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IGF-1R protein differentially accumulates in the nuclei of TAO orbital fibroblasts and derives from the fibroblast surface.

By Neil Hoa (266999), Shanli Tsui (326848), Nikoo F. Afifiyan (326851), Amiya Sinha Hikim (326854), Bin Li (39349), Raymond S. Douglas (326856) and Terry J. Smith (326857)


<p>(<b>A</b>) Western blot analysis of nuclear and cytoplasmic IGF-1Rα in GD orbital fibroblasts before and following IGF-1 (10 nM) treatment for 16 h. Cells were subjected to subcellular fractionation as described in “<a href="" target="_blank">Methods</a>” and membranes were probed with anti-IGF-1Rα, stripped, and re-probed with anti-Grb2 (cytoplasmic) and anti-c-Jun (nuclear) Abs. (<b>B</b>) Nuclear IGF-1Rα content in GD and control orbital fibroblasts before or following treatment with either IGF-1 (10 nM) or GD-IgG (15 µg/ml) for 16 hours. (<b>C</b>) Insulin fails to alter the nuclear content of IR or IGF-1Rα in GD orbital fibroblasts. Cells were treated with nothing or insulin (15 µg/ml) for 16 hrs. They were subjected to subcellular fractionation and Western blot analysis. (<b>D</b>) IGF-1Rβ (98 kDa) and the intact receptor (200 kDa) are undetectable in the nucleus under basal and IGF-1-treated conditions. (<b>E</b>) Control and GD fibroblasts were subjected to <sup>125</sup>I-IGF-1 cross-linking with either the cell-impermeable agent, BS, or the cell permeable agent, DSS. They were then treated with IGF-1. Nuclei were separated as described in “<a href="" target="_blank">Methods</a>” and subjected to quantification of radioactivity. Results are representative of three experiments performed.</p

Topics: Biochemistry, Physiology, Chemistry, Immunology, differentially, accumulates, nuclei, tao, orbital, fibroblasts, derives, fibroblast
Year: 2013
DOI identifier: 10.1371/journal.pone.0034173.g002
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