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    Strategic directions of transport and logistics to ensure the implementation of new industrialization processes

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    Ensuring the processes of industrialization of the modern economy requires the formation of an efficient transport and logistics infrastructure. The solution of this task is carried out using the tools of strategic management, in particular the formation of strategic goals. The article presents the strategic goals and the corresponding strategic measures in the field of ensuring the availability and quality of transport and logistics services in the field of freight traffic at the level of the needs of the development of the economy of the Sverdlovsk region. © Published under licence by IOP Publishing Ltd

    Intelligent OFDM telecommunication system. Part 2. Examples of complex and quaternion many-parameter transforms

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    In this paper, we propose unified mathematical forms of many-parametric complex and quaternion Fourier transforms for novel Intelligent OFDM-telecommunication systems (OFDM-TCS). Each many-parametric transform (MPT) depends on many free angle parameters. When parameters are changed in some way, the type and form of transform are changed as well. For example, MPT may be the Fourier transform for one set of parameters, wavelet transform for other parameters and other transforms for other values of parameters. The new Intelligent-OFDM-TCS uses inverse MPT for modulation at the transmitter and direct MPT for demodulation at the receiver. © 2019 IOP Publishing Ltd. All rights reserved

    Flexural fluctuations of the rotors of knife refiners

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    The subject of the study is the flexural fluctuations of the rotors of knife refiners. The dynamic and mathematical models of rotors of disk mills are developed. As a result of research, a method for vibration calculation of rotors is proposed and tested. Research was also conducted using the Ansys software package. The error in determining the lower frequencies of free fluctuations of the mill rotors does not exceed 9%. Failure to take into account the elastic compliance of the rotor bearings leads to an error in determining the frequencies of free flexural fluctuations by no more than 15%, and the gyroscopic moment increases the above frequencies by no more than 25%. The cantilever arrangement of the disk reduces the frequencies of free fluctuations of the mill rotor by 1.1 - 1.4 times in comparison with the inter-support arrangement. The developed calculation procedure can be used in other industries, for example, mining and metallurgy. © Published under licence by IOP Publishing Ltd

    Intelligent OFDM telecommunication system. Part 3. Anti-eavesdropping and anti-jamming properties of system, based on many-parameter wavelet and Golay transforms

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    In this paper, we aim to investigate the superiority and practicability of many-parameter Fourier transforms (MPFT) from the physical layer security (PHY-LS) perspective. We propose novel Intelligent OFDM-telecommunication system (Intelligent-OFDM-TCS), based on MPFT. New system uses inverse MPFT for modulation at the transmitter and direct MPFT for demodulation at the receiver. The purpose of employing the MPFTs is to improve the PHY-LS of wireless transmissions against to the wide-band anti-jamming communication. Each MPFT depends on finite set of independent parameters (angles), which could be changed independently one from another. When parameters are changed, multi-parametric transform is also changed taking form of a set known (and unknown) orthogonal (or unitary) transforms. We implement the following performances as bit error rate (BER), symbol error rate (SER), the Shannon-Wyner secrecy capacity (SWSC) for novel Intelligent-MPWT-OFDM-TCS. Previous research has shown that the conventional OFDM TCS based on discrete Fourier transform (DFT) has unsatisfactory characteristics in BER, SWSC and in anti-eavesdropping communications. We study Intelligent-MPWT-OFDM-TCS to find out optimal values of angle parameters of MPFT optimized BER, SWSC, anti-eavesdropping effects. Simulation results show that the proposed Intelligent OFDM-TCS have better performances than the conventional OFDM system based on DFT against eavesdropping. © 2019 IOP Publishing Ltd. All rights reserved

    Effect of a gas-vortex stabilization method on the kinematic properties of the jet in metal-cutting plasmatrons

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    Various methods of gas-vortex stabilization in plasma cutting torches are investigated. The results of the study demonstrate the dependence of the angle of gas injection into the nozzle on the kinematic and kinetic characteristics of plasma jet and, consequently, on the cutting parameters. Increased radial velocity component at the swirler output provides better uniformity of the velocity distribution and kinetic properties of the jet in the affected zone of a cut metal. As a conclusion, it is recommended to use the suggested narrow-jet-plasma technology for cutting thin sheet metals. © 2019 IOP Publishing Ltd

