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    The Hot Springs of Central Northern Algeria Hydro Geochemical and Therapeutic Aspects: Direct Applications and Therapeutic Value

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    This Science article summarizes the preliminary work carried out by the Renewable Energy Development Centre under the National Research Project in the Central North of Algeria from 2013 to 2016 to explore for geothermal resources and hydrogeology and hydrogeochemical and therapeutic aspects. The geology is very complex in this region and it determines the thermal water reservoirs. The value and importance of the thermal springs in Algeria is very significant. This study will be addressed by means of conventional chemical analyzes of the main hot springs major elements in the north central region of Algeria. Hydrogeochemical prospecting was carried out in detail is briefly exposed and the main results are described in particular regarding the hot springs of the Centre North of Algeria. The existing geothermal potential in Algeria is operated primarily for the balneotherapy and some applications for aquaculture. In this study, we will apply the hydrogeochemical techniques to the hot springs of the Centre North of Algeria. To promote this energy source which will certainly have a socio-economic interest, it is important to know the geothermal gradient in this region and the hydrogeological and physico¬†- chemical characteristics of the main hot springs particularly temperature, flow rate and the elements major chemical. The thermal springs of north central Algeria belong to the Tellian domain, characterized by a complex geological structure and active tectonics. The thermal spring of Hammam Bouira is strongly mineralized, it presents a sodium chloride chemical facies. These facies are generally linked to Triassic evaporites. The thermal waters of the study area are characterized by a hyper mineralized facies (4 to 20 mS/cm at 25¬į C), sodium chloride type source Hammam Melouane and source Hammam Bouira. The mineralization of these thermal springs is acquired from contact with the evaporite formations of the Triassic, mainly by the dissolution of halite and gypsum. Known for its geological, structural and tectonic complexity, the northwestern region of Algeria has very important thermal manifestations. The presence of thermal springs in this region are linked to the existence of faults. Ten sources of spas were analyzed in the laboratory of the National Tourist Company in 1984. The chemical analysis of the major element concentrations (Ca2 +, Mg2 +, Na +, K +, Cl-, SO4 2-, HCO3 - and NO3 -) and the physico-chemical variables (temperature, electrical conductivity, dry residue and pH). The physico-chemical composition of warm waters in this region shows a very varied chemical facies due to the complexity of geology. The geothermal applications are very diverse: - The balneology, aquaculture, heating greenhouses, air conditioning habitat and production of electricity. The use of geothermal energy helps to preserve natural resources while reducing CO2 emissions related to energy production and to cure certain diseases. Direct use of geothermal energy in agriculture, spas and domestic heating is possible

    The emergence and development of the German dual vocational system: Between crises and praises

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    In this article we give an overview of the emergence and development of the German dual vocational training system. We show how it developed from training young people in the guilds in the Middle Ages towards a corporatist system including several actors and learning locations. Due to its flexibility and corporative character, the German vocational training system has managed to emerge strengthened from several social changes that threatened its existence. It is currently regarded as key for Germans economic success and social integration of approximately half of Germany’s school leavers in preparing them for the world of work

    Marvellous real in the Middle East: a comparative study of magical realism in contemporary women’s fiction

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    Magical realism has been studied extensively in relation to Latin America and subsequently in other parts of the world, yet the Middle East has not received adequate attention in academic scholarship. This PhD study examines a selection of contemporary female-authored narratives from the Middle East to establish an understanding of the practice of magical realism in this region. The selected texts for this study are: Raja Alem’s Fatma and My Thousand and One Nights; Shahrnush Parsipur’s Women Without Men and Touba and the Meaning of Night; Elif Shafak’s The Bastard of Istanbul and Gina B. Nahai’s Moonlight on the Avenue of Faith. This study firstly explores the concept of magical realism as a mode of writing and determines its relationship to the Middle Eastern context. It then evaluates the texts under scrutiny by examining how the narrative of magical realism is constructed and what the sources are of the magical component in these texts, specifically in relation to Middle Eastern mythology. It also investigates the ideological aspect behind the employment of magical realism and whether it serves any political goal. The analysis of the selected texts is approached from three standpoints, that is, from literary, mythological and ideological perspectives. I argue that magical realism serves various purposes and that it is applied from perspectives that can be regarded as marginal to their communities’ dominant values, to subvert mainstream ideology. I also demonstrate that the Middle East is a crucial place to investigate magical realism because of the numerous complex cultural values that interact with each other in this region, and which enrich the practice of magical realism


