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    Topological Model with Adaptive Resolution to Simulate an Incision in Surgery

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    Surgical simulation covers a set of very large fields. Medical physics simulation, which aims to virtually reproduce the behavior of organic tissues, tries to stick, as far as possible, with reality. This last field poses many concrete problems currently very incompletely resolved, and the extreme mechanical complexity of living tissues. The mechanical interaction between organs, the large number of different tissues and topologies, make the physical simulation of a human organism totally utopian at the present time. The best scientific results for the moment manage to simulate this or that type of organ, with, in terms of interaction, certain simple operations, such as primitive cutting of organs. These organs are modeled by meshes whose resolution depends on the cutting zone: the mesh associated with this zone must be defined at several scales to extract all or part of the organ considered. In addition, taking into account any cuts previously made in the vicinity of the zone considered remains an open problem that needs to be resolved. It leads to modifications of the topological model associated with the mesh. Our study therefore focuses on the adaptive resolution subdivision of triangles and tetrahedra in a mesh. Operations must preserve mesh consistency and must be robust. We propose a topology-based model that meets this need. We define and implement adaptive resolution subdivision operations in a triangular and tetrahedral mesh

    The Role of Plain Radiographs in the Diagnosis of Delayed Anastomotic Leak: A Case Report from a Resource Limited Setting

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    Gastrointestinal surgery related anastomotic leaks are one of the serious causes of morbidity and mortality in the postoperative period. The rate of expected anastomotic leak depends on the location of gastrointestinal tract anastomosis. The expected leak rate for small intestinal anastomosis is 1-3%. There are several factors that are attributed to leakage of small intestinal anastomosis. Anastomotic leaks usually present within days after surgery. Late presentations more than 30 days after surgery are uncommon. This case report is a prototype example of delayed presentation of anastomotic leak of the small intestine done on an 18 years old male patient. Plain radiograph was used for the timely diagnosis and management of the case. High index of clinical suspicion and early surgical management of delayed anastomotic leaks is recommended in resource limited settings for the better outcome of such patients

    Dialogic Heteroglossia in Asian-Canadian Literature

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    The feature of some Asian-Candian narratives is that they give a linguistic voice to voiceless/wordless characters to defend their rights as marginalized and invisible identities. The focus of this paper will be on the study of Obasan, Chorus of Mushrooms, What the Body Remembers and Everything Was Good-Bye as literary productions in a transitional era within which language and translation influence identity construction and representation. The purpose is to tackle the dialogic translingual and heteroglossic technique used by diasporic writers to represent ethnic minorities’ melancholic history and hybrid identities

    The Impact of US Sanctions on Iran

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    Abstract This study looks at different ways states act in order to achieve their objectives in the international arena; foreign policy employs various ranging from diplomacy, propaganda, economic statecraft to the outright of military force. The study concentrates on economic sanctions used by the U.S. against Iran. The study argued that the U.S. sanctions imposed on Iran caused a negative impact on the economy and population without achieving the main goal- change of government policies; only when the oil sector was hit, the sanctions affected the Iranian government and paved a way for negotiations. In this project we were guided by an explanatory model based on the "Carrot and Stick Approach", the ‘HSE Approach’ and ‘Domestic politics/signaling approach". The research employs qualitative format and content analysis. The result shows that the U.S. sanctions against Iran significantly affected the Iranian economy and population, but they failed to change the policies of this country, until the time when the Iranian oil sector was hit, which led the government to negotiations with the West, in other words, the U.S. achieved its foreign policy objectives through economic statecraft

    Evaluation of the Implementation of Hospital Management Information System at Yowari Public Hospital, Jayapura Regency, Papua Province

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    Background: As a health-care provider unit, the hospital must be able to set strategic policies for its internal structure in terms of management and human resource development. Hospitals are required to create a hospital management information system to assist the health-care process. Objectives: The goal of this study was to evaluate how far the progress of the implementation of the Management Information System at Yowari Public Hospital in Jayapura Regency in 2022. Methods: This type of research is descriptive qualitative by conducting in-depth interviews and documents review in November 2022 till January 2023. The research informants consisted of 13 informants (1 key informant, 6 main informants and 6 additional informants) chosen by purposive sampling.  Data then analyzed qualitatively. Result: The findings of this study indicate that the process of evaluating the implementation of the hospital management information system at the Yowari Public Hospital, Jayapura Regency, from the input, process, and output aspects, has not been running effectively, both in terms of human resources, application use, and the quality of health services provided to patients. According to the findings of this study, there is still a need for commitment, monitoring, and development of human resources in the implementation and operation of the application. &nbsp

    On Responsibility in University Teaching: Aspects Contributing to the Enhancement of Teaching Quality Provided at Universities

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    This paper will highlight the intrinsic link between university educators’ general responsibilities and the three domains of responsibilities. The text initially presents perspectives regarding responsibility and the act of teaching. It is then followed by an analysis of the concept of responsibility in teaching, which is examined across three distinct domains: the domain of encouraging students’ curiosity, the domain of keeping abreast of the prospective career requirements for students, and the domain of language usage. In brief, it is crucial to enhance teachers' sense of responsibility toward their students, as it can ultimately result in enhanced academic achievement and personal development for students

    Analysis of Factors Affecting Cocoa Production in Lareh Sago Halaban District, Lima Puluh Kota Regency,West Sumatera, Indonesia

