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    Computational Performances and EM Absorption Analysis of a Monopole Antenna for Portable Wireless Devices

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    In this paper, a simple inverted L-shaped monopole antenna is presented for portable wireless devices. The designed antenna performances and specific absorption analysis is investigated. The antenna can operate at widely used GSM bands 850, 1800, 1900 and LTE 2100MHz. A relatively inexpensive dielectric substrate material FR4 is considered to design the antenna. The Specific absorption rate (SAR) analysis and antenna performances comply the antenna to apply in mobile communication systems

    Advanced Methods for Botnet Intrusion Detection Systems

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    GC-243 - Analysis of Alternatives of Workstation Deployment Solutions

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    Best suited for IT students who are able to use on-site (@ KSU) testing environment Perform a market survey of the best reviewed and used workstation deployment solutions Determine a set of requirements the business needs the solution to meet Determine metrics based off the requirements to measure the tools against each other Test the top 3 tools and provide a recommendation to the organization for which tool and its instructions for its basic initial setu

    Relationship between Sustainable Environmental Practices and Sustainable Value Creation: A Conceptual Study on Readymade Garments Industry of Bangladesh

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    Because of the increasing level of industrial contamination the demand for sustainable products and raw materials aligned with the ecological pollution has been on the rise in this horizon. This study theoretically explores the impact of sustainable environmental practices on financial performance of Ready-made Garment (RMG) companies of Bangladesh following the growing literature linking corporate sustainable environmental performance with revenue development and profitability. Various sustainable environmental practices have diverse effects on firm’s performance, as the literature review suggests. From literature review this paper reports four key areas (community, employee, environment and governance) of sustainable practices for sustainable financial performance that would provide a useful and practical perspective on how companies can explore the sustainable agenda. Finally this paper concludes that companies should integrate environmental, social and governance issues to capture value in terms of revenue development and profitability for the companies. We recommend that the theoretical model that we have derived from literature review needs to validated and tested by future research

    Scientific trends on research on denture stomatitis based on Scopus database : a bibliometric analysis

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    Denture stomatitis is a clinical condition that affects people who wear removable maxillary dentures. It causes redness, soreness, and erythema and ultimately affects the general condition of the patient. The objective of this study was to analyze the le

    Yields gap evaluation of wheat grown in Piedmont plain and Floodplain soils of Bangladesh through compositional nutrient diagnosis (CND) norm

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    Mineralnutrient stress is one of the major yield gap factors, especially in floodplain and piedmont plain soil. The compositional nutrient diagnosis (CND) provides a plant nutrient imbalance index in statistical distribution patterns, which is important for adjusting the soil-plant systems specific fertilization for maintaining sustainable soil fertility. This study calculated the CND norms of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) and identified optimum wheat yield target of high-yielding subpopulation in farmers' fields. It also categorized the most yield limiting nutrient(s) for wheat grown. Popular high-yielding wheat was grown in 62 farmers' fields, maintaining farmers' nutrient management plan (FP) and improved nutrient management plan (INM). Nutrient composition analysis was done from 62 young foliar composite samples, collected at 7th leaves stage (vegetative stage).The CND generic model gave 3.47 Mg ha–1 as minimum cutoff yield of the high-yield subpopulation. Nitrogen was identified as the core yield limiting nutrient for wheat in piedmont and floodplain soils. However, the yield limiting nutrients for wheat grown in the studied are were established the following series: N > S > K, Mg >P, Ca and Mn >Fe >B >Zn respectively. The CND generic model, allowed us to suggest thatN, P, K, Mn, B were the factors discriminating high- from low–yielding subpopulation in piedmont plain and floodplain soils of Bangladesh
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