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    Perfil clínico-funcional e qualidade de vida de pacientes neurológicos inseridos em um programa de reabilitação: Clinical-functional profile and quality of life of neurological patients included in a rehabilitation program

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    Introduction: Neurological pathologies are diseases of the central and/or peripheral nervous system that include disorders of the brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves and neuromuscular junction. in turn, they can significantly limit their functional performance and independence, negatively impacting personal, family, social relationships and, above all, quality of life (QOL). Objective: To analyze the clinical-functional profile and quality of life of neurological patients included in a multidisciplinary rehabilitation program at a Rehabilitation Outpatient Clinic linked to a University Hospital. Materials and methods: This is a prospective, cross-sectional and quantitative study carried out between November 2022 and July 2023, with 10 patients inserted in a rehabilitation program, of both sexes, older, with neurological disorders, in which they were evaluated muscle tone, muscle strength, balance, gait, quality of life and functionality at the beginning and after 3 months. Results: The sample was made up of male individuals, with an average age of 48 years, with the most frequent diagnosis of stroke associated with comorbidities, such as hypertension, diabetes and dyslipidemia. During the study, patients developed changes in tone, an increase in the degree of disability and poor QoL, however, a significant evolution was observed in functionality (p=0.011) and in self-assessment of quality of life (p=0.011) Final considerations: After analyzing the results, it was concluded that the rehabilitation program promoted improvements in functional capacity and self-perception of QoL.Introducci√≥n: Las patolog√≠as neurol√≥gicas son enfermedades del sistema nervioso central y/o perif√©rico que incluyen trastornos del cerebro, m√©dula espinal, nervios perif√©ricos y uni√≥n neuromuscular. a su vez, pueden limitar significativamente su desempe√Īo funcional e independencia, impactando negativamente en las relaciones personales, familiares y sociales y, sobre todo, en la calidad de vida (CV). Objetivo: Analizar el perfil cl√≠nico-funcional y la CV de pacientes neurol√≥gicos incluidos en un programa de rehabilitaci√≥n multidisciplinario en un Ambulatorio de Rehabilitaci√≥n vinculado a un Hospital Universitario. Materiales y m√©todos: Se trata de un estudio prospectivo, transversal y cuantitativo realizado entre noviembre de 2022 y julio de 2023, con 10 pacientes insertados en un programa de rehabilitaci√≥n, de ambos sexos, mayores, con trastornos neurol√≥gicos, en los que se evalu√≥ el tono muscular, fuerza, equilibrio, marcha, CV y funcionalidad al inicio y despu√©s de 3 meses. Resultados: La muestra estuvo compuesta por individuos del sexo masculino, con una edad promedio de 48 a√Īos, con el diagn√≥stico m√°s frecuente de ictus asociado a comorbilidades, como hipertensi√≥n, diabetes y dislipidemia. Durante el estudio, los pacientes desarrollaron cambios en el tono, aumento en el grado de discapacidad y mala calidad de vida, sin embargo, se observ√≥ una evoluci√≥n significativa en la funcionalidad (p=0,011) y en la autoevaluaci√≥n de la CV (p=0,011). Consideraciones finales: Luego del an√°lisis de los resultados, se concluy√≥ que el programa de rehabilitaci√≥n promovi√≥ mejoras en la capacidad funcional y la autopercepci√≥n de la CV.Introdu√ß√£o: As afec√ß√Ķes neurol√≥gicas s√£o doen√ßas do sistema nervoso central e/ou perif√©rico que podem limitar de modo significativo o desempenho funcional e independ√™ncia do indiv√≠duo, impactando negativamente nas rela√ß√Ķes pessoais, familiares, sociais e, sobretudo, na qualidade de vida (QV). Objetivo: Analisar o perfil cl√≠nico-funcional e a QV dos pacientes neurol√≥gicos inseridos em um programa multiprofissional de reabilita√ß√£o de um ambulat√≥rio ligado a um Hospital Universit√°rio. Materiais e m√©todos: Trata-se de um estudo prospectivo, transversal e quantitativo realizado entre dezembro de 2022 a agosto de 2023, com 10 pacientes inseridos em um programa de reabilita√ß√£o, de ambos os sexos, maiores de idade, com afec√ß√Ķes neurol√≥gicas, na qual foram avaliadas t√īnus muscular, for√ßa muscular, equil√≠brio, marcha, QV e a funcionalidade no in√≠cio e ap√≥s 3 meses. Resultados: A amostra foi composta por pacientes do sexo masculino, com idade m√©dia de 48 anos, com diagn√≥stico mais frequente de AVC associado a comorbidades, como hipertens√£o, diabetes e dislipidemia. Os pacientes evolu√≠ram com discreto aumento do t√īnus, redu√ß√£o da incapacidade e manuten√ß√£o do grau de QV geral, por√©m todos sem signific√Ęncia estat√≠stica. Em contrapartida, houve aumento significativo da funcionalidade (p=0,011) e da pontua√ß√£o do dom√≠nio de autoavalia√ß√£o da QV (p=0,011). Conclus√£o: O programa de reabilita√ß√£o promoveu melhora da capacidade funcional e autopercep√ß√£o da QV