    Does agglomeration process exist in small provincial urban centers? Evidences from Sverdlovsk region

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    In this paper we analyze the agglomeration of three small urban centers in Sverdlovsk Region (Russia). We describe agglomeration economies as the process where firm can be divided into those based on internal economies and those based on external economies, and also that each kind of economy can be viewed from the perspectives of scale, scope, and complexity. In our example, agglomeration economies are based on the internal economies. All analyzed towns are different in the level of industrial production, economies of scale and increasing returns. Industrial agglomeration effects are conceptually classified into localization and urbanization economies. We believe that agglomeration is strong only in small towns with the effective industrial production. As methods we used the Cobb-Douglas production function. Results of the research showed that only a town with industrial specialization (Verkhnyaya Salda) is characterized by constant returns to scale and the growth of total production which is mainly determined by increasing of capital. The other two cases of the towns (which are not industrial specialized) do not generate these results. Moreover, the town which not develops industrial production has no any effect of agglomeration. Agglomeration effects can be observed at different levels of aggregation. Large cities provide greater opportunity for economies of scale, availability of quality human capital, cluster effects, innovation processes and knowledge spillover, but under certain conditions smaller towns can also achieve some of the effects of agglomeration.This paper was supported by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Serbia under Grant III47007 and the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (project 17-22-07001 "The complex algorithm of culture-based regeneration of old industrial cities"), Russia and Ministry of Education of Russian Federation (Grant. 26.8660.2017/DCH "The Research Methodology Forms of Economic and Technological Reality in the Aspect of Sustainable Forest Management")

    Fuzzy simulation of forest road surface parameters

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    The problem of construction of forest roads with the use of local low-strength substandard materials and industrial waste is considered. To solve the problem, the primary task is to develop a method for estimating the parameters of road surfaces taking into account the conditions of uncertainties in the data. This technique allows us to reasonably clarify some of the regulatory parameters and improve the technology of construction of forest roads, which was the goal of the work. To formalize the task, experimental studies were performed and on the basis of these results, the statement of the task of fuzzy derivation of the function for estimating the bearing capacity of the coating was performed. The synthesis of the output function is performed by means of Matlab. © 2019 IOP Publishing Ltd. All rights reserved

    Ecological and economic efficiency assessment of forest-transport systems based on the principles of sustainable territorial development

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    In order to solve the urgent problem of the development of forest transport systems efficiently, it is necessary to develop strategic principles for their planning, taking into account the current realities of a market economy and the transition of the world community and Russia to the principles of sustainable development. Formation of transport systems in general and the new road network on the territory of forest lands in particular requires significant financial and material resources and therefore it is important to justify the cost effectiveness of their creation and development, taking into account the principles of sustainable development of the territories and the overall environmental and socio-economic effect of the implementation of state project. The paper substantiates the need to take into account environmental, social and economic factors when planning transport systems on the territory of forestland. The principles for assessing ecological and socio-economic efficiency are proposed. Quantitative efficiency criterion is developed taking into account the principles of consistency. The developed objective function of the optimization problem reflects the profitability of the timber transport system (including costs for all stages of its life cycle) for the entire planned period of interaction with the forest ecosystem, i.e. recoupment of the design, construction and operation of the forestry fund of the country's regions by achieving the maximum productivity of the forest ecosystem from their coexistence over the entire planning period. © 2019 IOP Publishing Ltd. All rights reserved

    Comparison of martensite crystal profiles, calculated in a growth wave model and observed by experiment

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    A number of typical martensite crystal profiles observed by experiment are compared with the results of profile calculations obtained within the framework of a model of a controlling wave process in an inhomogeneous material. The satisfactory conformity obtained makes it possible, in principle, to reconstruct the nature of an inhomogeneous material according to profile shape

    Oxidative dehydrogenation of 2,3,5-trimethyl-1,4-hydroquinone in the presence of titanium dioxide hydrogel

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    Liquid-phase oxidative dehydrogenation of 2,3,5-trimethyl-1,4-hydroquinone in the presence of titanium dioxide hydrogel was studied by a kinetic method. Associative interactions between the substrate, oxidant, and gel were detected by voltammetry and ESR and IR spectroscopy.Russian Foundation for Basic Researc


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