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    Phasefield theory for fractional diffusion-reaction equations and applications

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    This paper is concerned with diffusion-reaction equations where the classical diffusion term, such as the Laplacian operator, is replaced with a singular integral term, such as the fractional Laplacian operator. As far as the reaction term is concerned, we consider bistable non-linearities. After properly rescaling (in time and space) these integro-differential evolution equations, we show that the limits of their solutions as the scaling parameter goes to zero exhibit interfaces moving by anisotropic mean curvature. The singularity and the unbounded support of the potential at stake are both the novelty and the challenging difficulty of this work.Comment: 41 page

    The Relationship of Economic Theory to Experiments

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    Multiaccess Channels with State Known to One Encoder: Another Case of Degraded Message Sets

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    We consider a two-user state-dependent multiaccess channel in which only one of the encoders is informed, non-causally, of the channel states. Two independent messages are transmitted: a common message transmitted by both the informed and uninformed encoders, and an individual message transmitted by only the uninformed encoder. We derive inner and outer bounds on the capacity region of this model in the discrete memoryless case as well as the Gaussian case. Further, we show that the bounds for the Gaussian case are tight in some special cases.Comment: 5 pages, Proc. of IEEE International Symposium on Information theory, ISIT 2009, Seoul, Kore
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