    Research on texture image feature extraction method

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    In this paper, we give several classical feature extraction methods, including grayscale co-generation matrix, Gabor and wavelet transform features, and local binary pattern series features. We introduce the basic principles of these feature extraction algorithms and some derivative methods respectively. Finally, we analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the existing feature extraction methods: grayscale covariance matrix can analyze the arrangement rules of image texture and extract local spatial features of the image, filtering methods and local feature extraction methods are widely used, but the extracted features do not provide a good description of the image structure; and the multi-feature fusion operation brings huge computational effort. Therefore, the future developable directions are proposed based on the existing problems and difficulties in processing texture images

    In Silico Analysis of Ferroptosis-Related Genes and Its Implication in Drug Prediction against Fluorosis

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    Fluorosis is a serious global public health problem. Interestingly, so far, there is no specific drug treatment for the treatment of fluorosis. In this paper, the potential mechanisms of 35 ferroptosis-related genes in U87 glial cells exposed to fluoride were explored by bioinformatics methods. Significantly, these genes are involved in oxidative stress, ferroptosis, and decanoate CoA ligase activity. Ten pivotal genes were found by the Maximal Clique Centrality (MCC) algorithm. Furthermore, according to the Connectivity Map (CMap) and the Comparative Toxicogenomics Database (CTD), 10 possible drugs for fluorosis were predicted and screened, and a drug target ferroptosis-related gene network was constructed. Molecular docking was used to study the interaction between small molecule compounds and target proteins. Molecular dynamics (MD) simulation results show that the structure of the Celestrol‚ÄďHMOX1 composite is stable and the docking effect is the best. In general, Celastrol and LDN-193189 may target ferroptosis-related genes to alleviate the symptoms of fluorosis, which may be effective candidate drugs for the treatment of fluorosis

    Policy insights on Sustainable Land Management (SLM) efforts in Ethiopia

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    Policy Implications (Support the proper sectoral integration of SLM efforts by mainstreaming SLM strategies into national and subnational strategies, plans, and programs; Stimulate public/private funding for SLM interventions and their sustainability, generating multiple environmental and development benefits; Encourage the design and implementation of studies to assess SLM interventions’ cost-effectiveness, social benefits, and trade-offs; Encourage the design and implementation of socioeconomic and livelihood impact studies to understand social acceptance and direct/indirect benefits; and Strengthen the development and funding for long-term SLM evidence generation and data collection system)

    Experiences of LGBTQ-identifying students, interns, and practitioners of dietetics

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    Individuals who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and/or queer (LGBTQ) currently comprise over five percent of the population in America. It is unknown how many dietetics students, interns, or practitioners identify as LGBTQ as these data are not collected by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics nor its ‚Äúsister‚ÄĚ organizations. Research suggests that LGBTQ-identifying folx, experience higher rates of anxiety, depression, stigmatization, discrimination and isolation and many have unmet healthcare needs. This holds for LGBTQ-identified individuals studying and practicing in healthcare professions but to date there have been no studies of the dietetics profession.¬† To explore the experiences of LGBTQ-identifying dietetics students, interns and practitioners we conducted a mixed-methods study grounded in Feminist Standpoint theory. National convenience and snowball sampling strategies generated n=131 students, interns and professionals of ACEND-accredited programs for our survey and n=10 for our semi-structured interviews. Qualitative analyses identified themes of overt and covert ‚Äúunderminers‚ÄĚ of success including heteronormative assumptions/talk, misgendering, microaggressions, self-editing and closeting, and identified a lack of adequate LGBTQ-related healthcare content in academics/training. Supporters of success included people/groups with supportive characteristics, therapists/mental health professionals, and passion for the field.¬† Survey data indicated significant differences between heterosexual and non-heterosexual respondents to a number of questions including homosexuality in society, awareness of LGBTQ community experiences, importance of academic content/training on nutrition assessment/care of LGBTQ-identified folx and responsibility for advocacy for LGBTQ-identifying patients/clients. Our results indicate need for better data collection, improved coursework/training on inclusion and greater content on nutrition/healthcare needs for LGBTQ-identifying patients and clients.Published versio

