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    From the zero-field metal-insulator transition in two dimensions to the quantum Hall transition: a percolation-effective-medium theory

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    Effective-medium theory is applied to the percolation description of the metal-insulator transition in two dimensions with emphasis on the continuous connection between the zero-magnetic-field transition and the quantum Hall transition. In this model the system consists of puddles connected via saddle points, and there is loss of quantum coherence inside the puddles. The effective conductance of the network is calculated using appropriate integration over the distribution of conductances, leading to a determination of the magnetic field dependence of the critical density. Excellent quantitative agreement is obtained with the experimental data, which allows an estimate of the puddle physical parameters

    Josephson Coupling through a Quantum Dot

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    We derive, via fourth order perturbation theory, an expression for the Josephson current through a gated interacting quantum dot. We analyze our expression for two different models of the superconductor-dot-superconductor (SDS) system. When the matrix elements connecting dot and leads are featureless constants, we compute the Josephson coupling J_c as a function of the gate voltage and Coulomb interaction. In the diffusive dot limit, we compute the probability distribution P(J_c) of Josephson couplings. In both cases, pi junction behavior (J_c < 0) is possible, and is not simply dependent on the parity of the dot occupancy.Comment: 9 pages; 3 encapsulated PostScript figure

    Predicted and Measured Modal Sound Power Levels for a Fan Ingesting Distorted Inflow

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    Refinements have been made to a method for estimating the modal sound power levels of a ducted fan ingesting distorted inflow. By assuming that each propagating circumferential mode consists only of a single radial mode (the one with the highest cut-off ratio), circumferential mode sound power levels can be computed for a variety of inflow distortion patterns and operating speeds. Predictions from the refined theory have been compared to data from an experiment conducted in the Advanced Noise Control Fan at NASA Glenn Research Center. The inflow to the fan was distorted by inserting cylindrical rods radially into the inlet duct. The rods were placed at an axial location one rotor chord length upstream of the fan and arranged in both regular and irregular circumferential patterns. The fan was operated at 2000, 1800, and 1400 rpm. Acoustic pressure levels were measured in the fan inlet and exhaust ducts using the Rotating Rake fan mode measurement system. Far field sound pressure levels were also measured. It is shown that predicted trends in circumferential mode sound power levels closely match the experimental data for all operating speeds and distortion configurations tested. Insight gained through this work is being used to develop more advanced tools for predicting fan inflow distortion tone noise levels

    Symmetrized mean-field description of magnetic instabilities in k-(BEDT-TTF)_2Cu[N(CN)]_2 Y salts

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    We present a novel and convenient mean-field method, and apply it to study the metallic/antiferromagnetic interface of k-(BEDT-TTF)_2Cu[N(CN)]_2 Y organic superconductors (BEDT_TTF is bis-ethylen-dithio-tetrathiafulvalene, Y=Cl, Br). The method, which fully exploits the crystal symmetry, allows one to obtain the mean-field solution of the 2D Hubbard model for very large lattices, up to 6x10^5 sites, yielding a reliable description of the phase boundary in a wide region of the parameter space. The metal/antiferromagnet transtion appears to be second order, except for a narrow region of the parameter space, where the transition is very sharp and possibly first order. The cohexistence of metallic and antiferromagnetic properties is only observed for the transient state in the case of smooth second order transitions. The relevance of the present resaults to the complex experimental behavior of centrosymmetric k-phase BEDT-TTF salts is discussed.Comment: 9 pages in PS format, 7 figures (included in PS), 1 tabl

    Flight Tests, Performances and Flight Certification of a Twin-Engine Light Aircraft

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    This paper deals with flight test activities performed on P2006T, a twin-engine light aircraft recently designed and produced by Tecnam. Research activities and flight tests have been conducted during the flight certification of P2006T for the normal category under CS-23. All the acquired data and flight results presented have been focused on both aircraft certification and on aircraft performances, stability and flight qualities measurement. The data have been acquired through a light, accurate and reliable flight instrumentation available at DIAS (Department of Aerospace Engineering). Some flight data about aircraft leveled speed, stall speed, climb characteristics and ground performances (take-off and landing) will be presented. After preliminary flight tests, winglets have been designed and added to the final configuration in order to obtain good climb performances also in OEI (One Engine Inoperative) conditions. Accurate stall tests have been performed in all configurations and influence of both entry-rate and load factor on stall speed have been highlighted. Excellent ground performances have been measured with short take-off and landing distances compared with similar airplanes. All measured flight performances can be considered very good for this aircraft category and have been used to demonstrate aircraft safety and to obtain CS23 certification

    Generalized conductance sum rule in atomic break junctions

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    When an atomic-size break junction is mechanically stretched, the total conductance of the contact remains approximately constant over a wide range of elongations, although at the same time the transmissions of the individual channels (valence orbitals of the junction atom) undergo strong variations. We propose a microscopic explanation of this phenomenon, based on Coulomb correlation effects between electrons in valence orbitals of the junction atom. The resulting approximate conductance quantization is closely related to the Friedel sum rule.Comment: 4 pages, 1 figure, appears in Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop ``Size dependent magnetic scattering'', Pecs, Hungary, May 28 - June 1, 200

    Creating greater efficiency in Goods and Services Tax (GST)

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    This study aims to investigate how to create better efficiency in GST for a small painting business in the Waikato by enlightening and exploring the context of GST in the economy. This study uses secondary research in which the information is sourced from databases, using academic journals, published articles and then further multiple search engines which include government websites for discussion papers, legislation, and books. Re-occurring themes linking to the topic of creating greater efficiency in GST were identified. These ften linked to the history and the future of GST. The themes were analysed further, leading to the conclusion that particular factors affect poor compliance and showing why compliance is important for GST registered businesses. The study recommends that in order to create better efficiency in GST at a small painting business in the Waikato, they should adopt the new government initiative that is aimed at reducing compliance costs and simplifying the way information is submitted. This will help to incorporate efficiency in GST into their administration, using their accounting software package. Further research into GST is recommended to keep the business up to date with compliance

    Hot-Wire Measurements of the Influence of Surface Steps on Transition in Favorable Pressure Gradient Boundary Layers

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    An examination of the effects of surface step excrescences on boundary layer transition was performed, using a unique experimental facility. The objective of the work was to characterize the variation of transition Reynolds numbers with measurable step size and boundary layer parameters, with the specific goal of specifying new tolerance criteria for laminar flow airfoils, alongside a fundamental investigation of boundary layer transition mechanisms. This paper focuses on interpretation of hot-wire measurements, including supporting stability calculations, undertaken as part of the study. The results for both forward and aft-facing steps indicated a substantial stabilizing effect of favorable pressure gradient on excrescence-induced boundary layer transition. These findings suggest that manufacturing tolerances for laminar flow aircraft could be loosened in areas where even mild favorable pressure gradients exist
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