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    Innovation: Strategy for Growth and Development

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    The discipline of innovation has been defined by Peter Drucker as the means by which the entrepreneur either creates new wealth producing resource or endows existing resource with enhanced potential for creating wealth. This paper examines the discipline of innovation from various perspective – corporate, personal, inter-personal, behavioural and scientific. After examining the sources of innovation and showing that ideation and innovation are not synonymous, it discusses a pragmatic approach that encourages growth and development especially in a developing econom

    Remanufacturing: a key strategy for sustainable development

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    Remanufacturing is a process of bringing used products to "like-new" functional state with warranty to match. It recovers a substantial proportion of the resource incorporated in a used product in its first manufacture, at low additional cost, thus reducing the price of the resulting product. The key remanufacturing problem is the ambiguity in its definition leading to paucity of knowledge and research in the process. Also, few remanufacturing tools and techniques have been developed to improve its efficiency and effectiveness. This paper addresses these issues by describing the findings of in-depth UK case studies, including, a robust remanufacturing definition and an analytic model of the generic remanufacturing business process for improving remanufacturing knowledge and expertise