    Amazonian Vision: Representations of Women Artists in Victorian Fiction

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    Title from PDF of title page, viewed June 14, 2023Dissertation advisors: Jennifer Phegley and Linda MitchellVitaIncludes bibliographical references (pages 320-337)Dissertation (Ph.D.)--Department of English Language and Literature. Department of History. University of Missouri--Kansas City, 2023This dissertation examines representations of women artists‚ÄĒwriters, musicians, painters, and photographers‚ÄĒin nineteenth-century British novels and poetry written by Charlotte Bront√ę, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, George Eliot, Anne Bront√ę, Dinah Craik, Charlotte Yonge, and Amy Levy. It analyzes how their heroines wield literal and metaphorical vision to navigate the male gaze and male surveillance of the Victorian art world. These authors utilize the symbiotic relationship between vision and art to contest binary societal definitions that insisted men were creative and women imitative. This study is arranged by forms of vision adopted by the characters addressed in each chapter. Chapter one examines how the heroines of Charlotte Bront√ę‚Äôs Jane Eyre and Elizabeth Barrett Browning‚Äôs Aurora Leigh exercise ‚Äúspiritual vision,‚ÄĚ which facilitates Miltonic artistic agency as they author autobiographies following the blinding of their (male) romantic counterparts. Chapter two examines George Eliot‚Äôs use of contrasting characters in Middlemarch and Daniel Deronda to show how Eliot‚Äôs women must step outside of the frame as art objects and wield ‚Äúmoral vision‚ÄĚ to realize her vision of the artist as an instrument of human sympathy. Chapter three examines the ‚ÄúAmazonian vision‚ÄĚ adopted by women painters in Anne Bront√ę‚Äôs The Tenant of Wildfell Hall, Dinah Craik‚Äôs Olive, and Charlotte Yonge‚Äôs The Pillars of the House; they forge entry into the historically male-dominated visual art world and achieve financial self-sufficiency by selling their work. Finally, chapter four examines how adopting ‚Äúmetropolitan vision‚ÄĚ empowers the speaker of Amy Levy‚Äôs ‚ÄúA London Plane-Tree‚ÄĚ poems and the Lorimer sisters in her novel The Romance of a Shop, respectively, as a poet and as professional photographers. This work utilizes an interdisciplinary approach to synthesize discussion of the novels with historical sources‚ÄĒprimarily art histories, biographies, the authors‚Äô diaries and letters, and nineteenth-century periodical press articles. It finds that, in consideration of historical circumstances, the women authors under discussion exercised progressive vision of their own. This vision was surprisingly radical in its early manifestations but often reliant on spiritualization and abstraction; over time, in fiction as in history, women artists‚Äô presence in the art world gained immediacy and strength.Spiritual vision: the miltonic artist in Jane Eyre and Aurora Leigh -- Moral vision: sympathy, vanity, and art in Middlemarch and Daniel Deronda -- Amazonian vision: painterly success in The tenant of Wildfell Hall, Olive, and The pillars of the house -- Metropolitan vision: London-inspired art in Amy Levy's "A London plane-tree" poems and The romance of a sho

    Evaluación del Sistema de Drenaje sobre el Pavimento del Jiron Los Sauces Urbanización el Ingenio-Cajamarca-2022