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    Physical-activity oriented community fundraising has experienced an exponential growth in popularity over the past 15 years. The aim of this study was to explore the value of effortful fundraising experiences, from the point of view of participants, and explore the impact that these experiences have on people’s lives. This study used an IPA approach to interview 23 individuals, recognising the role of participants as proxy (nonprofessional) fundraisers for charitable organisations, and the unique organisation donor dynamic that this creates. It also bought together relevant psychological theory related to physical activity fundraising experiences (through a narrative literature review) and used primary interview data to substantiate these. Effortful fundraising experiences are examined in detail to understand their significance to participants, and how such experiences influence their connection with a charity or cause. This was done with an idiographic focus at first, before examining convergences and divergences across the sample. This study found that effortful fundraising experiences can have a profound positive impact upon community fundraisers in both the short and the long term. Additionally, it found that these experiences can be opportunities for charitable organisations to create lasting meaningful relationships with participants, and foster mutually beneficial lifetime relationships with them. Further research is needed to test specific psychological theory in this context, including self-esteem theory, self determination theory, and the martyrdom effect (among others)


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    Abstrak Di era pandemi covid-19 pada saat ini, tidak hanya guru yang berperan dalam pembelajaran siswa di sekolah, peran orang tua sangat diperlukan dalam pembelajaran anak dirumah. Karena pembelajaran disekolah tidak seperti biasanya dan dengan waktu yang terbatas, maka sisanya siswa harus belajar di rumah. Dalam hal ini dibahas lebih mendalam mengenai peran guru dan orang tua dalam membimbing dan mendampingi anak dalam proses pembelajaran baik di sekolah ataupun dirumah. Dalam pembahasan ini ditemukan tugas dan tanggung jawab guru dan orang tua serta wujud kerja sama antara guru dan orang tua dalam membuat karya imajinatif 3 dimensi dari plastisin, dimana merupakan satu hal yang sangat penting, dalam memantau perkembangan siswa belajar dirumah. Guru dan orang tua memiliki tugas dan tanggung jawab masing-masing dalam mendampingi siswa belajar. Selain mengajar guru menjadi fasilitator dan pembimbing bagi siswa terhadap kepribadiannya disekolah. Orang tua bertugas dan bertanggung jawab menjadi pendamping saat siswa belajar dirumah. Secara daring atau pun luring, guru dan orang tua tetap melalukan pemantauan terhadap proses pembelajaran. Komunikasi antara guru dengan orang tua terjalin dengan baik meski melalui whatsapp grup.   Kata Kunci: Peran, Guru, Orang tua, Pembelajaran.   Abstract In the current era of the covid-19 pandemic, not only teachers play a role in student learning at school, the role of parents is very much needed in children's learning at home. Because learning at school is not as usual and with limited time, the rest of the students have to study at home. In this case, it is discussed in more depth about the role of teachers and parents in guiding and assisting children in the learning process either at school or at home. In this discussion, it was found the duties and responsibilities of teachers and parents as well as the form of cooperation between teachers and parents in making imaginative 3-dimensional works from plasticine, which is a very important thing, in monitoring the progress of students studying at home. Teachers and parents have their respective duties and responsibilities in assisting students in learning. In addition to teaching, teachers become facilitators and guides for students regarding their personality at school. Parents have the duty and responsibility to be a companion when students study at home. Online or offline, teachers and parents continue to monitor the learning process. Communication between teachers and parents is well established even through whatsapp groups.   Keywords: Roles, Teachers, Parents, Learning

    An√°lisis de posicionamiento de mermeladas org√°nicas El Chan√° en la ciudad de Managua en el a√Īo 2021