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    One of the government's efforts is to implement Gernas (national movement) for cocoa in 2013. However, the area of cocoa productive land is getting smaller in Indonesia, especially in Fifty Cities District. Based on the survey to the field that most of the farmers lack of maintenance of cocoa plants. Although the price of cocoa is currently quite stable. The purpose of this study was to identify the factors that affect the production of cocoa plants and analyze the factors that influence the production of cocoa plants in the Lareh Sago Halaban District, Lima Puluh Kota Regency. The research was carried out in June-September 2021 in Nagari Tanjung Gadang and Nagari Ampalu in Lareh Sago District, Halaban. The method used is a survey with a purposive sampling of 30 respondents. The data analysis used in this study was multiple linear regression analysis using SPSS version 24. The results showed that (1) the average cocoa production of farmers in Lareh Sago Halaban District was 127.96 kg (0.12 tons) per ha per hectare. years, (2) the factors that affect cocoa production are land area, frequency of pruning, and the amount of fertilizer have a positive and no significant effect. Meanwhile, the age of the plant and the number of workers had a significant and negative effect on cocoa production

    Sentiment Analysis and Topic Modeling Study: The Comparison of Cosmetics Product Online Reviews

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    In the competition, companies must orient themselves to serve clients, engage with rivals, and launch products to build a dynamic and competitive corporate environment. The need to meet basic requirements such as clothes, food, and boards, which were formerly straightforward, became increasingly complicated. This can be proven by the development of the cosmetic industry which is marked by the variety of cosmetics on the market. There is currently a need for brand comparison in the business competition since it can make it simpler to understand the strengths and weaknesses of rival companies and serve as a model for enhancing the quality of well-liked items and marketplaces. Indonesia is a very attractive cosmetic market where cosmetic sales data are consistently rising from year to year. Due to the rapid advancement of information technology, buyers now write reviews on social media in addition to conducting online shopping. These online reviews can be helpful for comprehending the shopping process and discussing a product, and affect the customer's plans to make additional purchases in the future. This study compared customer perception of three cosmetics products: powder foundation products from local brands that are Make Over Powerstay Matte Powder Foundation, ESQA Flawless Powder Foundation, and Luxcrime Blur&Cover Two Way Cake, using an online review that was extracted and scraped from a website through the Octoparse Windows program version 8.5.0. This study uses sentiment analysis and topic modeling to compare online reviews of customer perceptions of the three cosmetic products. The result shows the sentiment comparison among three cosmetics brands. The first position is the ESQA brand, followed by the Luxcrime brand, and the last rank is Make Over, with the smallest positive sentiment. The positive brand topics of the three products, in general, are about formulas that are long-lasting and have good coverage, while the negative brand topics, in general, are about formulas that must be reused and transferred when wearing masks

    The Concentration of Hydrogen Peroxide, Percentage of Motility, Viability, Plasma Membrane Integrity, and Abnormality of Frozen Semen of Horned and Polled Bali Bulls

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    The aim of the study was to determine the frozen semen quality of horned and hornless (polled) Bali bull including hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) concentration, motility, viability, plasma membrane integrity, and abnormalities. This study used frozen semen from 2 horned and 2 polled Bali bulls aged 5 to 7 years. The concentration of H2O2 was measured using 2-7-Dichlorodihydrofluorescein Diacetate (DCHF-DA) dye, motility was assessed subjectively under a microscope, viability was assessed by eosin-negrosin staining, plasma membrane integrity was calculated using the Hypoosmotic Swelling Test (HOS-Test), and abnormalities were evaluated with Sperm Stein Ready to USE stain. The results showed that there was no significant difference (P>0.05) between horned and polled based on the H2O2 concentration (2.37 ± 0.64 vs 2.65 ± 0.94), motility was (47.25 ± 5.04 vs 44.25 ± 8.12), plasma membrane integrity (50.62 ± 6.27 vs 52.75 ± 5.76), and abnormalities (15.90 ± 5.70 vs. 19.18 ± 6.39) but there was a significant difference (P<0.05) in the viability value (53.71 ± 8.56 vs. 64.09 ± 9.48). It can be concluded that the quality of frozen semen of horned and hornless (polled) Bali cattle based on H2O2 concentration, motility, plasma membrane integrity and abnormalities had the same conditions. The viability of spermatozoa from frozen semen of polled was better than that of horned Bali cattle

    Determinants of Household Saving: A Case Study of Kabul Afghanistan

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    Household saving is a source of investment and is regarded as a key factor in economic growth. This study is an effort to examine the determinants of household saving in Kabul, Afghanistan. The several economic and socio-demographic factors that affect household saving have been completely examined in this study. The data were collected through a well-structured questionnaire from 384 households. Through stratified random sampling, 384 household’s heads were interviewed. For statistical investigation we applied Diagnostic test and Generalized Least Square (GLS) methods to our model. It is observed from the estimated result of this study that income is a major and most important determinant of household saving which positively affects the saving of a household. Further, results also reveal that household size has negative and significant relationship with household saving. The educational level of the household head shows a negative impact on household saving. The results further indicate that married household head and male household head are likely to save more as compared to unmarried household head and female household head respectively. Moreover, age of the household head confirms the Life-Cycle-Hypothesis. The results reveal that with the increase in age at middle age of an individual the saving increases, however it decreases at the latter age of life


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