climate changes and prevent disastrous consequences for human beings and their environment. Paleoceanography research is a collaborative effort that requires the analysis of paleo time-series, obtained from a number of independent techniques and instruments, produced by several researchersand/or laboratories. Analytical reasoning techniques that combine the judgment of paleoceanographers with automated reasoning techniques are needed to gain deep insights about these phenomena. This paper presents an interactive visual analysis environment for paleoceanography that enables the discovery of unexpected relationships and supports the reconstruction of climatic conditions of the past


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    Studying mathematics problem-solving classrooms: a comparison between the discourse of in-service teachers and student teachers

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    Se analiza la interacción que tres profesores en servicio y tres profesores en formación mantienen con sus alumnos cuando resuelven problemas de matemáticas.In the article we compare the approaches of 3 in-service teachers and 3 student teachers when they tried to solve a verbal arithmetic problem in the classroom. Each interaction was studied using a System of Analysis that takes into account the cognitive provesses involved in the solution of a mathematic problem and describes the interaction at different levels showing what is done and to what degree teachers and/or pupils are responsible for what is done. The results of the studysuggest that both groups of teachers are different in how they direct the student's attention toward the essential aspects implied in the resolution of word problem. On the one hand, the in-service teachers guaranteed students' understanding of the problem before dealing with the solution, while students teachers only did so when pupils committed errors. On the other hand, the in-service teachers allowed a high level of student participation, while student teachers took a more prominent role so children's participation was lower

    Do campaigns matter (in new democracies)? Campaign interest, vote choice, and survey satisficing

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    [EN] Based on data from presidential campaigns and original data from gubernatorial campaigns in Mexico, this paper finds that the proportion of respondents who provide consistent answers to the vote intention questions during the same survey interview increases as the campaign unfolds and interest in the campaign grows. These voters are less likely to connect their vote choice with their political predispositions and have a disproportionate likelihood to change their vote choice throughout the campaign. This gives the impression that campaigns are more consequential than they are, when, in fact, vote shifts are a function of voters’ increased motivation to engage in a survey interview

    Full annual monitoring of Subantarctic Emiliania huxleyi populations reveals highly calcified morphotypes in high-CO2 winter conditions

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    Datos de investigación en:[EN]Ocean acidifcation is expected to have detrimental consequences for the most abundant calcifying phytoplankton species Emiliania huxleyi. However, this assumption is mainly based on laboratory manipulations that are unable to reproduce the complexity of natural ecosystems. Here, E. huxleyi coccolith assemblages collected over a year by an autonomous water sampler and sediment traps in the Subantarctic Zone were analysed. The combination of taxonomic and morphometric analyses together with in situ measurements of surface-water properties allowed us to monitor, with unprecedented detail, the seasonal cycle of E. huxleyi at two Subantarctic stations. E. huxleyi subantarctic assemblages were composed of a mixture of, at least, four diferent morphotypes. Heavier morphotypes exhibited their maximum relative abundances during winter, coinciding with peak annual TCO2 and nutrient concentrations, while lighter morphotypes dominated during summer, coinciding with lowest TCO2 and nutrients levels. The similar seasonality observed in both time-series suggests that it may be a circumpolar feature of the Subantarctic zone. Our results challenge the view that ocean acidifcation will necessarily lead to a replacement of heavily-calcifed coccolithophores by lightly-calcifed ones in subpolar ecosystems, and emphasize the need to consider the cumulative efect of multiple stressors on the probable succession of morphotypes.European Union's Horizon 2020, Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual fellowshi

    Fault-Tolerant Temperature Control Algorithm for IoT Networks in Smart Buildings

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    [EN] The monitoring of the Internet of things networks depends to a great extent on the availability and correct functioning of all the network nodes that collect data. This network nodes all of which must correctly satisfy their purpose to ensure the efficiency and high quality of monitoring and control of the internet of things networks. This paper focuses on the problem of fault-tolerant maintenance of a networked environment in the domain of the internet of things. Based on continuous-time Markov chains, together with a cooperative control algorithm, a novel feedback model-based predictive hybrid control algorithm is proposed to improve the maintenance and reliability of the internet of things network. Virtual sensors are substituted for the sensors that the algorithm predicts will not function properly in future time intervals; this allows for maintaining reliable monitoring and control of the internet of things network. In this way, the internet of things network improves its robustness since our fault tolerant control algorithm finds the malfunction nodes that are collecting incorrect data and self-correct this issue replacing malfunctioning sensors with new ones. In addition, the proposed model is capable of optimising sensor positioning. As a result, data collection from the environment can be kept stable. The developed continuous-time control model is applied to guarantee reliable monitoring and control of temperature in a smart supermarket. Finally, the efficiency of the presented approach is verified with the results obtained in the conducted case study

    Compact bilinear pooling via kernelized random projection for fine-grained image categorization on low computational power devices

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    [EN]Bilinear pooling is one of the most popular and effective methods for fine-grained image recognition. However, a major drawback of Bilinear pooling is the dimensionality of the resulting descriptors, which typically consist of several hundred thousand features. Even when generating the descriptor is tractable, its dimension makes any subsequent operations impractical and often results in huge computational and storage costs. We introduce a novel method to efficiently reduce the dimension of bilinear pooling descriptors by performing a Random Projection. Conveniently, this is achieved without ever computing the high-dimensional descriptor explicitly. Our experimental results show that our method outperforms existing compact bilinear pooling algorithms in most cases, while running faster on low computational power devices, where efficient extensions of bilinear pooling are most useful


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