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    Implementation of Vision and Lidar Sensor Fusion Using Kalman Filter Algorithm

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    Self-driving car is the next milestone of the automation industry. To achieve the level of autonomy expected in a self-driving car, the vehicle needs to be mounted with an assortment of sensors that can help the vehicle to perceive its three dimensional environment better which leads to better decision-making and control of the vehicle. Each sensor possesses different strengths and weaknesses; they can complement each other better when combined. This is done by a technique called sensor fusion wherein data from various sensors are put together in order to enhance the meaning and accuracy of the overall information. In real time implementations, uncertainty in factors that affect the vehicle's motion can lead to overshoot in parameters. In order to avoid that, an estimation filter is used to predict and update the fused values. This project focuses on sensor fusion of Lidar and Vision sensor (camera) followed by estimation using Kalman filter using values available from an online data set. It can be seen how the use of an estimation filter can significantly improve the accuracy in tracking the path of an obstacle

    Impact of Virtual Reality on Modern Education

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    Virtual reality in education is at its center stage. For students to gain relevant skills there is a need to introduce a virtual world so that one can achieve the practical aspect needed in the workplace environment. Memorizing facts makes students bored; hence, the need for virtual reality that will help students gain expertise. The paper seeks to discuss the impact of virtual reality in modern education. To understand the effects of virtual reality in the education sector, the theoretical approach and quantitative research have been used. The results of the study show that virtual reality assists students with special education needs and ensure skills are obtained. Virtual reality improves student self-esteem

    Socio-Demographic Characteristics of Malaria Vector and Prevention Measures in Elobied, West of Sudan

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    A transversal survey was conducted in Elobied, North Kordofan State, Sudan to evaluate the knowledge of the respondents about malaria vector and its relation with house characteristics, demographic characteristics and prevention measures.Most of the respondents reported that mosquito bite the main factor for causes malaria, most of interviewed lived in brackets houses while others in shanty houses and the majority of the respondents use bed nets. The study concluded that establishment of Anopheles arabiensis in the study area related to the type of house construction and stagnant water. The uses of bed nets are the most methods for personal protection against mosquitoes

    Spatio-temporal Patterns of Events in Historic Cairo Around Iconic Mosques

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    This paper presents spatial analysis of two of the largest events in Historic Cairo. The study aims to understand the space transformation during mawlid event in the vicinity of the iconic mosques of al-Husayn and al-Sayyida Zaynab, and the use of such space as event venues. The main objective is to understand the studied place, thus be in a better position to manage and creatively transform them for future developments in the region of historic Cairo. The study is guided by the theories of place making with special emphasis on the complexity associated with place assemblage. The research is conducted through observation, description and analysis of the scene and the activities that take place in the spaces during the mawlid event. Observations are analyzed through maps and sketches of the actual physical setting, leading to different themes extraction. The paper demonstrates how people appropriate and adapt to the urban space and how the looseness of space fulfill the diverse needs and desires of people’s behavior

    Distribution of Haemoglobin S and C in Ghana – The Role of Ethnic Barriers to Intermarriages

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    Using repeated cross-sectional data from the Ghana Ports and Harbours’ Authority (GPHA) hospital and cross-sectional household data from the Ghana Living Standards Survey 7, this paper exploits intermarriages between the northern part and southern part of Ghana as a potential underlying factor partly explaining the distribution of haemoglobin S (Hb S) and haemoglobin C (Hb C) in the country. Similar to other studies, we find evidence for a higher prevalence of Hb S and a lower prevalence of Hb C in the southern part of Ghana. We also find that the rate of intermarriage between northern ethnic groups and southern ethnic groups is just about 2.6 per cent, largely leading to the confinement of Hb S to the southern part of Ghana and Hb C to the northern part of Ghana

    Geospatial Assessment of Urban Heat Island in Port Harcourt L.G.A, Rivers State, Nigeria

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    Urban development comes with its inherent challenges such as ecosystem alteration. Remote Sensing and GIS was used to assess the spatiotemporal variation of the surface urban heat intensity in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, from 1986 to 2018. The study period was chosen with specific objectives to examine land use land cover changes and assess the spatial and temporal extent of the land surface temperature(LST), determine a relationship between LULC and LST and examine the urban heat island (UHI) intensity using the Getis-Ord Hotspot Analysis. Landsat TM, ETM+ and OLI images of the study area (1986, 2003 and 2018) were implemented to carry out the study. The results of the land use and land cover analysis revealed that urbanised areas increased and covered 51% of the study area from 1986 to 2018. Vegetative cover reduced drastically between this time period, from 57% in 1986 to 30% in 2018, as forested regions made way for urban development to occur. Bare surfaces reduced in spatial extent over the study period, while water bodies within the study area increased. The results of the land surface temperature revealed that surface temperature increased consistently between 1986 and 2018, which was a direct consequence of the increasing urban areas. In 1986 the average temperature over the study area was estimated at 20.6°C in 1986 to 27.1°C in 2003, increasing to 33.2°C by 2018. The results showed that there is a relationship between urban land and land surface temperature indicated a strong relationship between the two variables, as surfaces with impervious materials were associated with the highest LST values. The number of hotspots within the study area were found to be increasing in number and intensity over the years, with the most concentrations of hot spots found in the northern and central parts of the study area. &nbsp

