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    Solution of Integral Equation using Second and Third Order B-Spline Wavelets

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    It was proven that semi-orthogonal wavelets approximate the solution of integral equation very finely over the orthogonal wavelets Here we used the compactly supported semi-orthogonal B-spline wavelets generated in our paper Compactly Supported B-spline Wavelets with Orthonormal Scaling Functions satisfying the Daubechies conditions to solve the Fredholm integral equation The generated wavelets satisfies all the properties on the bounded interval The method is computationally easy which is illustrated with two examples whose solution closely resembles the exact solution as the order of wavelet increase

    Design and Development of an Autonomous Car using Object Detection with YOLOv4

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    Future cars are anticipated to be driverless point-to-point transportation services capable of avoiding fatalities To achieve this goal auto-manufacturers have been investing to realize the potential autonomous driving In this regard we present a self-driving model car capable of autonomous driving using object-detection as a primary means of steering on a track made of colored cones This paper goes through the process of fabricating a model vehicle from its embedded hardware platform to the end-to-end ML pipeline necessary for automated data acquisition and model-training thereby allowing a Deep Learning model to derive input from the hardware platform to control the car s movements This guides the car autonomously and adapts well to real-time tracks without manual feature-extraction This paper presents a Computer Vision model that learns from video data and involves Image Processing Augmentation Behavioral Cloning and a Convolutional Neural Network model The Darknet architecture is used to detect objects through a video segment and convert it into a 3D navigable path Finally the paper touches upon the conclusion results and scope of future improvement in the technique use

    Solving the Cubic Monotone 1-in-3 SAT Problem in Polynomial Time

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    The exact 3-satisfiability problem X3SAT is known to remain NP-complete when restricted to expressions where every variable has exactly three occurrences even in the absence of negated variables Cubic Monotone 1-in-3 SAT Problem The present paper shows that the Cubic Monotone 1-in-3 SAT Problem can be solved in polynomial time and therefore prove that the conjecture P NP hold

    Light Deflection in Massive Dyonic Black Holes

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    Following Rindler-Ishak method 1 we study the bending of light around general form of dyonic black holes in massive gravity 2 We show that when the Schwarzschild-de Sitter geometry is taken into account does indeed contribute to the bending of ligh

    A Combination of Data Augmentation Techniques for Mango Leaf Diseases Classification

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    Mango is one of the most traded fruits in the world Therefore mango production suffers from several pests and diseases which reduce the production and quality of mangoes and their price in the local and international markets Several solutions for automatic diagnosis of these pests and diseases have been proposed by researchers in the last decade These solutions are based on Machine Learning ML and Deep Learning DL algorithms In recent years Convolutional Neural Networks CNNs have achieved impressive results in image classification and are considered as the leading methods for image classificatio

    Journey of Artificial Intelligence Frontier: A Comprehensive Overview

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    The field of Artificial Intelligence AI is a transformational force with limitless promise in the age of fast technological growth This paper sets out on a thorough tour through the frontiers of AI providing a detailed understanding of its complex environment Starting with a historical context followed by the development of AI seeing its beginnings and growth On this journey fundamental ideas are explored looking at things like Machine Learning Neural Networks and Natural Language Processing Taking center stage are ethical issues and societal repercussions emphasising the significance of responsible AI application This voyage comes to a close by looking ahead to AI s potential for human-AI collaboration ground-breaking discoveries and the difficult obstacles that lie ahead This provides with a well-informed view on AI s past present and the unexplored regions it promises to explore by thoroughly navigating this terrai

    Traffic Flow Forecast based on Vehicle Count

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    Real-time traffic predictions have now become a time-being need for efficient traffic management due to the exponentially increasing traffic congestion In this paper a more pragmatic traffic management system is introduced to address traffic congestion especially in countries such as Sri Lanka where there is no proper traffic monitoring database Here the real-time traffic monitoring is performed using TFmini Plus light detection and ranging LiDAR sensor and vehicle count for next five minutes will be predicted by feeding consecutively collected data into the LSTM neural network More than ten separate prediction models were trained varying both window size and the volume of input data delivered to train the models Since the accuracy results of all prediction models were above 70 it demonstrates that this system can produce accurate predictions even if it is trained using less input data collection Similarly the sensor accuracy test also resulted in 89 7 accurac

    Cryptocurrency based on Blockchain Technology

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    The state of Palestine does not own national currency so Palestine loses a lot of money yearly due to the use of foreign currencies and the Paris Protocol agreement prevents Palestinian own currency For that the crypto-currencies based on block-chain instead of physical currency will help the state of Palestine to avoid the obstacles that prevent to own currency In this paper we will study the cryptocurrency based on Blockchain technology that uses peer-to-peer P2P and timestamp server In additional exploring the main components of bitcoin currency as an exampl

    ICA and Sparse ICA for Biomedical Signals

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    Biomedical signs or bio signals are a wide range of signals obtained from the human body that can be at the cell organ or sub-atomic level Electromyogram refers to electrical activity from muscle sound signals electroencephalogram refers to electrical activity from the encephalon electrocardiogram refers to electrical activity from the heart electroretinogram refers to electrical activity from the eye and so on Monitoring and observing changes in these signals assist physicians whose work is related to this branch of medicine in covering predicting and curing various diseases It can also assist physicians in examining prognosticating and curing numerous condition

    Critical Success Factors of Remote ERP Implementation: From System Usersโ€™ Perspective

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    The study explores critical success factors of remote ERP implementation in the Sri Lankan context from system users perspective As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic ERP implementation has become more complicated and ERP software vendors have shifted to remote ERP implementations Although there are several studies on identifying Critical Success Factors CSFs in ERP implementation there is a void in the literature on identifying CSFs in remote ERP implementation As a result of the literature review it was discovered that only a small amount of research has been done on remote ERP implementation Therefore the current study tries to bridge these gaps by identifying the CSFs of remote ERP implementation during Covid-19 by taking Sri Lanka as a case stud


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