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    Complete asymptotic expansions for eigenvalues of Dirichlet Laplacian in thin three-dimensional rods

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    We consider Dirichlet Laplacian in a thin curved three-dimensional rod. The rod is finite. Its cross-section is constant and small, and rotates along the reference curve in an arbitrary way. We find a two-parametric set of the eigenvalues of such operator and construct their complete asymptotic expansions. We show that this two-parametric set contains any prescribed number of the first eigenvalues of the considered operator. We obtain the complete asymptotic expansions for the eigenfunctions associated with these first eigenvalues

    The shadow of light: further experimental evidences

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    We report the results of a double-slit-like experiment in the infrared range, which confirm those of a previous one by evidencing an anomalous behaviour of photon systems under particular (energy and space) constraints. These outcomes (independently confirmed by crossing photon beam experiments in both the optical and the microwave range) apparently rule out the Copenhagen interpretation of the quantum wave, i.e. the probability wave, by admitting an interpretation in terms of the Einstein-de Broglie-Bohm hollow wave for photons. Moreover, this second experiment further supports the interpretation of the hollow wave as a deformation of the Minkowski space-time geometry

    Observational constraints on dark energy with generalized equations of state

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    We investigate the effects of viscosity terms depending on the Hubble parameter and its derivatives in the dark energy equation of state. Such terms are possible if dark energy is a fictitious fluid originating from corrections to the Einstein general relativity as is the case for some braneworld inspired models or fourth order gravity. We consider two classes of models whose singularities in the early and late time universe have been studied by testing the models against the dimensionless coordinate distance to Type Ia Supernovae and radio-galaxies also including priors on the shift and the acoustic peak parameters. It turns out that both models are able to explain the observed cosmic speed up without the need of phantom (w < -1) dark energy.Comment: 16 pages, 4 figure

    Influence Of Fusariosis In The Biochemical And Rheological Properties Of Different Wheat Cultivars

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    Fusarium spp. infection of cereal grain is a common problem, which can result in a decline of grain quality. The objective in this study was to understand the correlation between different degrees of infestation and the quantitative-qualitative changes in flour. The effects of different grades of infection of Fusarium were evaluated on: thousand kernel weight, wet gluten (WG), protein content, Zeleny sedimentation (ZS) and Falling Number (FN). Some of the most important rheological tests used in the industry were conducted on wheat flour of all varieties: Mixolab and GlutoPeak Test. The disease index average was 14.07 % varying from 4.07 % to 34.3% .The crude protein content was not significantly affected by the Fusarium spp. infection; on the contrary, FN, ZS and WG showed distinctively decreased values in all the infected cultivars
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