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    Discovery of a Kiloparsec Scale X-ray/Radio Jet in the z=4.72 Quasar GB 1428+4217

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    We report the discovery of a one-sided 3.6" (24 kpc, projected) long jet in the high-redshift, z=4.72, quasar GB 1428+4217 in new Chandra X-ray and VLA radio observations. This is the highest redshift kiloparsec-scale X-ray/radio jet known. Analysis of archival VLBI 2.3 and 8.6 GHz data reveal a faint one-sided jet extending out to ~200 parsecs and aligned to within ~30 deg of the Chandra/VLA emission. The 3.6" distant knot is not detected in an archival HST image, and its broad-band spectral energy distribution is consistent with an origin from inverse Compton scattering of cosmic microwave background photons for the X-rays. Assuming also equipartition between the radiating particles and magnetic field, the implied jet Lorentz factor is ~5. This is similar to the other two known z ~ 4 kpc-scale X-ray jet cases and smaller than typically inferred in lower-redshift cases. Although there are still but a few such very high-redshift quasar X-ray jets known, for an inverse Compton origin, the present data suggest that they are less relativistic on large-scales than their lower-redshift counterparts.Comment: ApJL, accepted, 5 pages, 3 figure

    Muon-proton Colliders: Leptoquarks, Contact Interactions and Extra Dimensions

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    We discuss the physics potential of the ╬╝p\mu p collider; especially, leptoquarks, leptogluons, R-parity violating squarks, contact interactions, and large extra dimensions. We calculate the sensitivity reach for these new physics at ╬╝p\mu p colliders of various energies and luminosities.Comment: 8 pages. Talk at the MuMu99, San Francisco C
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