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    Explainable machine learning in medicine

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    How language of interaction affects the user perception of a robot

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    Spoken language is the most natural way for a human to communicate with a robot. It may seem intuitive that a robot should communicate with users in their native language. However, it is not clear if a user’s perception of a robot is affected by the language of interaction. We investigated this question by conducting a study with twenty-three native Czech participants who were also fluent in English. The participants were tasked with instructing the Pepper robot on where to place objects on a shelf. The robot was controlled remotely using the Wizard-of-Oz technique. We collected data through questionnaires, video recordings, and a post-experiment feedback session. The results of our experiment show that people perceive an English-speaking robot as more intelligent than a Czech-speaking robot (z = 18.00, p-value = 0.02). This finding highlights the influence of language on human-robot interaction. Furthermore, we discuss the feedback obtained from the participants via the post-experiment sessions and its implications for HRI design

    Differential cross-section measurements of the production of four charged leptons in association with two jets using the ATLAS detector

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    Differential cross-sections are measured for the production of four charged leptons in association with two jets. These measurements are sensitive to final states in which the jets are produced via the strong interaction as well as to the purely-electroweak vector boson scattering process. The analysis is performed using proton-proton collision data collected by ATLAS at s\sqrt{s} = 13 TeV and with an integrated luminosity of 140 fb1^{−1}. The data are corrected for the effects of detector inefficiency and resolution and are compared to state-of-the-art Monte Carlo event generator predictions. The differential cross-sections are used to search for anomalous weak-boson self-interactions that are induced by dimension-six and dimension-eight operators in Standard Model effective field theory


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