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    El objetivo de √©sta tesis con la tem√°tica ‚ÄúAn√°lisis de Posicionamiento de Mermeladas Org√°nicas El Chan√° en la cuidad de Managua en el a√Īo 2021‚ÄĚ, es crear estrategias de reposicionamiento de marca, radica en que el posicionamiento se refiere a c√≥mo se percibe un producto y c√≥mo se definen estrategias para ser atractiva y atrayente al p√ļblico, de modo que como empresa podamos provocar inter√©s entre los consumidores, se posesione en su mente, genere desarrollo de la marca y facilite as√≠ ventas del producto. Los objetivos espec√≠ficos planteados versan sobre aspectos como, desarrollar an√°lisis cualitativo por medio de la matriz FODA, Ciclo de vida del producto y m√©todo Ansoff, conocer la posici√≥n competitiva de mercado de las mermeladas El Chan√°, y modelo de competitividad implementando el modelo de Michael Porter, identificar el comportamiento y la percepci√≥n de los consumidores a trav√©s de Declaraci√≥n de posicionamiento y Mapa de posicionamiento y formular nuevas estrategias de posicionamiento para lograr una mejor percepci√≥n, aplicando el Mix de marketing. La estrategia metodol√≥gica aplicada seg√ļn el tipo de investigaci√≥n y alcance es descriptiva, con enfoque cuanti-cualitativa, se determin√≥ un universo de personas que participan en ferias donde comercializan las mermeladas, la muestra fue representativa, mediante el muestreo por conveniencia o no probabil√≠stica y dos tipos de fuentes de recolecci√≥n de informaci√≥n, las primarias y las secundarias, y consisti√≥ en aplicar entrevistas semiestructuradas al propietario de la Empresa Mermeladas y Conservas EL Chan√° y a un funcionario del MECCA y, las encuestas con participaci√≥n de manera voluntaria elaboradas como cuestionario estructurado dirigido a los consumidores. Y finalmente las conclusiones y recomendaciones derivado de las premisas evaluadas, tales como el an√°lisis cualitativo, an√°lisis competitivo, y comportamiento y percepci√≥n de los Consumidores; permiti√≥ ubicar la marca en el contexto real e identificar las estrategias a seguir al combinar factores, por medio del cual la empresa aumentara sus ventas, la participaci√≥n de mercado y fortalecer el posicionamiento de la marca. Palabras claves: Posicionamiento, Marca, Producto, Estrategia, competencia, Percepci√≥n

    The interpretation of Islam and nationalism by the elite through the English language media in Pakistan.

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    The media is constructed and interpreted through what people 'know'. That knowledge is, forthe most part, created through day to day experiences. In Pakistan, Islam and nationalism aretwo components of this social knowledge which are intrinsically tied to the experiences of thePakistani people. Censorship and selection are means through which this knowledge isarticulated and interpreted.General conceptions of partially shared large scale bodies of knowledge and ideas reinforce,and are reinforced by, general medium of mass communication: the print and electronic media.Focusing on the govermnent, media institutions and Pakistani elites, I describe and analyse thedifferent, sometimes conflicting, interpretations of Islam and Pakistani nationalism manifest inand through media productions presented in Pakistan.The media means many things, not least of which is power. It is the media as a source ofpower that is so frequently controlled, directed and manipulated. The terminology may beslightly different according to the context within which one is talking - propaganda, selection,etc. - but ultimately it comes down to the same thing - censorship. Each of the three groups:government, media institutions and Pakistani elites - have the power to interpret and censormedia content and consideration must be taken of each of the other power holders consequentlyrestricting the power of each group in relation to the other two. The processes of thismanipulation and their consequences form the major themes of this thesis

    Al-Islam Learning Development on Local Wisdom based: Efforts to Strengthen the Concept of Indonesian Students Religious Moderation

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    Studies about the integration value of students‚Äô religious moderation have been conducted by many scholars, in fact, there are still limited studies on the relationship between them in the aspect of local wisdom. To fill the gap, this study aims to describe the value of Buginess local wisdom called Mattulu Tellue which can be found in the religious moderation material in Al-Islam learning in the Muhammadiyah University Bone, Indonesia to improve tolerance among students.  This study deploys a qualitative method. This study found that lecturers of Al-Islam learning apply the local wisdom in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of learning to strengthen the value of religious moderation education based on Bugis local wisdom in al-Islam learning. Al-Islam learning with the theme of religious moderation based on the values of Bugis Bone Mattulu Tellue local wisdom has positive impacts on students which can contribute to society, especially in areas that are still full of culture and local wisdom in understanding the value of tolerance in the moderation frame. religious. Therefore, this study gives implications to contribute empirically, contextually, and policy
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