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    El presente trabajo de investigaci√≥n plantea como objetivo general " Evaluar el sistema de drenaje superficial del jir√≥n Los Sauces de la Urbanizaci√≥n el Ingenio - Cajamarca, dicho jir√≥n es una v√≠a colectora que est√° constituido de pavimento r√≠gido con anchos de calzada que oscila entre 6.60 a 6.90 m, cumpliendo as√≠ con los anchos m√≠nimos de calzada de la norma GH ‚Äď 020 del Reglamento Nacional de Edificaciones. Para analizar el dise√Īo de los diferentes elementos que forman parte del sistema de drenaje superficial, se realiz√≥ una evaluaci√≥n hidrol√≥gica e hidr√°ulica, que permita verificar y determinar, las dimensiones de las estructuras las cuales garanticen un eficiente desalojo de las aguas pluviales. Para dicho an√°lisis se solicit√≥ la informaci√≥n de las precipitaciones m√°ximas en 24 horas del periodo 1968 - 2021 al Senamhi - Cajamarca de la estaci√≥n meteorol√≥gica Augusto Weberbauer, adem√°s se hizo el levantamiento topogr√°fico del √°rea en estudio y los c√°lculos tienen sustento en las metodolog√≠as de Manning y el M√©todo Racional. Para realizar el modelamiento hidrodin√°mico se utiliz√≥ el software SWMM, asimismo para dise√Īar las estructuras se utiliz√≥ herramientas computacionales tales como son: AutoCad Civil 3D, Hidroesta y H canales. Luego de procesar los datos y evaluar los resultados, se determin√≥ que de las 6 cuadras del Jr. Los Sauces, 4 de ellas (1,3,4 y 5) tienen un drenaje superficial deficiente, la cuadra 1, comprendida entre la v√≠a de evitamiento norte y Jr. Prolongaci√≥n Los Pinos solo transporta un 25.6% del volumen de escorrent√≠a generado; la cuadra 3, comprendida entre Jr. Los Olivos y Jr. Los Fresnos, transporta un 85.97% del volumen de escorrent√≠a generado; la cuadra 4, comprendida entre Jr. Los Fresnos y Jr. Los Naranjos, transporta un 92.69% del volumen de escorrent√≠a generado y por √ļltimo la cuadra 5, comprendida entre Jr. Los Naranjos y Prolongaci√≥n Tayabamba transporta un 73.75% del volumen de escorrent√≠a generado. Por otro lado, se evidenci√≥ que las competencias de operaci√≥n y mantenimiento no se llevan a cabo de forma peri√≥dica en el Jr. Los Sauces de la Urbanizaci√≥n El Ingenio - Cajamarca

    Neutrophil diversity in inflammation and cancer

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    Neutrophils are the most abundant circulating leukocytes in humans and the first immune cells recruited at the site of inflammation. Classically perceived as short-lived effector cells with limited plasticity and diversity, neutrophils are now recognized as highly heterogenous immune cells, which can adapt to various environmental cues. In addition to playing a central role in the host defence, neutrophils are involved in pathological contexts such as inflammatory diseases and cancer. The prevalence of neutrophils in these conditions is usually associated with detrimental inflammatory responses and poor clinical outcomes. However, a beneficial role for neutrophils is emerging in several pathological contexts, including in cancer. Here we will review the current knowledge of neutrophil biology and heterogeneity in steady state and during inflammation, with a focus on the opposing roles of neutrophils in different pathological contexts

    The cross-boundary of land degradation in Mongolia and China and achieving its neutrality - challenges and opportunities

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    Land degradation, which directly affects global and regional economic and social development and food security, has become challenging. Looking North in East Asia, Mongolia and China (Inner Mongolia) are facing severe land degradation from continuous soil erosion by human-induced unsustainable agricultural practices and land-use changes, which have been execrated by climate change. The United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) promoted the ‚ÄúLand Degradation Neutrality (LDN)‚ÄĚ, and the ultimate target is to achieve a land degradation-neutral world that fulfils the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 15 (Life on Land) by 2030¬†s and beyond. Mongolia and Inner Mongolia in N China are important in producing dairy and major grains products. This review aims to (1) investigate the past and current land degradation facts challenges, (2) identify the global lessons on the LDN practice, and (3) eventually develop an LDN framework that fits to achieve the LDN targets that align with SDG 15. We found that the recent developmental pressure, over-grazing, land use changes, mining, and natural factors (i.e. drought) still are the major drivers of land degradation, which stress future food security and sustainable developments for both countries under the transboundary context across jurisdictions (i.e. laws and policies) on land degradation from both countries. We establish the LDN framework and recommend both countries collaborate further with the neighbourhood countries (i.e. C Asian Nations) that shared similar climatic conditions, which will be a key to success with the LDN target in N and E Asia towards the 2030¬†s and beyond
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