    A Survey of Gastrointestinal Helminthes of Local Chickens in Abak Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State

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    Rural Poultry as practiced by the rural population is both for consumption and for income generation during festive seasons. The practice of allowing the birds to scavenge for food in the neighbourhood exposes them to disease. This research was an active surveillance of worms which parasitize these rural birds using saturated the salt floatation method. Two hundred sterile samples of the faeces of 200 rural birds were collected randomly from 10 villages in Abak Local government Area. These were transported immediately for analysis in the laboratory using floatation method with saturated salt solution. Viewing with X10 microscope it was discovered that out of the 200 samples examined for helminthes, Ascaris gallinarium was found in 92 samples or (46%), Heterakis Spp was seen with 62 0r 31% positions, Capillaria Spp was 58 or 29% and Strongyles Spp was 46 or 23%. The least was Raillietina Spp which was found in only 22 (11%). This study to the best of my knowledge is the first attempt to research into the types of worm parasites found in local birds, though it has been conducted in other parts of Nigeria and the World over. It was concluded that there is a light prevalence of helminthes in Abak in rural birds, which will lead to high loses. This we advice for educate the rural community in better husbandry practice to preserve the rural poultry population

    Assessment of Social Response to Incentives, On Reduction of Plastic Bags Use in Pakistan: A Cross Market Study of Abpara and Itwaar Bazaar.

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    The objective of the study is to assess the social willingness to pay and willingness to accept for demand of cloth bags and proposed paper bags This study is conducted in Islamabad with 150 sample size on primary data from Abpara market and Itwaar bazaar respectively .The data was treated through stata and through descriptive tools ,the research found that reuse of plastic bags are significant in both the markets but high at Itwaar bazaar and the study concluded that the proposed change to state of plastic culture, prevailing from many years was according to desired implications for the study area. Note: Muhammad Imran Khan is currently working with Professor Dr. Rehana Siddiqui on his MPhil thesis on ecological footprints

    A Study of Relationships Between Perceived Value, Perceived Price, Perceived Quality and Trust toward Purchase Intention of Timeshare Ownership among Tourist in Bangkok

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    The vacation ownership and timeshare industry has emerged as a sector of the travel industry with significant opportunities for growth and development. The aim of this research was to study the influence of perceived value, perceived quality, perceived price and trust on purchase intention of timeshare ownership. In additional, the objectives also were to determine the most influential factors of timeshare ownership purchase intention. The data was collected from 420 tourism among three Bangkok shopping area. The results of this research showed that all four independent variables have influence in the timeshare ownership purchase intention. Among which, the perceived price contributes highest level of influence on timeshare ownership purchase intention. The findings can serve as a guideline for the company to adjust this product as well as selling process. In order to attract potential customers to participate on product selling and make final deal

    Nonprofit Organizations: Management Vulnerabilities

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    This article seeks to investigate the vulnerability of the directors of Social Organizations (SO). Specifically, this work intends to characterize the directions of the SO, to understand how the management of these organizations is carried out and, further, to understand their view on the adoption of strategies. Additionally, the organizational culture is characterized. We opted for qualitative methods and used the methodology associated with content analysis to examine the information collected from a sample of SO directors in Vila Nova de Foz Côa, namely, the Residential Structures for the Elderly (RSE), in order to analyze the weaknesses of the directions in the management of these SOs. The results of the case study partially confirm what was predicted in the theory, that is, the SOs are currently faced with several challenges and it is essential to adopt strategies in order to overcome these same challenges. What can be seen is that, although the directors aspire to an efficient and effective service provision, there are several challenges imposed on the directors, calling for the adequacy / improvement of management in the SO. Corroborating the literature, in the study we found that the directions of the SO consider that the increase in competition, the hiring and professionalization of Human Resources (HR), sustainability, the establishment of partnerships and the diversification of funding sources are presented as their own. greatest vulnerabilities. Thus, the managements should seek solutions to face the complexity that involves the management of all organizational processes, attesting that the challenges and requirements of preparing, planning and organizing all resources are great. What has been seen is the adoption of strategic planning at different levels and levels of conducive effectiveness that seek to address the needs of organizations


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